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She let the peasants take their wealth. The peasants wanted to take her wealth. She let the soldiers take their heads. The soldiers wanted to take her head. She sat on her throne and wept. The guards held them at bay. The peasants overwhelmed the guards.

The nobles paid for their lives. The nobles took her throne, and so she fled to the woods. A shambling horde is on its way To crush the very light of day.

Engraved Wand. Citrine Amulet. Primordial Staff. The barriers that divide us need not be broken for our spirits to become entangled. Take this item to Jun Ortoi to have her Unveil it. Titanium Spirit Shield. Enchantment Raise Spectre Damage 1. Commander Shepard gains 1 Charm point, 1 Intimidate point, and access to special Spectre Training after becoming a Spectre.

Unlocking the "Rich" achievement also makes unique equipment available. Shepard's Spectre status can be reinstated. Having Spectre status reinstated does not grant Shepard any additional material benefits, as the Commander retains the Unity special ability whether this occurs or not. It does, however, change dialogue in several missions, and Shepard can naturally use their reinstated status to resolve issues that otherwise would've required a different path. Shepard's Spectre status is either upheld or reinstated by the Council.

This allows access to the Spectre outpost in the Citadel Embassies , which includes an intel terminal , a requisitions terminal , a comm terminal, and a shooting range to test weapons.

Sign In Don't have an account? Hondo fled on the Phantom with the power generators. Enraged at having lost his cargo, Vizago sent Ezra and Chopper back to Garel in an escape pod.

Fortunately for them, the Phantom had been programmed to fly back to the Ghost. Vizago agreed to surrender the power generators to the crew of the Ghost in return for keeping the proceeds from his sale to Azmorigan. The crew of the Ghost later helped the Phoenix cell deliver supplies to the famine-stricken planet Ibaar , which was being blockaded by an Imperial fleet.

After the failure of the first blockade run, Hera along with Sabine and Zeb traveled to the planet Shantipole where they made contact with the Mon Calamari engineer Quarrie , who had designed a prototype Blade Wing starfighter. Following a test run, Hera agreed to pilot the prototype starfighter, which proved crucial during the Phoenix rebels' second attempt to break the Imperial blockade. During the second blockade run, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper helmed the Ghost which managed to deliver the supplies to the Ibaarians.

Meanwhile, Hera successfully tested the Blade Wing's combat prowess by destroying an Arquitens -class command cruiser. Due to the success of the mission, Hera was promoted to Phoenix Leader ; tying the crew of the Ghost closer to the rebel network. In addition, the Phoenix Squadron agreed to produce more B-wing starfighters.

The rebels also received an unexpected boost when Quarrie installed a hyperdrive in the Phantom. She dispatched Sabine, with Ezra and Chopper as back-up, on a mission to pick up a courier who would respond to the phrase: "It's a long way to Alderaan. Before the rebels could complete their mission, they were cornered by the bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo , a former friend of Sabine who had left her for dead and joined the Black Sun crime syndicate.

Following a struggle in Garel's spaceport and space, the rebels and Ketsu were forced to work together to escape an Imperial light cruiser. They managed to escape the Imperials by exploding a stolen passenger shuttle and escaping into hyperspace in Ketsu' ship Shadow Caster. With Kestu's help, Sabine succeeded in delivering EG to other members of the rebel network.

Following the disappearance of a rebel patrol in the Del Zennis system , Ezra along with Commander Sato traveled there to investigate its disappearance. They were quickly captured by a new Imperial warship known as the Imperial Interdictor , which was equipped with four Gravity well projectors that were capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace.

In response, Hera devised a rescue mission which involved sending Kanan and Rex who were disguised as stormtroopers and Chopper disguised as an Imperial astromech droid to infiltrate the warship. This rescue mission proved successful and the rebels not only succeeded in rescuing their compatriots but also managed to destroy the Imperial Interdictor and two Imperial light cruisers. She discovered that the Inquisitors were also involved in kidnapping Force-sensitive children and sent the crew of the Ghost to investigate a set of coordinates on the planet Takobo 's Hammertown.

The four rebels managed to rescue two infants named Alora and Pypey from the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister but were unable to defeat the two Inquisitors in combat. Ahsoka arrived on the scene and managed to defeat the two Inquisitors.

Together with Ahsoka, the crew of the Ghost managed to flee Takobo before the arrival of Imperial reinforcements. Following an Imperial assault on the planet Garel, the crew of the Ghost and the rest of the Phoenix rebels were forced to flee into hiding. After escaping their Imperial pursuers, the rebels split into two groups.

