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Murphy Lee feat. Da Skoolboy because he was the youngest out of the St. His on-record persona is that of a nouveau riche street rascal that is just as likeable as his similar but more famous homie Nelly. Besides their boughetto similarities there are differences too, Murphy Lee is a much mellower dude. Nelly is the type of dude to slap the listener around the dancefloor with his success.

Murphy seems to preoccupied with entertaining himself behind the mic for such posturing. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter paul Start date Sep 5, Wanna Join? New users you can now register lightning fast using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. May 12, 39 0. And Jay seems surprisingly unwilling to play along, which changes completely by the second interview. This would explain why they had settled on Adnan by the second interview and were largely trying to push Jay in the direction of telling a more coherent, convincing tale that implicates Adnan in multiple ways.

They made up motives, added details and fabricated a personality just to get someone locked up. Police and prosecutors are working for a somewhat schizophrenic client the general public , and that can make it very difficult for them to adhere to what we might imagine is the most ethical course of action.

Those two interests are often at odds when we have scant resources for law enforcement in this country. Nailed it. The police need to get someone arrested and charged. The worst thing in the public eye is an unsolved murder. In your previous post, one thing you asked about was why Jay told such a convoluted story about the two cars during the burial in his first interview, which involved four trips back and forth and multiple times being at the grave site. A few things seem to be brought up out of the blue by the detectives, even in the first interview — specifically the shoes and the jacket — so these things likely came up in the pre-interview.

I think this is a good analysis. He and Jenn stick to this even when it is clearly contradicted by the cell tower records. It would just take a few finger prints or hairs or clothing threads to nail him. Which makes me think of a few possibilities none of which are mutually exclusive. Likewise, the improbable story about returning later to actually bury the body could have been a worried return visit to double check the dump site to obscure his foot prints and any other things that could be linked to him.

Definitely a combination of all three, I think. He only becomes adamant about not having ever touched her car or her body in the second interview In the first interview, he is only careful about insisting that he did not help put her in the hole that was dug. If they had found trace evidence from him, he could have easily just spun it as a transfer from Adnan or some incidental contact.

I recall than an unused condom was found. I also assume this was checked for prints, if it was still in the foil wrapper. Does anyone know specifics about this? The condom was found unrolled next to the wrapper. You can find this at serialpodcast. It was also discussed in episode 3. Note — two blockbuster video cases are also found there.

I have tended to operate under the assumption that it was spur of the moment. It was winter and there was a snow storm on the night of the 13th that closed the school for the following two days.

However, unless we have some information that Jay used video cases in his dealing, I have to wonder if they have any connection at all.

If he was at the mosque, he might easily have had an alibi. Were they just fortunate the cell records ended up backing up their account of the burial time? When that did not happen the possession of the cell phone became very important. If Adnan claims Jay has the cell phone, Adnan has to come up with a Jay returning the cell phone and car story in order for Adnan to be making the 9pm forward cell phone calls, while still at the mosque.

I think Jenn was completely honest about when she picked up Jay that night; sometime between and pm. So they wee not lucky about the cell records matching that, that is just actually what happened.

If he had thought about it, sure. When he told Jenn about Adnan killing Hae, that seemed to have been because he needed her help to dispose of the evidence and also because it seemed like he wanted to talk to someone, and Adnan being responsible would have been a believable excuse. Later on, he was stuck with that story, and the police helped him perfect it. The initial defense strategy appears to have been to discredit all the cell phone tracking information.

This comment sums it up for me. We know that there are several potentially significant items which, if still around, may yet shed some new light on the case. Is there any chance some of these exhibits are still being stored somewhere? And would the investigating officers have deliberately ensured that not everything got tested for DNA in case there was a match with someone other than Adnan, thereby weakening their case against him? Is there anything else in the transcript about leaving the shoes in the car?

The problem is that in the whole first interview, Jay never once indicates that he ever asked Adnan a single question about the logistics of the murder or the cover-up. How can that possibly be the only question Jay ever asked Adnan during this whole ordeal? This is a pre-planned interview — so why does the detective seem surprised by the answer? I wish I had the audio for this segment — I would love to hear the tone he uses.

