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In July , Schell was appointed project manager for the construction of a new township municipal building. He utilized that position to obtain bids for work from other contractors and then, with the knowledge of their bids, submitted bids that were lower than his competitors. He has also agreed to file amended statements of financial interests for the years through Mundy said Yanchick must also serve one year probation after completing his term of incarceration.

According to court papers, on May 28, , police were called to a Wood Street home for the report of an assault victim bleeding from the face. Police said that when they pulled up to the residence, they saw Yanchick punching and kicking Timothy Paddleford.

Yanchick began to run, court papers say, and was apprehended by police. Several witnesses said they saw Yanchick and another male, later identified as Aaron Mattis, assaulting Paddleford. He told police, according to arrest papers, that he heard a the noise of a loud party coming from a nearby home and he went to see what was going on. He came across three females whom he told he was going to call the police.

He said he continued to the residence and was let in by Yanchick and Mattis. After a brief discussion, Paddleford said, he left and started walking back to his house to call police when he was attacked. He said both men began kicking and punching him in the face and ribs. Mattis, 20, of Harding, pleaded guilty in April to one count of simple assault and was sentenced that same month to one year probation for his role in assaulting Paddleford.

Tony Thomas Jr. However, for reasons unclear to council and the administration, oneway signs were recently put up on the street. A presentation by Karl Borton Jr. Jim Ryan, city clerk, said the presentation will be offered at the Sept. Borton represents a downtown group that intends to petition City Council to urge passage of an ordinance that would improve safety on downtown streets for cyclists, pedestrians and motor-vehicle operators.

He has authored the resolution on behalf of bikeWB. New Beetle Five Hundred. Grand Prix Santa Fe Civic Hybrid Sierra ES Ram SuperDutyF Acura WranglerUnltd Toyota Silverado Lexus RX IS LX XLT 4WD Are you ready, Moms, Dads and beloved guardians?

You can help to ease the transition. By getting involved early, you can at the very least soothe some anxieties, and you potentially can pave the way for future academic success. For elementary-age students, the experts advise practicing the school-year wakeup routine about a week before classes begin.

That can make Day 1 less jarring for everyone, especially for your student if he rises feeling less cranky. Establish other routines, too. Reading aloud is a productive one; set aside time each day for stories. Also, if your. Meet the new teacher. Acquaint your kindergartener with her new route to school and her classrooms; make the trip together a few days in advance. Ditto for your middleschooler who might be adjusting to a new campus.

Purchase and pack school supplies in advance, with assistance from your child. Remember to buy extra supplies for home storage, especially if your child is still a bit lacking in organizational skills. Plenty of other seasonal tips are available online and from area school officials. Talk with administrators and teachers about any concerns you might have. Get started today. Ordinary people have had their lives turned upside down by this mindless thuggery.

Studies performed by Penn State indicate that small, locally based companies — those with no more than 99 employees and headquartered in the same state — have a more significant, positive and long-term economic effect on the regions that they occupy than do larger non-local or even local companies. In fact, big, non-local firms have been found, in some cases, to depress the local economy.

The researchers, who report their findings in the current issue of Economic Development Quarterly, studied data from. Professor Stephan Goetz, who teaches agricultural and regional economics at Penn State, suggested that it might be wiser for communities and business organizations to promote small-scale, local growth rather than looking outside for the importation of out-of-area companies.

The Lebanon Valley is a locally focused region with organizations already in place that do a good job of exactly what this survey calls for — the promotion of small, local businesses. Lebanon Daily News. Better than many forecasters predicted, but not enough to bring down the national unemployment rate below 9 percent. Unfortunately, the modest job growth is consistent with the gross domestic product data released at the end of July, which showed the economy grew at an annual rate of less than 1 percent during the first half of The recovery has slowed and we need to ensure it regains momentum.

Nearly 14 million Americans, including , in Pennsylvania, remain out of work, and more than 6 million of these workers have been jobless for six months or more. Although Congress is not in session, I thought it was important to go ahead with this hearing because job creation is such a critical issue for Pennsylvanians. I have four proposals that can help move us forward.

While none of them is a panacea, each of them would strengthen our economy and boost job creation. My Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit Act creates a one-year quarterly tax credit equal to 20 percent of the total increase in employee wages. Firms can benefit from the credit by increasing their hiring, increasing the hours of employees or increasing employee wages. The labor market is recovering. People in our state and across the country are hurting — struggling to get back to work, put food on the table, pay the mortgage or just make ends meet.

