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And they have some good background music! Mixes perfectly with House when pitched a bit down Afro Jams or whatever you desire.

This one stays in the bag New Age guitar meets Deep Funk Bass meets squirky synths and tight horn arrangements. Not to speak of the philosphical message. Galabas sei Dank! Played this in the garden a couple of years ago and got too many ID requests What a tune! You can easily see that these dude are absolutely trustworthy. Quite a bunch of "hits" on this album. Cherry on top: the pseudo reggae "killer" Das kann nicht Freiheit sein. Obscure and hard to find private newcomer compilation from Berlin As one would guess this is a Live Recording.

Probably due to a lack of commercial succes. The concert was given in a small spot called Gulfhaus in the middle of nowhere Northern Germany. There's some deep blues and bluesrock tunes on the album and even some funky disco "op platt" by the ever-funny north german original Jan Willem. This track is a beast of driving funky fusion When it's getting dull in the underground somebody has to do something different. Just like these two One of those records that doesn't want to be discovered.

First of all it's really tough to come by. Once you locate it and listen you may find that it seems to be filled with senseless pop all the way through the album. You have to listen to this as I have no words The bavarian version of wonderful Tropical Pop. Highest possible recommendation!

Tightest drum programming, a highly infective bass and sweetest horn arrangements. Dance Sucka! Not what you'd expect from a group called Modern Soul Band recordering behind the iton curtain? It seems like these guys just can't fail.

And ageing doesn't keep them from bringing the good stuff. Dancing in the shade brings you exactly what the name offers. Some incredibly mellow post fusion Pop played by humble giants. Highest recommendation! Perfect for sentimental hours in the night! Totally demented but equally fun pop by some weirdos from germany's south! One of my secret weapons to get stiff parties going Maybe people just didn't understand the humour?

Wahle and his friends came up with a odd mix of Prog and synthesized summertime Pop plus some massive discoid Rock on the B-Side. If you dig critical left winged lyrics sung over tight and funky music this hard to find gem will please you to the max. Released in on the enthusiast microlabel Bluff. Vocal Pop from the Black Forest. Hast that easy touch, really mysterious grooves and some sick samples.

First press! More cowbell and some excellent lyrics! In this song a guy is trying to convince the lady of his heart to stay for the whole night instead or returning to her husband immediately after having a good time Piet Klocke's first album. Including a lot of the usual uptempo NDW tunes, typical for the era. The record wouldn't have found it's way here if there weren't something special on the album. A touch of dub mixed with a blues feeling to warm our hearts.

And then there's Sie Bricht Mein Herz - another hit! But these dudes have tried at least. The outcome is rather strange, but I can really enjoy this. Let 's see if I'm alone with this guilty pleasure.

The Edit will be on soundcloud soonish Odd Krautrock album including some excellent instrumental tracks that remind me of those lovely Richard Scheinder Jr. The instrumental tunes make this one a winner! Salzgitter's very own Kristall relesed two amazing 45s in the seventies and gained cult status among collectors of rare continental disco over the last years. When they finally got a record deal the sound changed but it's still amazing!

In huge demand Cosmic Synth produced by Kurt Hauenstein. Her first LP is not that interesting but this here IS. Good evening everyone good evening to you. No don't read my message your red lips balm can reach the call me watching from Canada.

Is is you? I don't understand this language you this one. I tell you and I'll be I don't understand this. I understand I'm wondering how you are finishing this Hennessy. I can't even take a sip of I would meet. Yes, I swear to God is so discussing, but I think it's good to hear my Qatar. It's it's really it's not tasting good but no problem. Hey girl, but you know you are not allowed to even look this hot.

That is yours, it's so icky you can spend. I see you. I'm see you. Lore Henne sind akake Lola one or people open up, you know what we do now. Mm hmm. You can start sending me so you are shouting for me because I open your drink. I'm open and II know your lovely wife leave this in here for my nose. You know come on. Can I see I drink one more. Sehr Cool. Achieve to becoming down ahead he said why are you greedy give me if I want to drink NSC And not for you who can I no worry anything I buy again?

Oh my god. Hello one you're Austria lot of lower your husband is shy you see people say you are because they are telling you and you are watching something else. You heard him bad. Let me hit Pause My brother, No Corona, Oh we agree to see this beautiful human being do you know people always say to final, not true. Yeah, he said where we find these five you don't see anything we are fine.

I'm you know you're just a money to me. Yeah, this one, you say Josie Hi God that's so far for this live. Do you know this one was for today or do you know how many times you don't fall. You hear in this one talk, he say he manage you because of you come here now you see if you as we have and because people want to see you yeah. For this one and not be so personal. To our um, I'm now accepting the request This will not get lighter Beg hello.

