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While many government affairs certainly require a high level of privacy, the central problem is that there. An additional problem is the punishment connected with breaking this law.

However, for breaking the State Secrets Protection law, violators can actually be imprisoned for up to ten years. Do journalists know exactly where the boundaries are?

Far from it. An understandable reaction to this kind of law is to wonder what exactly the government wants to hide. Is there a looming threat in Fukushima, Pyongyang or Beijing that needs to be covered. Local governments took it upon themselves to remedy that. Why, then, would the national government want to pass a law to counteract that? While greater transparency is certainly desirable for the people, it can be disastrous for the politicians who could have their shortcomings exposed.

Experts have been rolling their eyes at the thought of U. Koichi Nakano. Was this only information the people timing coincidental or a deviwill get is the information that passes inspection ously planned fear-mongering itinerary designed by those same politicians, who are unlikely to give to distract the public and justify a controversial unflattering or even two-sided updates of their law? Regardless, the end result was the limited activities.

Party LDP has been in power since This law It also makes sense that this law was passed will certainly help keep it that way. As Dr. Just after the tion fears—effective immediately. However, that passing of this law, Prime Minister Abe suddenly is far from enough to guarantee the Olympics will visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine.

Most recent host cities suffered major. These organizations have an extraordinary responsibility, but whether they balance the dangers of this law remains to be seen: watchdogs without sharp teeth are useless.

How far would t he government go—and what are they willing to cover up—in the name of national security? In the name of a financially successfully Tokyo Olympics? Or in the name of winning the next election? One thing we do know, however, and should never forget, is exactly what to think of people who ask us to trust them.

After leaving visual-kei juggernaut Malice Mizer in , he embarked on a highly prolific solo career, releasing 15 albums and scores of chart-topping singles. He has also launched a second career as an actor, appearing in a slew of TV dramas and portrayed a samurai alongside Woody Harrelson in the action mash-up flick Bunraku. Despite his prodigious output, Gackt labors over each and every project.

I Love U. But even though I used other people's materials for inspiration, I would say that 95 percent of this song is based on my own feelings and experiences.

Just before he started his solo career, Malice Mizer lost its drummer Kami to a brain hemorrhage. Today, Gackt says he keeps Kami in his heart and the loss informs the background of the new song. Although his calm demeanor today belies the fact, he has faced opposition over some of his career choices. Many are upping their cultural profiles with well-appointed art museums. Metropolis looks at a trio of stops to put on the agenda for your next weekend getaway.

My vision for this character was different from what everybody expected. The real Kenshin Uesugi was always portrayed as a very tough and brutal-looking man. He gave me the assurance I needed to continue. After that he become like a father to me. But the purpose of my song is not to evoke sadness, but happiness. In my opinion, death is not important—what's important is what kind of life we leave behind.

People reading such letters should not focus on the event of death itself, but on all the good memories and positive emotions that they were able to share together. See stage listings for details. The Okada Museum of Art www. The venue is nestled in the hills of Kowadakuni, home to around two dozen onsen including the Yunessan spa and a tranquil relaxation spot for the soul as well as the body.

There is also a garden that might best be described as a forest, with ponds and waterfalls stimulating the senses. The Hakone Kuramachi complex is scheduled to open soon, bringing an array of restaurants to the area. Though relatively new, the Okada Museum has already presented some exceptional pieces, and its next exhibition is no exception.

If it could not grow here, Japan as we know it simply couldn't exist. But this is only one aspect of the hosanna to rice that this exhibition represents. There is a laughable quality to much of this, but at the same time it also makes perfect sense.

But how does this relate to design? A great deal of poetic licence is taken relating rice to design, with allusions to the fact that design is something that stems from nature and evolves out of generations of human practice. But as you watch the program, the designers and artists seem to have all but disappeared and been replaced by farmers.

My name is Rice,Taku Satoh Design. The recently rediscovered work is being shown for the first time in 66 years, and who knows when your next chance will be? Lying just off the cable car route to Gora, the Hakone Museum of Photography www. There is a permanent exhibition representing the four seasons at Mount Fuji, but the real highlights are the rotating ones.

These feature the work of world-class photographers, creating a balance of local and international artists, as well as the modern and the traditional. Another must-see destination is the Hakone Open Air Museum www.

More than pieces by some of the best artists in the world— including plenty by Henry Moore—are scattered around a large park. You can also view Picasso ceramics and other special exhibitions in its indoor gallery spaces. And after exploring the expansive grounds, tired feet will appreciate the hot-spring footbath seasoned with oranges and yuzu.