I hear the stress in the voices of people to whom I talk and see it in the letters I receive from folks across the commonwealth. We need to help people get back on their feet.

And to do that, we need to get back to work on creating privatesector jobs and strengthening the economy. For information, visit www. We are a nation that is drowning in debt. There is only one president of the United States, and Mr. Obama has the responsibility to put partisan politics aside for the good of the nation.

Obama did not create our current situation, but he is making a minimum effort to solve the problem. He mistakenly fears the consequence of hard choices. During the political fiasco associated with increasing our national debt, Mr. He should go on national television tonight. Our president needs to outline his goals and then publish the specifics of his plan. Let the Congressional Budget Office score the results and let our news media publish the specific proposals.

He should use the power of his office to. Letters should be no more than words. We reserve the right to edit and limit writers to one published letter every 30 days. Democratic and Republican politicians, including Mr. Obama, manipulated public opinion for spending programs that were not financed. President Obama must propose tax reforms that eliminate corporate subsidies.

He also needs to propose elimination of the myriad of credits that allow 50 percent of tax filers to pay no taxes. Our president vilifies the wealthy who pay most of our taxes. It is time for Mr. Obama to embrace the recommendations of the. President Obama needs to change his focus from re-election to leading America to a better financial future.

Dan Dunn Moscow. How can our elected officials possibly send so much to other countries and not worry about their own? How many other countries sent money to all of these nations? Not many. Now they want us to suffer even more. Keep the money here and fix our country before we have riots in the streets, which is where we are headed. Ron Miller Exeter. Unless taxes were paid, property owners had to obtain a court order or file for bankruptcy to get their properties removed from the sale.

Airport Office Complex Inc. The combination was previously about The company had been hired in September , replacing Merrill Lynch. The board may vote on the contract renewal at a yet-to-bescheduled meeting in September. The three county commissioners, controller and treasurer serve on the retirement board. About properties remain in the sale, which begins at 10 a. The sale has been moved from the rotunda to the second floor jury assembly room because the rotunda has been blocked off due to the courthouse construction project.

The county refused the pension because Bonner pleaded guilty to federal charges as part of the federal corruption probe. Bonner, 66, of Mountain Top, was sentenced in April to house arrest. Bonner has previously said in court papers he is eligible for his county pension because the crime happened in relation to the housing authority job, not his county job as a jury commissioner. But Joseph Rescigno said Friday that no payment was made, prompting his.

They currently occupy the entire fourth floor. He said the apartments are scheduled to be completed. When mosquitoes are collected, they are put on dry ice, and sent to Harrisburg to be DNA tested. If a test is positive, Stredny said, he will go back to where the mosquito was found and try to eradicate breeding areas within a certain radius, often wearing waders and going in water to find larvae.

Mosquitoes are tougher to combat, Stredny said, if allowed to live past the larvae stage. Farms, Stredny said, are the biggest offenders of mosquito breeding areas because of pooling water. However, the sale of the properties was continued, or delayed, until the. This scan this QR code into your project will ensmartphone or hance and previsit www. Thomas said the renovation was made possible through the support of Govs. Tom Corbett and Edward G.

Asking price? Ruzzo also asks Kosik to consider that Ciavarella has been punished in other ways, including los-. Conaboy and authority Solicitor Frank Hoegen could not be reached for comment. The properties up for auction include a townhouse apartment complex at S.

Empire St. Program grant. He said the YMCA also will undertake a capital campaign in support of the project. The general construction contract was awarded to The Quandel Group Inc. Ciavarella was a longtime member of the board at the Catholic Youth Center and coached a swim team there for 10 years. He was al-. Main Street — all in Wilkes-Barre. A small residential lot on Scott Street and a 2. Forcing a sale of authority assets was the only option because the authority and city have not paid the settlement as required, Joseph Rescigno said.

The authority, which was created by. The lobby will. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact state police at Wyoming at The current authority members are James Conahan Jr. A new fitness center will be set within the historic space of the now-closed Clift Pool. Locker rooms will be modernized. John Yudichak, D-Plymouth Township.

This project will keep the YMCA relevant in our region and assure that those doors remain open. The Lion king roaring back into action Paterno is set to make return to practice field just days after being sent to hospital. Three days after being hospitalized following a collision with one of his players, Joe Paterno will be right back out on the practice field.