I don't take like a not so uh don't be like that we did you know that your lights. Hey God, which kind of life we do it like that. I don't know Oh boy. I not shake anow Ja, Okay, thank you you. Einer kommt, kommt der kommt trinkt genau. Ah, Anno, Alter. Ado, Feedback. Okay, nur schick hier. Doing are you dreaming you drink? Ich darf Hospant. Mit David? Du kontakt mich so aus, Verbleichung, Generitor.

Weil die machen also ein Uhr Darm, warum? Also noch Termin? Mehr wie muss ich denn leer sein? Ah, dein Ubi. No no, Kaki, okay, Ques, M. Die Skyfone Big. Cosio Saddam und wie She needs to see somebody don't mistake me again. Well, I'm no lord. This one is I cannot uh oh got a guy Vivian now woman you Oh, we call somebody. I think we call it something a personal right now all of the all of them know they're lied to. Okay, obinah. Eine Vanosse ist. Die ist heute. Now, I do you do where are you calling from I didn't see.

I think they got it, They see that so you know you can see uh so we see the we'll see the AC was like no. No no my CD cover your mouth and nose wash your hands. Uh huh So yeah so that's seafood if you put face mask. Uh because uh they make you protect yourself before excuses, not true, not true Happy weekend.

Uh we ask them to you and your family. Enjoy your gets you get but the family there you. Can I see oh guy in the guy's a lot of people wouldn't get a cage. Ach Okay. Okay, na, bye, bye. Okay, thank you later. Bye bye. Ja, Bobo ist cool. Beautiful Family. N Dal oder? Na gut wie Trottel?

Hi Gott, gibst du mal ein Comedy, der Organagento geil. What is your name just like my whole Chica? He's answering English name, charming and even named Chica. Hakan Original. Lolo, your Thomas will love you. Comeback, you. Kiss Mama And it's just like the papa very quiet and I can yeah.

Well I tap the grace of your family Could be nice to meet your family. Happy family lo Lola and my handsome I friend that you watch and hear from II Town by assassin she cannot find him for the for that on where my friend there on uh you won't go smoke cigar.

I'm not one that I'm so proud of you. I love Chika and he looks like the dad. Yeah exactly the. Jose Like, Tweens, Jamin, hallo, ich habe, dass ihr das gut, der ist kocht und wenn's willst, Vanille, Nougat und Schoko, das was so in dreierlei zusammen ist, habe ich dir heute gekocht.

Oder auch ich habe auch eins gekocht mit Cookie Teig. Cookie, Cookie, Eiscreme, ja, schaut. Am Wohntust Bruno. Ja, sicher. Fuck Thank you I would like to marry your sister. I hope you have sister sister.

We are not to how many times I want to talk this word. I don't get it no sister, not only one brother we are get to, but I don't um several times that my brother or come from the boo.

Where is she disappeared smoking cigarette this one? This one is the show the hi I don't know what they have for. Man glory. He owe me some cash for being my name sake. Don't worry I will tell out. Yeah how to do that. We start to. I don't know anyone you like you take.

Okay, mama Get she's okay I can reach which is you get my? I'm very proud of you are cool. I'm not a cook I should be, but I'm not a cook. I'm walking um I'm selling cosmetics make ups and everything that you need to be beautiful and shiny. I won't kill me for me I want to have a family like this. Hey is your phone now I can't even here anything now. You want to eat this now one drops to then bring to spoon. I'll eat too. Let's go. This not only one to not these two big spoons small spoon.

How can you eat ice cream with two big spoon? Oh, that is a lot of you are beautiful and oh, if you come back all of us go. My first time of joining your live video you are very beautiful promise ah thank you so much goods what so sweet songs I want to encourage you guys to keep it proud of you guys hope you come pick up my call Okay. I can see your request I can't see any request from you. I think okay, I don't see him. I think you are from Vienna right. You know, I think I want my bro and everybody want Mar.

I saw so many black people, but I know they just begin to hear you say or how far you try to do well, all of them called me you know, understand that you don't understand that we're happy at least for somebody that represents a day.

Wow we are in bad bad. Ist er Micky Corn. So won't you come and see it. Oh God now your questions. I mean I don't know the you know my face, but maybe you still remember my yeah.

Yeah, you know. Ingo D City Facebook. See you. Yeah, yeah, der Pro I said no, I won't, I see what I see you know so I did three districts inside Vienna City and for real with the follow and the follow your show and uh I wanna encourage you and I'm not gonna keep em up. You know so on the Vienna milk if you send me a message, you know I arrange to make people come you know see on our unfortunately this year.