Did Adnan tell you why he left the shoes in the car? Find out if Adnan seems to have a coherent plan in how he is doing things, or if he is just reacting to events as they come along. When did Adnan tell you about this? Find out at what points in the crime Adnan and Jay were plotting together, and what else they may have talked about. Did Adnan say where in the car he left the shoes? Find out if Jay knows small details that can be verified by comparing it with the actual crime scene.

So many important questions to ask! And what does Detective Ritz ask instead? Appreciate the reply. It certainly makes more sense as an example in the context of the two interviews as a whole which I have not read in their entirety.

It would be interesting to see what an expert in interrogations would say about how Ritz et al conducted themselves in these interviews.

How many red flags were glossed over? It seems like there is a fairly rigid protocol to how these interviews are conducted, and the more statements which would otherwise be triggers for follow-up questions had they not skipped over them, the more likely it was willful on the part of the detectives.

He put it back in the car, or he returned the car with the phone in it all while Adnan was at mosque, unaware. Very plausible. I dont get why Adnans defence didnt put up the competing timelines next to each other with locations. It woould have shown considerable doubt in Jays story s.

Between 7 and 8 pm, Adnan claims to have returned to his house to pick up food to bring to the mosque. Syed contends Adnan was present at the mosque that night, and the service ran from 8 to 10 or pm. So Jay either i. But the call log suggests that Jay and Adnan were together Yaser is called at , followed by Jenn at a mere nine minutes before the phone winds up in Leakin Park incoming call, So scenario ii.

Which means that Jay dropped Adnan off at the mosque right after the Yasser call, and then hightailed it to Leakin Park to bury Hae. Jay returned the phone perhaps the car as well by , at which time Adnan called Nisha. So Adnan WAS aware that Jay had his phone, and when Jay returned it, Adnan proceeded to make four calls lasting a combined 15 minutes in the midst of the religious service. Is such behavior commonplace at most mosques? People coming in and out would be commonplace such as bringing meals to relatives, like Adnan was doing.

He left at nine. Big deal. The patten is very consistent with him bring dropped off at 7. Yes, this is the smoking gun against Adnan. Not only does he have to forget lending Jay the phone but he has to forget getting the phone back in the middle of the mosque service. The phone is clearly not in the mosque. The only witness who answers questions as if he has a clear memory of that day is Jay. Why is it evidence that he is guilty if he is unable to remember, six weeks later, a specific time that he let Jay borrow his car?

Hae unexpectedly catches Jay with Jenn together. Hae confronts them because Jay is dating Steph. Jay or Jen kill Hae. Jay and Jen work together to dispose of the body.

They come forward when the body is discovered. They have something to hide. They pin it all on Adnan. They are the only ones who have seen and witnessed first hand evidence in the case. No one else claims this except them.

They are both coached by the detectives to massage their stories because the detectives are blind to what they have in front of them. I appreciate the creativity, but nearly all? And some of the tiniest 7 out of that. In the case of 3. The only difference is that my explanation is much tidier and more plausible. It assumes that: i. Jenn is the most reliable witness because she has little incentive to lie; ii.

Jay is more likely to have been truthful with Jenn initially than the police; iii. Jay is motivated by a desire to limit his own involvement and the involvement of his friends and associates in the drug trade. Point re Inez, the podcast story you cite is later amended. Koenig says what Inez first told the cops is opposite. This is fascinating stuff. I had one small thought having looked at the cell phone logs and map again.

This would gel with the location and explain the Nisha call. Thank you Susan, your work outstanding. I am starting to believe that Adnan may not be in jail If you had been involved with the case all those years ago. I do believe now that Jay commited the deed by himself. Adnan could have been too high to remember or to do all that speaking from my own experience being in that state when I was younger, many times you feel very lazy when your are that stone, you go with the flow and cannot really function, and tired the day after and barely remember much at all — it would have been interesting to have the opinion of an expert on that matter… and it looks like it was what Jay wanted and he used it accordingly.

Now I feel that Jen was let off the hook so easily. She did not like Hea. Hea may have known or did found out that Jay was unfaithful to Stephanie was therefore was a serious threat to his relationship why this was never investigated? Now, we have 2 people who does not like Hae at all and convenientely, they are covering up for each other. If think about it, it is plausible that Jay confronted Hea or that Hea confronted him about the affair. Did something happened between them two?