See exhibitions other areas listings for details. To gain access to the network, simply send a blank email to kyoto forguest. Enter the access code and you can enjoy three hours of free internet access. Once the three hours has expired, you can send another email to repeat the process. Once you have taken advantage of the free Wi-Fi, you can make navigating the city easier by downloading Arukumachi Kyoto, a free app available for iOS and Android.

The Arukumachi app changes this by helping you navigate the city while. It allows you to see every bus stop on your current route, which is great if you want to look for other points of interest along the way. Those without a smartphone can access the web-based version at www.

Finally, if you find yourself in a situation requiring emergency services, Kyoto offers multi-lingual phone support in English, Chinese,. Originally built over years ago, it was home to the Tokugawa shogunate when the shoguns left their main home in Edo to visit the Imperial Court in Kyoto.

Many of the rooms in the Ninomaru Palace, the main building complex of the castle, are designated as National Treasures of Japan. So far, the main gate to Ninomaru Palace has been restored with vibrant colors and gold adornments and nearly all of the interior sliding doors have been removed and replaced with perfect replicas created by the leading authorities on the Kano school of painting.

Kyoto City is currently receiving donations from those visitors interested in helping make sure the ongoing restoration project is a success. Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. After dialing the emergency number, , you can tell your operator your desired language and they will connect the call to a third-party interpretation service. Foreign visitors can also dial between 8am and 9pm daily for event, facility and non-emergency information.

For the uninitiated, the museum can teach you everything about manga from its history in Japan, to its influence around the world and even the modern manga industry. On the weekend, students from the university are available to draw manga portraits of visitors for a fee and conduct workshops.

For students of the art, there is even a research library that houses various books about manga and historical archives of magazines and periodicals. The museum has several gallery spaces that are featuring three exhibits this spring. Another great aspect of the museum is the building itself, which previously served as an. The museum maintained many architectural elements of the school, and there are explanations of its history throughout.

The Japanese government maintains a special list of traditional crafts, and since much of Japanese culture originated in Kyoto some 1, years ago, it should come as no surprise that it is the leading prefecture with 17 original crafts.

The museum showcases a total of 74 Kyoto-specific crafts. Many of these. The special train decorations were created to promote the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair, to be held in September. Finding one of these trains will be a bit of a treasure hunt, as only two cars are decorated on a limited number of Karasuma line trains. If navigating that Japanese-only website is not an option, the helpful staff at the Kyoto Tourist Information Center Kyo Navi at Kyoto station should be able to find you the daily schedule.

In addition to the crafts themselves, visitors can see regular demonstrations by master craftsmen. Every Sunday, there are workshops to experience fabric dyeing as well as demonstrations of maiko dances, followed by explanations of their traditional adornments. Admission to the museum is free.

For a truly special view of the sakura, consider riding a traditional jukkoku bune, or narrow boat. Zoo Evening Hours Kyoto City Zoo is the second oldest in Japan and home to about species of animals from around the world. This spring, the zoo is offering special evening admission and sakura cherry blossom viewing on the weekends of April and April Zoo admission is typically until 5pm but will be extended on these days until 8pm with last entrance at so visitors can enjoy special evening illuminations along the pathway.

A trio of experienced professionals offer three different salon treatments—all in one stylish Harajuku shop. Aki has trained his young staff to provide great coifs at affordable prices for everyone. At Formachika in Watanabe Beauty Therapy, Chika Ikeda uses a unique NY-style therapy that gently removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smoother and looking fresher.

This treatment is for women of all ages, and Chika draws on her many years of experience to customize it to suit various different skin types. Chie spent four years as a stylist in London working at a fashionable Bond Street hair salon. Her extensive experience and creative results have resulted in her being in demand as a hair and makeup stylist for television, couture shows and fashion magazines.

She values the importance of client consultations before any hair cut, coloring or other beauty service. She does her best to understand what the client has in mind and prides herself on creating a custom hair plan and unique look for each person. See concerts listings classical for details. For Vol. Bensky says he hopes is the year he brings the AniCrush!!!

See clubbing listings for details. Gina Walters is also one of the largest-lunged singers to emerge out of northern England in a good while. O-nest will be splitting at the seams to contain the six members and varied instrumentation of Screaming Maldini—catch them in their intimate Japan debut before they graduate to bigger stages. See concerts listings popular for details. The three-day event is a cornucopia of activities and performances, all representing a multitude of African nations and their individual cultures.