Coronado if not come down. You you forgot to any event I would like to put on a special. Traccia Mista. Primary Artist, Producer, Guitar, Composer. Personalidad: 20 Exitos. The Lounge-O-Leers.

Neil Diamond: The Ultimate Tribute. Evening Star Orchestra. Music for the Millennium. Michael Fingurtiptz Marvul. Miles to Go. Alex Bach. Dave Kelly Band. Love Songs [ MCA]. Lo Esencial de la Balada. Live at Royal Albert Hall. Live Summer Tour. Listen Learn Read On. Let's Dance. Lemon Tree. Trini Lopez. Legends of Las Vegas. L' Olympia Spectacles Bleu et Rouge.

Kidz Bop 2. It's A Grand Old Flag. Melissa Ambrose. Hits and Kisses. Brotherhood of Man. Hits You Remember. The Broadway Kids. Bel Ami. Greatest Hits [Collectables]. Get This Party Started! Get Happy. Freedom: A History of Us. Forever in Bluegrass: Tribute to Neil Diamond. Finding Paradise. David Lanz. Everything 80's. Guest Artist, Composer, Primary Artist. Drunken Soundtracks.

The Walkabouts. Drew's Famous by Kids for Kids. Drew's Famous Today's Hit Music. Drew's Famous Party Mix. Drew's Famous Kids Pop Hits. Drew's Famous Hula Party []. Drew's Famous Car Pool Classics. Drew's Famous 30 Greatest Movie Hits. Dodecalogue of a Gypsy. Petros Tabouris. DJ's Choice: Glamour Girl. Cruising Down the River. Russ Morgan. Con Los Checkmates! Comprehensive School Classics. Classic Album Collection, Vol. Chartbuster Karaoke: Patriotic Contemporary, Vol.

Catherine Spaak. Best of the Crooners. Johnny Mathis. Julie London. Best of Caribbean Steel Drums. Beautiful Noise: The Love Songs. Brooke Ramel. BBQ Party. American Roots Music: Barber Shop. American Anthems. Gramercy Brass. A Tribute to America. Young Sassy. Sarah Vaughan. The Moonlight Players. United We Stand. Indigenous People. Ultimate Holt. Touch Of Mellow. Three Chord Opera. Jimmy James. The Monument Years. Arthur Alexander.

The Legends Collection [Dressed to Kill]. The Legends Collection. Tom Jones. The Intimate Fags. The Favourites. The Essential Neil Diamond [Sony]. The Best of Non Stop Dancing. The Best Carnival Album Take Two. Summer The Complete U. Concert Recordings. Strictly the Best Stage and Screen. Sing Pop Duets Sing Modern Rock Vol. Simply the Best Reggae Album [].

Shrek [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]. Salute to the 's. Stars of Studio Riddim Driven: Buy Out. Reggae Classics [Cleopatra]. Power of Love: Anything for You. Pop Chartbusters Inna Reggae Style. Poetry in Motion.

Piano Favorites. Phil Medley. Party Time, Vol. Our America. Only Heaven Knows. The Four Tops. Nobody Does It Better. Music of the Millenium. Music Box. Lo Mejor de lo Mejor. Live in Vegas. Legends Collection, Vol. Jukebox Hits [Madacy Single Disc].

It's the Black-Eyed Snakes. The Black-Eyed Snakes. Island Favorites. One World. The Langley Schools Music Project. In Profile. I Think I Love the 70's. How Can a Loser Ever Win? Liner Notes. Evadne Hinge. Greatest Number 1's Ever. Greatest No 1 Singles. Greatest Hits of the '60s, Vol. Grandes Exitos. Los God Bless America [Golden Stars]. Friendly Neighbor. Obsessed Deformed Bullfrogs. Essential Reggae. Duets [Hallmark]. Clair 1CD]. Christmas Traxx. Chartbuster Karaoke: Patriotic Traditional, Vol.

Chartbuster Karaoke: Neil Diamond. Chart Toppers [Sony]. Course of Action. Capital Gold Legends. Bobby Womack Collection. Bing Swings. Bing Crosby. Best of the Best: The Tall Texan. Claude Gray. Beat Boom. Wonders of Wildlife. Wild Joker. Jackie Trent. Trojan Box Set: Club Reggae. Tony Campello. Timeless: Live in Concert. Guest Artist, Performer, Primary Artist. The Symphony Album. Paul Cacia. The Songs of Popular Duets.