Paterno is expected to be back at practice today in what. In the past, doctors and Penn State staff have had him use a golf cart at practice to keep him off of his feet as a precaution. With an early return, Paterno is hoping to shift the attention off of his health and back toward his team, which returns more than 20 players who started multiple games last season.

Paterno said in a statement. The season opens Sept. Paterno had been standing in between fields observing the defense when Smith, running a route on offense behind him, collided with the coach.

Former Woods caddie caused a stir with comments, but insists he meant no harm. Adam Scott calls it no big deal. But the very first question the Aussie was asked Tuesday Scott at Atlanta Athletic Club — and several more that followed — were about his caddie. Specifically, did Williams steal the attention that should have gone to Scott by lashing out at former boss Tiger Woods as soon as they came off the 18th green at Firestone? The caddie also made it clear he felt Woods had treated him unfairly, saying he stuck by his former boss even through all his personal turmoil and health issues.

Woods missed the last three months — including two majors — recovering from a leg injury. He returned at Firestone, where he finished 18 shots behind the winner. The triathlon has welcomed competitors from as close as the surrounding areas of the Wyoming Valley to as far away as Australia, along the way testing the likes of Hawaii Ironman cham-. At press time, the second game was in the third inning with the the Braves leading Before the twinbill was slated to start, the game was delayed prior to the first pitch for 2 hours, 2 minutes because of an impending rain storm.

So the tarp was on the field with the sun shining early in the evening and the field was covered for nearly an hour before. When the first game started, it went extra innings and ended when the Yankees Dan Brewer singled with one out in the bottom of the eighth and advanced three times on a wild pitch, See WILD, Page 4B.

SWB Yankees catcher Jesus Montero rounds the bases after hitting a two-run home run in the bottom of the first inning. With Jackson, it really does appear to be just business, not insurrection. And now we get to find out if he means it. All hail. In a little less than eight minutes of talking, Jackson did very little answering.

For the last 11 days, he has been absent from Eagles training camp because he wants a new contract. That much we know. It seems that agents are never permitted at practice — and especially this agent, if you know what I mean.

So, here was the picture. A dozen cameras were lined up to record the return of Jackson to the practice field. Club president Joe Banner, who almost certainly would be the one to negotiate a new Jackson deal, was not at Lehigh. Rosenhaus was in a kind of holding pen next to the stands, talking on the phone and signing autographs for fan-type people who had not received the memo concerning just how awful an NFL walkthrough is as an entertainment vehicle.

If you want to look at the whole thing as a colossal waste of time, you will not be discouraged here. Still, if you take a half-step back, the argument can be made that this was a win-win. Jackson got a chance to flex his muscles a little and display his unhappiness with his contract, a skill set that every budding star needs to master if he is to be taken seriously in the clubs of Hollywood and South Beach.

He also managed to avoid the majority of training-camp practices at Lehigh, which means he managed to avoid a significant amount of the meaningless injury risk this summer. Pavia Impressed in last triumph 1 Dutchess Seelster A.

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Nightingale, 9 To 5 — C. Daniels Band, 5 To 2 — Chic. Warnes, Ex To 28 — B. Ex To 24 — Commodores. ADDS: F. Beckmeier Bros. Johnson M. Palmer, 29 To 23 — B. Streisand, 26 To 21 — Cars. Daniels Band, 8 To 5 — D.

Warwick, Ex To 40 — B. Ex To 39 — Oak Ridge Boys. Lowe, Heart. Rabbitt, 30 To 22 — Night, 28 To 21 — R. Smith, 25 To 20 — R.

Hernandez, Ex To 28 — D. Warwick, Ex To 27 — SpyroGyra. Ex To 26 — Dire Straits. Chicago, B. Pointer, Sniff N' Tears, Commodores. Palmer, 26 To 23 — P. Most Active 1. Most Added 1. WHHY WOKY WARE Ex KFI KJRB KYA WCAO Ex WKBW Ex BJ WPGC KlOA Ex WKY WDRC WNDE Y WRKQ Ex KSTP KERN KXQK Boyer, 38 To 32 — F. James, 37 To 31 — S. Alpert, 30 To 27 — R. Jones, 33 To 24 — M. Ross, Ex To 40 — Addrisi Bros. Marie, Ex To 35 — B. Russell, Ex To 33 — Commodores. Waters, Abba, B.