Artists from the Congo, Tanzania, Senegal and more will take to the stage for live performances and there will be a fashion show displaying the rich colors and styles from across the land mass. See other events listings for details. W hile the shapes may be similar, the two different bodies of man-made musical instruments and human sk in meet together in stark monochrome images. See exhibition listings other areas for details. Akamatsu accomplished the same feat in Japan.

And like Bass, his designs are examined divorced from the films they were created for with an exhibition at The National Film Center. With Asobius and others. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Influential pop musician. Zepp Diver City. Nearest stn: Daiba. Tel: Asparagus, Charisma. Saitama Super Arena. Nearest stn: Saitama-Shintoshin.

UK-based electro pop and The Watanabes. Apr 5, 8pm, free. What the Dickens. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Old school punk rock. Studio Coast. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba. Metalcore from Massachusetts. Akasaka Blitz. Nearest stn: Akasaka. Makuhari Messe.

Nearest stn: KaihinMakuhari. J-rock that's easy to sing along to. Shimokitazawa Garden. Nearest stn: Shimokitazawa. Irish indies quartet. Duo Music Exchange. J-rock bands Everlong, Mrs. Wiener, Mellowship and others. Nuggets of pop genius. Pop hitmaker with orchestra. NHK Hall. Operatic metal. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Female-fronted J-rock band.

Mothercoat, The Twenties and others. Nearest stn: Seibushinjuku. Visual-kei rock featuring ex-Pierrot members. Metalcore from the UK. Club Quattro.

With Tsutomu Satachi and more. Swedish rocker famed for Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters goes solo. Pioneers of heavy metal. Nippon Budokan. Nearest stn: Kudanshita. Pop rock for what's ailing you. Planet K. Nearest stn: Kichijoji. English rock'n'roller. Yokohama Bay Hall. Nearest stn: Motomachi-Chukagai. Punk rockers with a purpose. Garret Udagawa. Girl-vocalist emo band. Country music by Elvis's daughter.

Blue Note. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Crossfaith, Coldrain and others. Penners of "Africa," "Rosanna" and other Top 10 hits. Shibuya Public Hall. Talented but underrated guitarist of exceptional skill. Tokyo Dome City Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Thumbs Up. Nearest stn: Yokohama. Texas Style, Fruits Explosion and others. Alternative music. Motion Blue. Nearest stn: Bashamichi. Performance to celebrate the 56th Grammy Award nomination.

Until Apr 8. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. New album release live. Annual live performance extravaganza. Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kawasaki. Latin jazz. Electronica meets acoustic jazz. Nearest stn: Gaien-mae. First album launch live. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Cuban pianist brings new album to Tokyo.

Until Apr Special jam session. Elegant piano concert with European feeling. A performance of authentic gypsy jazz. Geila Zilkha and Ayumu Yahaba performance. Performance featuring Jim Tomlinson. Next generation club jazz. The leading unit of Japan's jazz scene. Exciting session of popular singers and guitarists. Latin collaboration with jazz. Sadao Harada cello series volume 6, performing Beethoven. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. National Museum of Nature and Science.

Mezzo soprano singer. Music travelogue on the piano: Nordic Contries. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Duo of former Bayern Orchestra musician and top pianist. Blossoming Melodies Vol.

The National Museum of Western Art. Played by prominent soloists. All Beethoven program. Cellist Wen-Sinn Yang. Tokyo National Museum. A show by the young and traditional jazz guitarist. Jump and jive sound. Violin and cello recital. Mezzo soprano collaborates with tenor. Tokyo International Forum. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Saitama Arts Theater. Nearest stn: Yonohonmachi. Lorin Maazel conducts works by Tchaikovsky and others.

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Suntory Hall. Nearest stn: Roppongi-itchome. Broadway musical with an all-star Japanese cast. Until Apr 20, various times. Bunkamura Theater Cocoon. Story of hardship and exploitation of the poor. New National Theatre Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. Theater X Cai. Nearest stn: Ryogoku.

The tragic tale of an abandoned geisha wife. Musical featuring some of Michael Jackson's greatest hits. Blue Theater. Musical about a redhead who loves tomorrow. Aoyama Round Theater. Shakespeare's dark tale in operatic form. Postmodern theater show from Buenos Aires. Akasaka Sacas. Revolutionary troupe that blends circus arts and street entertainment.