She did not mind Hae was killed?! That is strong to feel that way even for someone you do not really like… Could Jen have asked Jay to get rid of her? Her involvment should be more looked at. Anyway, I was shocked, truly shocked, that that was not what happened with that confessor and that testimony, which I later learned was Jay talking to cops. So I became familiar with the subreddit, this blog, and as many other sources I could, including publicly available legal documents and records.

With this case, it was clear almost immediately that there was reasonable doubt such that Adnan should not have been convicted. But what I really wanted to know was who did it? Or both? But Jenn never said a word. Not only that, she helped the killer and his accomplice get away again, per Jay. It disgusts me. And she let a murderer allegedly Adnan walk around like nothing happened? She hung out with a guy who admits he knew a murder was going to happen, did nothing to stop it, actually helped it happen, and then buried the body?

It is appalling that the cops let her just walk away from this like nothing happened. Rant over. It just goes on and on. There are arguments on both sides, which you can find on reddit.

But the theory is they lied about it to the cops because it sounded better if Jay told Jenn that day it all happened. She could corroborate his story they still struggle at this, too many lies and made up things to keep track of.

It is so utterly disturbing. I quickly learned that the best thing to do is sit back and let them continue to lie, and lie, and lie. They will ultimately bury themselves because almost no one is a really good liar, and will get caught up in inconsistencies and assertions that defy the evidence like the phone records. I am also incline to believe that she was more involved in the murder than she and Jay say he even admited that he tried to protect her by lying.

She is involved up to her neck…. Hi, you mentioned that Jenn did not like Hae. Did Jenn say that in an interview? Detective: Jenn never really like Hay, correct? Retrieved on November 28, Parade magazine in St. Petersburg Times. March 23, The Milwaukee Sentinel. March 17, Toledo Blade. May 20, Favorite back at Kasee's". Toledo Blade , p. August 29, Thursday Night. June 4, The Jewish Standard , p.

Comedy at its best in the Catskills. April 20, That live component is the linch- pin for the Keys rollout. A coveted spotlight at Davis' annual pre-Grammy bash preceded an intimate tastemakers gathering a few days later at L.

A's W Hotel. It turned into this enhanced, sexy promotion tour. Yet Askew cautions that "the mar- ket may be a little crowded now. It's similar to the Jill Scott project— once the record hits the streets, word-of- mouth will spread as long as J Records hangs with it. But with all things considered, if she continues on this course, shell make it all the way. The timing is right" 12 www. Con- versations, has people talking. This record is aptly titled Conversations, because if you listen to the songs, they are conversations between her and God, and conversations between her and other people, and conversations with herself.

It's an intimate musical diary. While she was a Minneapolis school teacher, Groves recorded an independent album, Past the Wishing, that sold more than 70, units with- out distribution or label support. Moseley, formerly president of Benson Music Group, is current- ly operating two Nashville-based independent labels — M2.

A friend sug- gested that he check out Groves' music. My hus- band and I were taking care of everything in my career, and I was tired. I was looking for a change, and with Jeff, it's an equal partnership. She went back to the studio, recorded addi- tional material, and the album was issued in March, as the first release on Moseley's new INO label. Groves' heartfelt songs soon found an enthusiastic audience. He says they initially had trouble finding a booking agent that "was the right fit," but they're now happy with their association with Creative Artists Agency and are looking forward to getting Groves out in front of larger audiences.

Groves — who is managed by her husband, Troy — seems to have earned enthusiastic accept- ance from Christian radio and retail. Her first single, "The Word," has become a hit on Christian radio, and Moseley is equally pleased with the reac- tion in stores. The Lifeway chain says it's the best-selling new artist record they've had in many years. It's been one of the top sellers for Family Christian Stores as well.

At this pace, some time in July, we'll be over , units, which is substantial for a new artist. And having seen her live, her pres- ence onstage makes you sit up and take note. That's a unique and important gift. She's one of my favorite new- artists. Awimls for album of the year and best rock album for 's Internationalist, as well as song of the year for that disc's hit sin- gle, "The Day You Come.