Vinton, L. Goffin, Michael Jackson, Crusaders, T. Rafferty, Jones Girls, N. Lowe, Beckmeier Bros. Rafferty, 27 To 23 — M. Lowe, 19 To 14 — R. John, 15 To 12 — Supertramp, 13 To 10 — D. Hernandez, Ex To 30 — M. Macgregor, Ex To 29 — B. Warnes, Journey. Lowe, 28 To 25 — B.

John, 21 To 19 — C. Pointer, 14 To 9 — P. Brood, H. Alpert, Lobo, M. Palmer, 28 To 24 — R. John, 27 To 23 — Night. Daniels Band, 18To14 — P. Hernandez, 15 To 12 — Cars, 16 To 1 1 — M. Nightingale, 8 To 5 — B. Ex To 30 — Cheap Trick. Pointer, Ex To 26 — M. Boyer, Atlanta Rhythm Section, H. Alpert, Journey, Commodores. Nightingale, 29 To 26 — R. Palmer, 28 To 25 — P. Hernandez, 27 To 23 — R. John, Ex To 30 — N. Larson, Ex To 29 — N. ADDS: Chic.

Pointer, M. Ex To 35 — Climax Blues Band. ADDS: 34 — R. Palmer, Commodores. Lowe, Sniff 'N' Tears. McGovern, Ex To 25 — M. Nightingale, 9 To 2 — Knack. Ex To 27— N. Hook, 18 To 12 — G. Warwick, E.

Money, Rockets, R. John, 26To21 — E. Nightingale, 13 To 9 — D. Warwick, 8 To 5 — E. John, Ex To 28 — Spyro Gyra. ADDS: E. Money, Commodores, N. Lowe, C. Daniels Band, Doobie Bros. Macgregor, 30 To 27 — Night, 29 To 25 — D. Pointer, 25 To 19 — G. Daniels Band, 8 To 5 — B. ADDS: Heart. Lobo, R. Palmer, 23 To 19 — R. John, 22 To 18 — Chic, 20 To 17 — A.

Murray, 19 To 15 — Blondie, 17To14 — R. ExTo 23 lourney. Palmer, R. John, G. Rafferty, B. Pointer, H. Warwick, 27To21 — R. Palmer, 20 To 16 — P. Alpert, M, Commodores. Thorpe, 28 To 22 — R. Rabbitt, 12 To 8 — Earth. Pointer, Commodores, H. Alpert, Journey, Atlanta Rhythm Section new.

Nightingale, 27 To 23 — Supertramp, 26 To 22 — R. John, 24 To 21 — C. Murray, 18 To 15 — J. Warwick, Ex To 29 — J. In recent weeks a number of companies have considered reducing the price for catalog merchandise in an effort to stimulate dealer interest in this area. But MCA becomes the first label to announce a special pricing structure for the dual purpose of breaking new acts and reviving depressed catalog sales.

But when things slow down you have to be sharp and do things to stimulate retail activity by creating some advantages for the consumer. He believes established artists will benefit from the new set up.

The board also declared a divi- dend of 25 cents per share on CBS preference stock, payable Sept. Shown at the ceremonies are l-r : Jud Collins. Owen Bradley: and Bradley. Kilroy, who currently produces Faron Young and Bobby Borchers. Little David Wilkins and Kim Charles. Kilroy is now working on an album for Young at Fireside Studios, which will be released this fall. And I was in the promotion business for 10 years before I got into producing.

I know the promotion business and I feel I am qualified to consult artists on which independent promotion man I feel is the best for their purpose. But what I mean by a 'no deals' company is that I will never make an act or even ask an act to cut one of my tunes. I am going to pitch to other acts just like any other publisher. ABC had used the office space on 21st Ave.

We will fit everybody in all right. Our lease here ABC lease is expiring too. We are in the for- tunate position of not having to do it at any certain date, but it will probably be in the next six weeks. We will then have to decide which furniture we will want to keep and things like that.

Warner Bros. Jerry R. Gatlin Columbia reportedly paid a high price for Larry Gatlin and his first single should help recoup that investment. There is an emphasis on new rhythms on some of the tunes — almost a Jamaican flavor.

But Pride is still a country singer, and he relies on modern country material. The New York office will close on Aug. Music Com- munications Inc. Kephart said that any purchase of networks would not take place before Among other things, Kephart stated that the magazine is facing changes in both the design and the editorial composition. The special features ex- clusive interviews with intimate friends of the late Elvis Presley, rare recordings, many of his top hits and cuts from RCA Records' newly released "Memories of Elvis.