Odaiba Big Top, Odaiba. Nearest stn: Tokyo Teleport. Starring Gackt. Nearest stn: Hamacho. Butoh dance. Kanagawa Arts Theater. Dance inspired by music from Carl Orff and Matthew Hindson. High-voltage dance experience. Theatre Orb. Yang Liping's lauded dance drama. Bunkamura Orchard Hall. Nearest stn: Shinkiba. J Rocc. Tokyo Allmix Party. All mix: DJs Kaya, Ando, etc.

Double A Side. Tony Lionni. The Room Bar. Bar style: DJs Saitou, Mihiro, etc. From midnight, free. Electro, house: DJs Hiroki, Ikezawa, etc. Space Dizzy Time. DJs Yamamoto, Ito, etc. Alien Radio. Two Sides.

Techno: DJs Function, Nobu, etc. World class DJs. Hip-hop: DJs Verbal, Kaori, etc. Shuya Okino Dj25th Anniversary. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. Wdjf 14 Korea Pre Party. Drumnbass: DJs Metrik, Aki, etc. Living Leaving. House, techno: DJs Qu, Blackoly, etc. Daddy G. Electro: DJs Nakata, Ilmari, etc. Matrix Friday. Old school hip-hop, west side, south side, all mix.

DJ Ykk and more. On The Floor. Music Sauce. All mix: DJs Bassy, Nabe, etc. House, techno: DJs Ayabe, Amari, etc. Techno, jazz DJs Tobi, Jhonson, etc.

DJs Hi6, U Lee, etc. In the Jungle Groove. Angel City. House, techno: DJs Emma, Ishino, etc. DJ Otouchan, Tomoe Tamiyasu, etc. Nearest stn: Suehirocho. House: DJs Akiyamania, Kaji, etc. Kome: The Art of Rice. Mixed media. An exploration into Japan's staple food. Nearest stn: Nogizaka. Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal. Almost works by the standard-bearer of Pop Art. Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde. Masterpieces by English painters. The birth of intriguing visual effects in Japanese art.

Kazumi Nakamura. Acrylic and oil paintings. Symbols and totems from around the world. The Painters' Eyes, the Sculptors' Hands. Paintings and sculptures by various artists. Oil paintings by Japanese artists in the earl 20th century. Masterpieces from various eras. Open Tue-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-7pm, closed Mon. Works by Holly Farrell, Daisuke Takeya and others. Apr , free. Nearest stn: Ginza. Tel: Tue-Sat 11am-7pm. Organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Hina Dolls of the Mitsui Family. Display of rare dolls. Nearest stn: Mitsukoshimae. Typography and character styles.

Open Tue-Sun 11ampm, closed Mon. Nearest stn: Kyobashi. Traces of Disappearance. Questions and answers regarding our fragile world. Until Apr 13, free. Open noon-8pm daily, irregular hols: see website. Kiyomaro: Master Swordsmith to the Last Samurai. Celebrating the th anniversary of the artist's birth. Irises and Wisteria Screens. Screens that are designated national treasures. Tue-Sun, 10ampm. Hiroshige Blue: Blue Attracted the World.

Color-themed Edo art. Open Tue-Sun ampm, closed Mon. The Marvelous Real. Contemporary Spanish and Latin American art from the Musac collection. Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm, closed Mon. Nearest stn: Kiyosumi-Shirakawa. Commemorating Mt. Fuji's registration as a World Cultural Heritage site.

European Fashion. Rococo for men and children. Mon-Sat 10ampm, Closed Sun and hols. Shinjuku Bunka Quint Bldg. Paintings on wooden panels by Moki. Until Apr 27, free. Open Wed-Sun pm, closed Mon-Tue. Nearest stn: Edogawabashi. Oil paintings by Dutch masters. Will Happiness Find Me? Open Tue-Thu 11am-7pm, Fri-Sat 11am-8pm. I wa Jinjutsu. A look into Edo period medicine. Exquisite paintings originally part of a private collection in Italy. Kiki and Lala x Care Bears. Cute characters from east and west.

Until Apr 21, free. Open daily 10am-9pm. Rudolf Steiner: Das Reich der Angeloi. Mixed media works by an Austrian philosopher and social reformer. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Religious artifacts and paintings. Mural Paintings of the Kitora Tumulus. Pictures from an eighth century grave.