That adds to the band's tally of multi-platinum discs, with Interna- tionalint at four-times platinum and 's Double Allergic triple. But how does the Aussie band build on such homegrown success while trying to sway U.

By not giving the past a second thought, according to the band's lead singer, Bernard Fanning: "In Australia, we've been working so long there — it feels good to have gotten to a cer- tain level. In America, we haven't really done any work yet to deserve any major popularity. It sounds very Protestant work ethic, but we don't expect it" Fanning believes that Povvderfin- ger's first headlining tour of North America, which kicked off at the end of May and was booked by ArtistDi- rect's Don Muller , is the true way to interest a new legion of fans.

The disc peaked at No. The first single from Odyssey Number Five, "My Happiness" — a unique blend of catchy guitar riffs and "longing to be home" lyrics that was recently named song of the year at the Australian Performing Right Assn. What goes with that is a set of ex- pectations. If the band had worked its way up to KROQ, it might have been better.

The single is melodic, pretty. And I think the band and the record itself is the best marketing tool we have. Anyone who sees Trick Pony live will be a fan. They are unique. They have a different sound, a different look.

That's something Palmer says the label aims to rectify "in really fast order" with follow-up single "On a Night Like This," which moves this issue.

The band's next career step should be to "tour with the right headliner," Logan says, "someone to expose them to a lot of people at one time. In addition to about paid gigs per year, the band is now playing — mostly for free — about 60 radio station events. Whatever the venue — or the fee — Dean says the goal of the live show is always "to make a party out of it. We want the audience to forget about their bills and all the problems at home.

The backbone of our online marketing is the grassroots oriented Fan2fan network. Fan2fan s network, consisting of over mainstream and grass roots affiliated sites, is dedicated to urban, rock, and extreme sports.

We offer on-line publicity, virtual street teams, mass emails, and e-cards targeted inside 8 outside our 1. Concrete can guarantee millions of consumers being exposed to your release through in-store visibility, the Urban Corner, Retail Marketing, In-store play video reels and our online marketing arm, Fan2Fan.

Our Orban Corner Program based on the model of the Rock Concrete Corner is currently in taste maker urban stores and guarantees the highest level of in-store visibility possible, and inclusion on 10, free to consumer mix CDs. The disarmingly charismatic front man for Sugar Ray is en route to MTVs Times Square studio with his bandmates to premiere their new video on the network's tastemaking program Total Request Live, and he's mentally slipping into "show mode.

This is the show-biz part of what we do — and I'm not ashamed to say that I really enjoy it. But after four albums, we've got a rhythm down. It works. This album is clear proof of that. Besides McGrath's boyish belting, the com- mon threads linking each track are hooks that are immediate and unshakable. Quite simply, Sugar Ray's music is the stuff of which top 40 radio Is now made. That doesn't mean we don't or won't deviate from it.

But it does mean that we recognize what we arc as a band. That's a great thing. Sugar Ray is a band that kicks ass — and we're happy that more and more people agree. The trick is to make sure you dig it, too. And we do. Previously, label support has been lacking, due to affiliations with indie labels that either lacked enthusiasm or financial resources. But things are looking up.

After w hat seemed like a revolving door for band members, Drescher has assembled one of the strongest incarnations of Murphy's Law: guitarist Rick Bacchus, former- ly of D-Generation; Sal Villaneuva of Demonspeed on bass; and Eric Arce of Skarhead on drums. The band's songs are pub- lished by Positively Crucial Product- ions. And radio is showing early interest in the project.

The phone reac- tions were huge. Dandurand outlines a marketing strategy that includes an extremely high TV visibility. Its first single — the trancey, hypnotic "Kids" — was remixed by Armand Van Helden and will be released this summer. Ali is shop- ping around for a U. When Ali was with Sneaker Pimps, who were best known stateside for their modern rock hit "6 Under- ground," she w r as known as Kelli Dayton.

It will also give me a fresh start musically. It was like telepathy. I'd never had that before. I didn't want to dupe anyone into thinking it's a completely pop-oriented album. I just want to put some beau- ty and romance back into the world.