Described as "a personal profile by close friends. Those interviewed include Linda Thompson Presley's girlfriend for four years. Felton Jarvis his record producer.

Brenda Lee his close personal friend. Marty Robbins who toured with Elvis during the '50s. Alan Fortas Elvis' bodyguard for 1 1 years. The Jordanaires his back-up group and R. Blackwood a boyhood friend , with guotes from Col. Tom Parker. In Prior to working for KYNN. Interested persons should contact GM Bob Holtan at In leaving WWSW. Wood commented. Wood said.

He can be reached at To be placed into this file of air talent send an audition tape and resume to the attention of Don Thomson. The Country Doctor. Suite Ridglea Bank Building. No replacement has been named at WBAP yet. Worth all night air personality Bill Mack was in Nashville recently to perform at Faron Young's night club before a packed house. Bill and his wife also attended the Grand Ole Opry where they went backstage and shook hands with some friends.

Mike Hanky does all nights at the station. KTTS Ex KZIP Ex WIRK Ex KCKN Ex WSDS Ex Albums by Freddy Weller and Johnny Dun- can, as yet untitled, are also scheduled for release. Nothing has stay- ing power now.

Store managers, however, complained of erratic promotional service from the labels and the lack of availability of promotional records for individual stores. Cleveland International was cited as record company of the year, and WEA was named distributor of the year. London is planning September releases by the Cruisers and a production : effort by Howard Smiiey.

A curly HAIR-ed Academy Award winner is so dissatisfied with the promotional effort or lack of it which the Maltese Falcon label has put behind his Third enterprise, that following a telephone brawl with Mr. Michel Parenteau, late of Salsoul, has moved over to Brinton and Company, as promotion head for New Y ork and northeast operations. When Jane Brinton heard that Michel was out at Salsoul, she immediately phoned and told him that he would always have a job at Brinton and Company.

Arista is currently looking into the impact rock discos may have on promoting product. The initial survey will be conducted at those discos. Jo Ann Abrams has formed Publicity, Inc. Rusty used to spin at the now defunct Rascals in West Hollywood. His ap- 1 pearance at Studio was part of a weekly guest DJ program there. Fans can meet and I greet Ethel Merman Aug. The temperature inside the disco rose so high at the opening that performer D.

I love the combination of harp and whip. Novak can hurt you down the line or cross-court on both sides. And who turned up to watch her from the front row of the Royal Box? Especially on this surface. Pretty much perfect in every way. The left-hander hit serves that reached mph kph and earned easy points.

Walloped big, deep returns that left Bouchard little time to react. Smacked flat groundstrokes off both wings that zipped right where she intended, often skidding near lines, helping accumulate a edge in winners. Won 11 of 14 points she played at the net. Most surprisingly, even to Kvitova herself, was the way she motored around the Centre Court grass with her right.

Sneijder hit the post with a free kick in the 80th minute and sent a curling shot over Navas and off the crossbar before the penalty shootout. Higuain came close to making it in the second half when his shot smashed into the crossbar. Lionel Messi missed a chance to score his fifth goal of the tournament when he failed to beat Courtois on a counterattack in stoppage time.

Bouchard, a power hitter herself, was on the defensive throughout and the match ended, fit-. Krul looked super confident during the shootout at the Arena Fonte Nova, saving the second and fifth penalties by diving to his left and sticking out his hand. When he saved the second to win the match, Cillessen out-sprinted the rest of the bench to get to Krul, who was already being mobbed by jubilant teammates who had watched from the halfway line.

Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas had kept his team in the match with a string of great saves in the first half and again in extra time. When Wesley Sneijder twice beat him late in regulation and. It was telling that Bouchard lost in such a lopsided manner despite four unforced errors.

Netherlands goalkeeper Tim Krul, center left, celebrates after making the final save in a penalty shootout victory over Costa Rica in a World Cup quarterfinal on Saturday in Salvador, Brazil.

Netherlands won on penalty kicks to advance to the semifinals. Yes, the princess herself. I know what it feels like. I hope I can walk out to many more finals. Before the trophy presentation, the retractable roof was closed, and both players left the court for a bit. Kvitova, who was thrilled. Known for a steely determination, drive and ambition, Bouchard is looking for more. After flying home to Montreal and taking some time off, Bouchard will set her sights on the last major of the year, the U.