Open Tue-Sun am-5pm. Forme de Guitar. Photography by Seiichi Uozumi. Exploring the similarities of the guitar and the human body. Open Mon, Wed-Sun 8am-6pm, closed Tue. Open Tue-Sun am-9pm, closed Mon. Images of parents with their children. Japan's symbol in every season by Katsura Endo. Open Mon, Wed-Sun 10am-5pm, closed Tue. Nearest stn: Gora. Meets Art: Tamatebako. Treasure trove of works by multiple artists.

Open daily, 9am-5pm. Hoki Museum Award Exhibition Vol. Nearest stn: Toke. Kyushu Ceramics. Traditional pottery from western Kyushu. Nearest stn: Komabatodai. The Sekai-Ichi. Assortment of surprising and inspiring objects made in Japan.

Nearest stn: Telecom Center station. Various Seasonal Festivals. Traditional ornaments and accessories. Earthquakes in Japanese History. A closer look into individual experiences and social impacts of these natural disasters.

Nearest stn: Keisei-Sakura. Tetsuya Noguchi: Historical Odyssey. Samurai take on modern accessories. Open Tue-Sun 10am-6pm, closed Mon. Nearest stn: Nakamurabashi. Rediscovery of Kitagawa Utamaro: Fukagawa in the Snow. An array of works by a master artist, including a massive 2 by 3. Nearest stn: Kowakidani.

Impressionist oil paintings. Until Apr 6, JPY1,, Oil, watercolor and pastel painting. Glasswork Selections. Open Tue-Sun10am-6pm, closed Mon. Nearest stn: Seijogakuenmae. Invisible Space. Mixed media by Kang Wook Lee. Nearest stn: Shinbashi. Hanshin Tigers. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Yomiuri Giants. Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae. Chiba Lotte Marines. Orix Buffaloes. Saitama Broncos. Yokosuka Arena. Nearest stn: Yokosuka Chuo or Kenritsudaigaku.

Niigata Albirex BB. Tokorozawa City Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Shintokorozawa. Toshiba Brave Thunders. Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Meiji-Jingumae.

Levanga Hokkaido. Ota City General Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Umeyashiki. Belle Salle Shibuya Garden. Nearest stn: Shibuya or Shinsen. Sagan Tosu. Ajinomoto Stadium. Nearest stn: Tobitakyu. Vissel Kobe. NACK5 Stadium. Nearest stn: Kitaomiya. Vegalta Sendai. Saitama Stadium. Nearest stn: Urawamisono. Kashiwa Reysol. Todoroki Stadium. Nearest stn: Musashikosugi. Albirex Niigata. Kashima Soccer Stadium.

Nearest stn: Kashima. Sports Stadium. Marinos vs. Nissan Stadium. Nearest stn: Kozuke. Cerezo Osaka. Nearest stn: Kashima Sports Stadium.

Kawasaki Frontale. Tokushima Vortis. Tatsumi International Swimming Center. Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Sendagaya. Cherry blossom festival since Until Apr 6, all day, free. Bunkyo district. Nearest stn: Waseda. Ride attractions at half price from 3pm with the Yozakura Night Pass. Nearest stn: Toshimaen. Tomyoji pagoda and cherry blossom trees lit up by lanterns and floodlights. Sankeien Garden Museum. Nearest stn: Negishi. Celebration of Buddha's birthday with buddhist service and a white elephant procession.

Apr 8, all day, free. Nearest stn: Asakusa. Kawasaki Asian Festival Asian festival at Kawasaki area. Apr , all day, free. Around Kawasaki station. Parade and dance to pray for peace. Apr 13, all day, free. About 1, cherry blossom trees, illuminated at night. Movies and musical performances on certain days. Until Apr 13, various, free. Ueno Park. Jindai Botanical Garden.

Nearest stn: Chofu. Illuminated at night with flea markets, and other attractions on weekends. Until Apr 15, all day, free. Along Sumida river. Enjoy cherry blossoms from a boat. Illuminated at night. Until Apr 10, all day, free. Yasukuni Shrine and its environs. Nearest stn: Ichigaya. Stars [ The time went by Under the beautiful stars [ Baby love Chousen Shite Ikou!

Dreaming of you I'm gonna say good bye Let it free Tears I'll fall in love The most beautiful girl in the world Original: Prince How deep is your love Original: Bee Gees Time after time Original: Cyndi Lauper Take my breath away Original: Berlin These dreams Original: Heart [ Shiawase wo Tsukamanakucha! I'll say I do Soul Don't wanna lose you Into the mirror world You are my ideal Sha la la I just want to be Tomodachi [ I can't stop falling in love I wanna hold you tight Cause you're my destiny You're the reason of my life [ Someday Very Very!