Ezra had received a Force vision of his parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger , which had coincided with a prison break-out on that planet. After arriving, Ezra and his companions managed to track down a former prison inmate called "Prisoner X," who used to be the former Governor Ryder Azadi. From Azadi, Ezra and his companions learned that his parents had heard his passionate broadcast which had inspired them to stage a break-out.

However, they were killed during the escape attempt. Having learned about the fate of his parents, Ezra was able to make peace with his past. The Spectres subsequently participated in a mission to obtain ships for the Rebellion. Senator Bail Organa had heard about the Phoenix rebels' losses on Garel and sent his adopted daughter Princess Leia Organa to deliver three Sphyrna -class corvettes to the rebels.

Since the Alderaanians could not be seen directly supporting the rebels, Princess Leia had arranged for the corvettes to be delivered to Lothal, where they would be stolen by the rebels there. Hera relayed their instructions to Kanan and Ezra, who infiltrated the Imperial depot where Leia was scheduled to arrive.

The two rebels, who were disguised in Imperial uniforms, managed to make contact with Princess Leia. However, the rebels' problems were complicated when the Imperial lieutenant Yogar Lyste fastened gravity locks to the ships. After reuniting in Lothal's wilderness, the crew of the Ghost rescued Ryder Azadi, who had been detained by a roving Imperial patrol, and pretended to "kidnap" Princess Leia.

With the help of Leia and Azadi, the rebels devised a plan to infiltrate the Imperial depot and steal the three corvettes. While Leia along with Kanan and Ezra entered the base under the ruse of having escaped the rebels, Chopper, Sabine, Kanan, and Azadi disabled the gravity locks on the corvettes. During the ensuing raid , Hera and Zeb provided air support by using the Ghost to harry the Imperial garrison. The mission proved successful and the rebels succeeded in delivering all three Hammerhead corvettes to the Phoenix Group.

Hera and Sabine later led a mission to negotiate safe passage through the Concord Dawn system with Fenn Rau , the leader of a Mandalorian faction known as the Mandalorian Protectors. With the Empire hunting them down, the rebellion needed a short cut into the Lothal sector. However, the rebel mission was attacked by Rau's Fang fighters and Hera was gravely wounded.

Following the attack, Sabine along with Kanan and Chopper took part in a mission to destroy the Protectors' Fang fighters. After a second failed round of talks with Rau, the rebels destroyed the remaining Fang fighters and kidnapped Rau, who agreed to grant the rebels safe passage through the system in return for keeping his capture a secret from the Empire.

The two Lasat were on a quest to find Lira San , a legendary safe refuge for the Lasat species. Zeb reluctantly agreed to help his compatriots in their quest by fulfilling an ancient Lasat prophecy.

Using his bo-rifle to interact with the Force, Zeb guided the Ghost through a collapsed star cluster that led them to Lira San. There, Zeb and the other Lasat discovered that Lira San was the original Lasat homeworld and that it was already teeming with millions of Lasat. Due to his role in the rediscovery of Lira San , Zeb gained a greater sense of destiny and confidence. The crew of the Ghost then departed back into the known galaxy. On the way, they encountered a herd of purrgil , large space-dwelling creatures capable of traveling through hyperspace.

With the help of the purrgil, the rebels managed to steal the fuel canisters and to power up the Ghost. They then traveled into hyperspace with the purrgil. Later, the Spectres took part in a mission to steal an Imperial Quasar Fire -class cruiser-carrier orbiting the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth. Phoenix Squadron had sustained the loss of one starfighter during a mission and needed a place to land their remaining vessels.

In response, Commander Sato suggested that they steal the Imperial fighter carrier. Hera and the crew of the Ghost made contact with the Twi'lek Resistance and their leader Cham Syndulla, her father. Together, the rebels hatched a plan to steal the carrier. However, the mission was complicated by Cham's own agenda to destroy the carrier. After a struggle with both Cham's resistance fighters and Imperial reinforcements, the crew of the Ghost managed to capture the fighter carrier for the rebellion.

The rebels later traveled to Geonosis with Rex to investigate an Imperial construction module. However, they quickly stumbled into a trap set by Agent Kallus. Following a struggle, the rebels with the exception of Zeb managed to escape back to the Ghost and flee into space.

Zeb fled into an escape pod but was followed by Kallus. Together, the two landed on the icy moon of Bahryn where they struck up an unlikely friendship to survive the cold and to fight off several bonzami predator]]s. Meanwhile, the other crew of the Ghost embarked on a search-and-rescue mission for Zeb.