The Songs of Neil Diamond. The Singles Plus. The Walker Brothers. Richard O'Brien. The Polydor Singles Collection London Pops Orchestra. The Music of Neil Diamond. London Philharmonic Orchestra. The Magic Sax of Gil Ventura. Gil Ventura. The Legendary Liberace: Always. The Complete Hits of Vic Dana. Vic Dana. The Best of Symphonic Pop. Spinning Out to the Southern Nights: Greatest Hits. Sounds Orchestral. Solid Gold Soul [Castle]. Performer, Composer, Primary Artist. Sing America.

Di Angelo Orchestra. Romantic Piano [Delta]. Reggae Hits, Vol. Reggae Fever [Madacy]. Reggae Chartbusters [Metro]. Hot Butter. The Moonlight String Orchestra. Plays Neil Diamond. Platinum Reggae, Vol. Oldies But Goodies, Vol. Old Friends. Nature's Sax on the Beach. Millennium Edition. Masters of Chant. Chet Atkins. Jukebox Hits of , Vol. Jesus in Africa. Chuks Ofojebe. Petula Clark. In Name and Blood. Murder City Devils.

Hot Hits: Today's Movie Hits. Hot Hits: The Roots of Reggae. Hang on to Your Dreams. Paul and Friends. Fetenhits: Real Summer Classics. Feelings of Love. The Northstar Orchestra. Favorites of the Seventies [Network Music]. Exitos de Vaquero. Grupo Vaquero. Essential Soundtracks: New Movie Collection. DJ's Choice: Celebrate America. Chartmix, Vol. Blue on Blue [Madacy]. Best of Reggae. Jim Ed Brown.

All for Love [Amherst]. Afternoon Delight [Direct Source]. Absolutely the Best of Reggae, Vol. Universal Masters Collection. Trojan Box Set: Producers Series. Today's Movie Hits []. The Starlite Singers. The Roots of Reggae, Vol. The Neil Diamond Collection.

The Masters. The Journey: Destiny's Child. The Ennio Morricone Chronicles. Ennio Morricone. The Elvis Presley Collection: Treasures: The Collection [RCA]. Tommy McLain. Primary Artist, Liner Notes. The Best Duets.

The Movies. Suspicious Minds: The Memphis Anthology. Summer Splash Hits. Sony Music Years: Soundtrack for a Century. Sings the Hits of the 70's. Wayne Newton. Sing America [Warner]. Simply Barbra. Steven Brinberg. Shades Sensual Strings. Mantovani Orchestra. November WM Germany. April WM Germany. Oktober Tacheles! Januar Koch Music. Oktober WM Germany. Mai EastWest Germany. November Polydor. Mai Rhino. Oktober Polydor.

Februar Polydor. September Polydor. Oktober RCA - Hansa. Ihr Warenkorb ist leer!

Music of Neil Diamond. Solid Gold Soul [Castle]. E you need so much what Boss! (CD) stop from African what is he called in English nine ah this Sündikat - Alles Klar you are am I kept I no ah if you want to buy a Aha. Gramercy Brass. Feelings of Love. Not everyobody is a native English speaker. Jimmy James. Der Hotel Genau. Neil Diamond Karaoke [Singer's Dream].
Through The Rain (Full Intention Club Mix), Early Night (Early Night Dub) - Amerika - Stay Okay (CD), By My Side - INXS - Live Baby Live (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tonight - Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnette - Somewhere (CD, Album), Herz Über Kopf - Various - Echo - Deutscher Musikpreis 2016 (CD)

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  1. Sündikat - Alles Klar, Boss! download free. Label: ZYX Music ‎– ZYX Type: CD, Maxi-Single Country: Germany Date of released: Category: Electronic, Hip Hop Style: House, Disco.
  2. Alles klar.. Die Edlseer Format: Audio CD. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Audio CD "Please retry" $ $ $ Audio CD $ 2 Used from $ 2 New from $ Special offers and product promotions.
  3. Sündikat - Alles Klar, Boss? (12") Label: ZYX Music Cat#: ZYX Media Condition: Media: Very Good Plus (VG+) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Very Good Plus (VG+) name written on label. View Release Page: Seller: deejayjd; %, 10, ratings ; Ships From: United States; $ +$ shipping $ total: Add to Cart. Details%(K).
  4. Check out Rudi Ratlos by Udo Lindenberg on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on kawaliracteder.guispurobalarinenepsatasbuejer.co3/5(1).
  5. ALLES KLAR? CD-Audio (Miscelaneous) (German Edition) (German) Paperback by Dimitra Kallianioti (Author), Eleni Pyreni (Author) out of 5 stars 1 rating. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Paperback "Please retry" $ $ — PaperbackReviews: 1.
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Alles Klar on Discogs. Label: Koch International - • Format: CD Album • Country: Austria • Genre: Folk, World, & .

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