The fantastic world Your Magic Thank you for these memories A Girl in the Wonder Land Fairytale Darling, Listen to me!! Oh No!! Dancing Dancing!!

I Love You!! Love Island Angel Only one for me Believe I reach for you. Best Albums Tracklist:. Sailing Only My Love Eighteen White Christmas Original: White Christmas Blue Christmas Romance Rock'n'roll Good-bye Canary Rock'n Rouge North Wind Je t'aime Misty Sleeping Beauty MAUI Vacancy December Morning Please Don't Go Pearl-White Eve Strawberry Time Christmas Tree Original: Albert Hammond Last Christmas Original: Wham!

English Version Crazy For You [ Bon Voyage I Want You So Bad! Back for more It's Style [ Vacancy Disc II Kimono Beat We Are Love Angel Tears Touch the LOVE True Love Story December Morn I'll Be There For You Christmas Turned Blue This is the place Christmas Tree Last Christmas Merry Christmas Twinkle star,Shining star Caribbean Wind Marrakech Precious Heart [ Pacific Special Releases Tracklist:.

Romance Disc II Caribbean Wind Disc IV There for You It's Style Private School Musical Life Eighteen 6. Only My Love 8. Star Strawberry Time Disc VI pic1. Kimono Beat 3. Pearl-White Eve 4. Precious Heart 9. Call me 3. I'll fall in love 7. Love is all Albums Tracklist:. Disc I Dancing Kindergarten New Zealand OCEAN Caribbean Wind [Disc V][ Delta War Blue Love Letter Instrumental Version Other Albums Tracklist:.

Overture Chorus Picture It Gloria Estefan

Lunch set menus with a drink, plus a monthly-changing dinner menu after 6pm. The service debuted in An array of works by a master artist, including a massive 2 by 3. Africa Gone with the rain English Version Was It 夜明けまで. - Various - The Punkrock In Kyoto Vol 1 (Vinyl Future Touch the LOVE Fully furnished 2DK available for sublet from mid-May to mid-Sep. Hip-hop: DJs Verbal, Kaori, etc.
And In The Beginning... - Man - Revelation (Vinyl, LP, Album), Same Old, Same Old - American Speedway - Ship Of Fools (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album), Hip Bop Jazz - Various - Speakeasy Acid Jazz (CD), Ποτέ - Various - Τα Ερωτικά (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. 【ディスクユニオン池袋店】池袋駅東口徒歩1分!! 当社最大級の売場面積を誇るメガストア!! 取扱いは最新cdから廃盤レコードまで、新品&中古オールジャンル!! 買取超強化中!! cd ・レコード・dvd・ブルーレイ・音楽書籍までオールジャンルを専任担当者が丁寧に査定致します。.
  2. ご予約はお電話()、または JAPANESE / KiliKiliVilla LP Vinyl record + MP3 DL TUXEDO / DO IT ご購入はお一人様1枚とさせていただきます。.
  3. /11/01 - Pinterest で 己起子 金海 さんのボード「物販デザイン」を見てみましょう。。「デザイン, 広告デザイン, Lp デザイン」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう。.
  4. 年9月10日(vol 1)と13日(vol 2) 新宿厚生年金会館で実況録音: All Japan Jazz Festival '68 LP:Nippon Columbia PSS~2: Vol. 1 Side A: 1. On Time Machine Played オン・タイム・マシーン ジョージ大塚トリオ 2. Trust Me Now トラスト・ミー・ナウ 日野=菊地オールスターズ 3.
  5. 1. DJ Qu feat. Peven Everett & Josh Milan - Way 2. DJ Qu feat. Peven Everett & Josh Milan - Way part II Disc B 1. DJ Qu - Liquid 2. DJ Qu - Liquid Beats〒 世田谷区北沢 TEL: 営業時間:~(時短営業) (日・祝)~ 年中無休.
  6. VINYL JAPAN: Jappin' Psycho Bomb Vol.1(サイコビリー6バンド13曲*’90) LP: アナ: 90 \1, VINYL JAPAN: Jappin’Psycho Bomb Vol.2(サイコビリー8バンド18曲*’93) LP: アナ: 91 \2, PLANET: Zorch Monsters Special (日本のサイコビリー・オムニバス) LP: アナ.

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