With other young artists and young people in the world, I don't see a lot of optimism and romance right now in their music. Even PJ Harvey and other artists I respect have a lot of negativity. The rock element of peo- ple like the Doors and people like that; you can feel a lot of their spirits [are] still here. I've been hang- ing out at the Whisky. The bars here are brilliant. Ballard will not be taking Lisa Marie Presley, whose album debut he has been working on for near- ly three years, with him.

She will remain on Capitol. Ignition, the first effort from Setzer's audaciously named trio Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special, will be released Tues- day The outfit's name plays off of Elvis Presley's legendary TV special. We were getting ready to go out, and my wife said, 'Wow, very '68 Comeback Special,' " Setzer says, explaining the origin of the band's name. Some people will say this was Elvis when he got back to his roots.

Setzer's last few records were released on Interscope. After Vavoom! I can't spend a-year-and-a- half making a record. This is the first time I haven't had a record company come down and look over my shoulder. Ignition marks Setzer's return to working in a trio since the Stray Cats and his first effort since performing in a big-band configuration.

The TV spots air during the group's tour, which ends Aug. Its subtly powerful resonance has remained consistent throughout his much-publicized weight battle.

My voice has remained the same," acknowledges the now-svelte singer, who also sang lead on the Change hit "The Glow of Love," which is sam- pled on the Janet chart-topper "All for You. In addition to being his first self- titled effort, the album represents another milestone.

Asked to assess the difference between his last studio album and his new project, Vandross answers with two words: Clive Davis. The J Records chief says that, on this set, Vandross "shows why he's simply the best male singer in the world.

I just like excellent music, music peo- ple can feel. And there's stuff on this album that will definitely move you. At No. How- ever, because he's played on urban AC radio and quiet-storm shows, people have short memories about his career. He's also done mid- and uptempo songs that people have parried to. Now we're giving them something else to groove on.

The international version of the al- bum will feature the bonus dance track "You Really Started Something," writ- ten by Vandross and Denise Rich. The album bows June 19 in Canada, Asia, and Japan. The European release is scheduled for September. This proj- ect will put him back on the map. Vandross has also made the rounds at radio morning shows. Vandross is also slated to appear on the cable network's first annual awards show June 19 , and he will appear on The Tonight Show With Jay Lena June They didn't change this guy by the name of Santana, and he showed he was still viable.

She wrote different stories, but her theme was the same: murder. It's kind of like that. I still want to murder you with every song. And this latest issue from ELO is literally handmade and homemade. Lynne — who last utilized the ELO moniker on Balance of Power in and whose last album released under his own name was Armchair Theatre in — hasn't exactly been idle dur- ing the past 10 years.

I had enough distance to try a new idea, anew ELO. Then I did all this work with these other guys, and I realized, TVow, you can leave holes in things. This particular album, I concentrated solely on the piece in progress.

I could leave the desk set up all the time and not worry about someone else going in and messing with it. It's a great way to record, with the home studio, because I got a lot of sounds that I may not have gotten in the studio from the different rooms in the house. I've got 'em all hard-wired. I've got, like, eight mike lines going to every room. It's a lot of fun.

So I said, 'No, please, have a go at it' This time, he was up for it, and said, 'Oh, that's a really nice tune,' and he just got on there and played it. He played fabulously well What he's got is this touch, and it's his tuning and his melody. He played on two tracks, and we had a great time. He played brilliantly, like he always does. He's my favorite drummer. Epic senior VP of marketing and special projects Steve Eincsagsays that two in-concert TV shows — a VfflsSto- rytellers that airs June 15 and a minute PBS special that will be telecast in late August during the network's pledge drive — are "the special pieces" in the label's campaign for Zoom.

Two more sets of releases will follow in fall and early Ross Kos, Epic's senior VP of international marketing, says that the label is mounting a worldwide campaign for the album.

There's a lot of interest out of the U. We want you to lis- ten to this record. CRG 7. CXM album units GoW. A Certification of Onlano ! JM, r. Jv J lariatjpjrl; SeilDw Boxscores should be submitted to: Bob Allen.

Phone: , Fax; OB7B. For research information and pricing, call Bob Allen, Armor plated with composite security glass to resist up to M magnum caliber, the new Guard S features "run Rat" tires and puncture resistant fuel tank. Available at the end of June. Reserve yours today! Call Alex at 7U.