Bouchard, 20, would have been the second. Already a semifinalist at the Australian Open and French Open this season but playing in her first Grand Slam final, Bouchard was a little wowed by the occasion. Florence beat Sumter at Riley Park. Both saw extended mound time in a loss to Florence, with Beatson pitching the first four innings before exiting with a high pitch count and Spittle coming on for the next 3-plus innings.

It was a good effort out of both of them, and if we throw a few more strikes, the game is a little closer. Hopkins single to load the bases. Logan McRae singled to score Hartz and Zach Herndon singled to drive home Martin and Hopkins as Florence batted around and closed the inning with four hits, but Beatson ended with three strikeouts. Beatson, who closed with six strikeouts, came up on the short end of a key battle in the second as Post 1 scored its two unearned runs.

The inning began with Hartz reaching on an infield error before Beatson caught Martin swinging. Hopkins followed with. Garrett Bevill came up with two out and two on and engaged Beatson in an epic 9-pitch at-bat. Beatson was up in the count at before Bevill fouled off four pitches and finally got a pitch he could take back up the middle for a 2-run single, giving Florence a lead.

A passed ball would move Hopkins to third and he would come home as Jackson Williams lifted a sacrifice fly to left. Spittle struck out two, walked three and hit a batter but did not surrender a hit in his 3-plus innings of work. Spittle retired Florence in order in the fifth and seventh innings. Though Sumter has seen its record drop to with a 3-game losing streak to close the regular season, including two losses to League III runner-up Camden, Johnson is not concerned about any ill effects for the League III champion heading into a first-round playoff series with Lake City beginning Monday at Riley Park.

That series begins Monday in Florence. A fourth game, if needed, will be played in Dalzell on Thursday with a fifth game, if necessary, in Florence on Friday. Campbell said the formula. If we can do that and hit up and down the lineup, I think we have a chance to do well. While he can pitch, he has a dislocated thumb on his glove hand, and it has kept him from swinging the bat.

He leads the regulars with a. Lake City finished fifth in 5-team League II. It went Cavendish got up gingerly and cruised across, cradling his right arm, and got into an ambulance. Tests showed a separated right shoulder. He had said winning Saturday was one of his key goals this year. Many Britons wanted him to win gold in the road race at the London Olympics, but that quest also ended in disappointment.

As the sprinters battled it out Saturday, the two favorites for victory in the threeweek race, Alberto Contador and Chris Froome, finished safely in the trailing pack that clocked the same time as Kittel. At 42, the Trek rider is the oldest competitor this year: This is his 17th Tour, equaling the record. The nervous first day included other mishaps. Untold tens of thousands of fans turned out in such big numbers that a train service shuttle between the start and finish towns was crammed, and some had to wait for 90 minutes or even longer to get aboard — or gave up altogether.

Yorkshire, the largest county in England, has paid richly for the right to host the Tour. The peloton sped by abbeys in ruins and sights like 14th century Bolton Castle, near Leyburn, before finishing in Harrogate, known for its spas. England hosts the first three stages of this st Tour before riders enter France on Tuesday. McCarthy, of course, is dressed in green Packers sweats after an offseason team workout. One of the longest-tenured coaches in the NFL is entering his ninth year in Green Bay and it sure looks like home.

His father was a policeman and fireman. Family owned a bar near a steel mill. Worked as a highway toll collector on the graveyard shift to make money while working as a volunteer assistant at the University of Pittsburgh.

He grew up watching the. Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy has made an impact on the field and in the community in his nine years with the storied franchise.

Pittsburgh Steelers while they were coached by Chuck Noll, who died last month. He seemed like a very consistent, tough champion.

The Packers have certainly been consistent under the offensive-minded McCarthy, winning a Super Bowl in behind star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The defense, on the other hand, is undergoing another tweak after an injury-filled and subpar season.

Gordon was taken into custody after being pulled over for going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone on U. Saturday, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said. Gordon was released on bail. Court records did not list an attorney.

The year-old wide receiver has been in trouble before off the field. Gordon reportedly failed another drug test during the offseason, which could lead to a season-long ban. In May, he was ticketed for speeding and a passenger in his car was. He pleaded not guilty and has a hearing in the case scheduled for next Friday. Cleveland General Manager Ray Farmer found out about the arrest hours after it happened. Gordon entered the league out of Baylor with a history of substance-abuse issues.