After some frantic searching, Zeb was able to activate his transponder which enabled his fellow rebels to pick him up on Bahryn.

Several months later, Kanan, Chopper, and Ezra scouted the planet Oosalon as the site of a potential rebel base. Despite escaping, Kanan realized that he and Ezra would be unable to help the rebellion as long as the Inquisitors were hunting them down.

Together with Ahsoka, Kanan, Ezra and Chopper left their comrades behind on the Ghost while they traveled on the Phantom to the Jedi Temple on Lothal to seek answers from Master Yoda on how to deal with the threat of the Inquisitors. Later, the crew of the Ghost took part in a mission to steal fuel from the Imperial depot at Horizon Base.

The Phoenix rebels had identified Berzite's moon in the Yost system as a potential site for a rebel base but the fleet's fighter-carrier lacked sufficient fuel to travel there. However, the droid neglected his duties and became distracted by a droid leg being sold. Despite stealing the fuel, the other rebels were forced to leave Chopper behind when he was nowhere to be found. While the other rebels headed back to the Phoenix fleet, Chopper fled aboard an Imperial cargo ship and befriended a maltreated Imperial inventory droid named AP Joining forces, they managed to seize control of the ship and drive out most of the Imperial crew with the exception of the captain.

Meanwhile, Hera and the other rebels managed to return to the fleet only to find it under attack from Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine. With some difficulty, they managed to dock in the rebel fighter carrier and deliver the necessary fuel supplies.

Using this information, the rebel fleet was able to flee to Atollon. Chopper and AP-5 rejoined them there with their stolen cargo ship. Sabine also managed to repair AP-5, who had been badly damaged by the Imperial captain, using parts from Chopper's stolen droid leg. The Spectres aided the Phoenix Squadron's efforts to establish a base on Atollon. Bad Channels.

Book Category. Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from September Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers Articles with album ratings that need to be turned into prose. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Spectre are dark void elementals from Lycanites Mobs that suck in anything near them and tear it apart.

They can spawn at levels 20 and below naturally in any dimension. If the player has a Knowledge Rank of at least 1 of the Aegis and Argus , they can be summoned as temporary allied minions with a Summoning Staff.

After escaping Azmorigan, the Ghost broke through the Imperial blockade above Lothal with some difficulty after Ezra and Zeb accidentally released the puffer pig. Saturn Awards []. Spectres no longer have their level reduced to the level of the area Two Or Three Spectres are in. Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper were stationed aboard a rebel CR90 corvette that would pick up Sabine and the defecting cadets. Production Portrayal. The two Lasat were on a quest to find Lira Sana legendary safe refuge for the Lasat species. International Press Academy. Started by shaines Jun 17, Replies: Comic Relief: Red Two Or Three Spectres Day.
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  1. Two or Three Spectres Lyrics: Spoken by Hugh Banton: "Oh, why didn't you say, more Stevie Wonder?" / "Sod the music," said the man in the suit / "I understand profit and without that, it's no use.
  2. Watch the video for Two or Three Spectres from Peter Hammill's Nadir's Big Chance for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.
  3. Lyrics to "Two Or Three Spectres" by PETER HAMMILL: [Spoken by Hugh Banton:] / "Oh, why didn't you say, more Stevie Wonder?" / "Sod the music," said the man in the suit, / "I understand profit and without that, it's no use. / Why don't you go away and write commercial songs; / Come back in three years, that shouldn'.
  4. Two Or Three Spectres lyrics: Sod the music," said the man in the suit, "I understand profit and without that, it's no use, Why don't you go away and write commercial songs; come back in three .
  5. Two Or Three Spectres - Digital Remaster, a song by Peter Hammill on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics Duration: 6 min.
  6. Aug 19,  · Two-Toned Boots with +1 to level of all Raise Spectre gems and increased movement speed: Must be an Elder base with item level 75 or greater. Craft using Bound, Dense, and Pristine Fossils in a Powerful Resonator. Cannot roll life, but has a high chance of rolling +1 to level of all Raise Spectre gems and increased movement speed.
  7. Jul 17,  · Raised Spectres are now level 31 at gem level 1, up to level 76 at gem level 20 (previously level 80 at gem level 20). Additional Maximum Spectres are now unlocked at gem levels 13 and 25 (from 11 and 21). Now sets the level of Raised Spectres, rather than limiting the level of the corpses you can raise as Spectres.

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