We make it easy to buy a Mercedes. Call Alex Livadas at and we'll bring your new Benz to your office. Sugar Ray will then hit the road in July for a five-week trek of the U.

This is a band with star presence. Now they don't. They're such ambas- sadors of good will. With the Candies VIP Pass campaign, all consumers who purchase Candies shoes or Sugar Ray will receive a special VIP laminate good toward iliscounts, gifts, and a chance to see the band perform in concert.

In , Sugar Ray hit pay dirt with "Fly," the breakthrough hit from their second set, Floored. Sugar Ray cre- ated , a set that saw- the banil widen their scope to include elements of reggae awl classic soul. People used to cancel them out.

Now they ilon't. They take noth- ing for granted. They treat everyone, from the daughter of a regional buyer to the head of a label, like gold. Although their star-power is undeniable, an every- man accessibility also shines through. And it only gets better as time goes on. An epic score, of course. During the '90s, Disney filled its animated films with vocal-driv- en material, notably the prolific and enjoyable work of tunesmith Alan Menken.

But as these animated adventures became truly larg- er than life. Disney needed a composer that could help move the films to the next level — that of animated blockbuster. It has found a match in Howard, whose last score for Disney, Dinosaur, was noth- ing short of spectacular. Howard loves rollicking music, as evidenced by his score for Ver- tical Limit. Atlantis: The Lost Empire issued by Disney Records lends itself well to that cinematically, with the story of a continent that lives in grandeur and ends in cataclysm.

However, the sound- track makes for hectic listening. In fact, the sequencing on the album leaves much to be desired. Can you say top 40 single? From there, Howarcl's score takes over, with the first half of the CD mov- ing at breakneck speed — mirroring the action of the film. Once the score slows down, it showcases just how well Howard can take a large group of musicians and cull incredible sounds from them.

So, when making a film about an anniversary party, it makes perfect sense to feature an eclectic array of songs — since most home music collections contain just a bit of everything. The soundtrack RCA Victor not only sets a party mood, but also tells the audience a bit about who each character is as they arrive on the scene.

The Anniversary Party was written and directed by actors Jen- nifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cummings; they also serve as execu- tive soundtrack producers. The album is produced by Robin Urdang and Bill Rosenfield.

Well, finally, there are two compilation CDs that will be a great addition to any score fan or a perfect introduction to someone who has never listened to a score other than during a film. First is a great idea and an overlooked gem. What does Maltin know about music? Plenty, as it appears. Putting a familiar face on the cover is the perfect marketing ploy to get this CD into the hands of those w ho may never have purchased a score album before — a ploy that should be explored with more fanfare for the gooil of the genre.

Led by famed conductor John Mauceri. There's even a Wiza rd of Oz con- cert suite. Truly fab. FlNALLY, rd like to extend many heartfelt thanks to the record companies, publicists, and others who sent flowers and cards upon the recent death of my life partner, Andrew Howard.

The album and The artist's subsequent albums are immedi- ately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers chart. All albums are available on cassette and CD. The new group makes its album debut with Mariey Legacy. Empty, due July 3 on Fore- Front Records. It's the first of a series of solo albums from the members of dc Talk, each of which is to be issued during the band's current hiatus, which is expected to end this fall, when the band embarks on its next tour. The group is currently on a U.

Upcoming dates include July G in Richmond, Va. The al- bum was a No. Waters had previous hits on that chart with '8 Sax Appeal No.

It just seems to me that these rincky dink motives previously mentioned are too benign for a real motive. Except that he could have been coached by the cops. Jan 23, 2, 20 0. But poli- tics aside, disco was its own great- est enemy, oversaturating a niche and losing its soul. What was she wearing? Onlano ! Big deal. Famous Music Corp.
My Best Freinds Girl - Talisman (6) - Humanimal (CD), Ceo - Unleashed - Sworn Allegiance (Vinyl, LP, Album), Born This Way - Lady Gaga - Coachella 2017 And More (Blu-ray-R), Deep Black Chasms II - Toorn - Forgotten Times (Cassette), Billie - Eddie Palmieri - Ritmo Caliente (CD)

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