Gordon is known to have failed at least three drug tests in college, but the Browns were willing to overlook his past when they selected him in the second round of the supplemental draft in Cleveland wide receiver Josh Gordon 12 was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after speeding down a street in Raleigh, N.

The U. He was all-region in the meter run during the outdoor season and all-region as a member of the indoor 4x relay team. He had a career best of A camp for children in grades will be held July and grades July The camps will run each day from 3 p. For more information, call Baker at or The Manning High School athletic department will have a boys basketball camp over the summer.

The boys camp is scheduled for July The camp is open to children who will be entering grades There will be a cash-only registration available on the first day of the camp from 8 a. The camp will run from 8 a. For more information, contact Smith at or Youth Athletics of Sumter, a division of Pop Warner Little Scholars, is registering children ages for football for the season.

Payment plans are available. The fee includes security, ID Badge, use of shoulder pads, use of helmet, use of practice clothes, insurance and a mouthpiece. Parents will be responsible for buying a game jersey, game pants, cleats, a cup, and socks. The practice season will run from Aug.

Games will begin on Aug. Registration is being held every Tuesday from 6 p. Volunteers are also needed. All volunteer applications must be turned in by July 5. To request registration and volun-.

Antoine was an all-region indoor selection for the and 4x relay. Among his best efforts were a second in the and being part of the relay that finished second at the Savannah Relays. The Thomas Sumter Academy graduate entered Saturday. The camp will run each day from 5 p. For more information or to register, contact SHS wrestling head coach Cody Slaughter at There will be open registration on the first day of camp as well. Youth Athletics of Sumter, a division of Pop Warner Little Scholars, is registering children ages for cheerleading for the season.

The fee includes security, ID badge, use of uniform, use of pom-poms, socks, undergarment and insurance. Parents will be responsible for buying shoes.

The center fielder had eight runs batted in and led the team with 11 stolen bases in 13 attempts. To request registration and volunteer forms or for more information, email youthathleticsofsumteryas yahoo.

Call the pro shop at before 4 p. The study begins at 8 a. Sumter Speedway is trying to gather information on all of its champions from to the present. The name of the driver, the year and the division in which the title was won and the track promoter is the information hoping to be gathered. To provide information, call James Skinner at or e-mail Virginia Ayers at vayers ftc-i. Trying to remember. How about local and family histories?

Real estate records for past decades? Copies of pages from The Sumter Item, perhaps? Few people know that there is a large room there stocked solely with books and other items pertaining to South Carolina on the second floor, but librarian Ford Simmons is well versed in its contents — more than 2, discrete elements.

Carolina Room. Obscure and esoteric fiction sits beside art books featuring Sumter High School graduate Jasper Johns and other famous artists; rare nonfiction by such past luminaries as Archibald Rutledge and antebellum novelist, historian and poet William Gilmore Simms is available, as well.

Copies of the late Mayor. Harl R. Most fittingly the new building was named Edmunds High School, in honor of the late Samuel Henry Edmunds, who was superintendent of the Sumter schools for 40 years.

Approximately 1, persons can be seated in the auditorium, and any overflow will be taken care of by turning on the public address system amplifiers in classrooms near the main assembly room, it was pointed out. The Summerton team, coached by H. James A. Naismith, 78, inventor of basketball, died at a.

With two peach baskets as equipment, Naismith originated basketball in as a winter sport for youths at the Springfield, Mass. Raffield announced today that the city had purchased two pairs of antique gates for the. At right is Mrs. Edmunds, widow of Dr. Samuel Henry Edmunds, for whom the school is named. Beside her is her son, the Rev. Leland N. Edmunds of Aiken.

At left is Dr. Hart R. Douglass, keynote speaker at the dedication, and Mrs. Douglass is beside him. Raffield said the gates were very old and are of rare beauty. Members of council present: Creech, councilmen Gallagher and Moses.

The petition of Peter Moore for permission to erect a small fruit stand at W. Oakland Avenue was ap-. He will arrive in Sumter on Dec. The parade will begin at p. Edens, co-captains of the. Sumter High School football team, are acknowledged two of the greatest high school linemen in the state. DeLorme plays tackle and Edens guard. DeLorme will be playing his last game for Sumter against Florence tomorrow night. Edens will probably play one more year.

The Rev. The bride is the daughter of Mr. She graduated from North Greenville University with a bachelor of arts degree in early childhood education. She is employed by Green Charter School in Greenville.

The bridegroom is the son of Mr. He attended Greenville Technical College. He is employed by Nutra Manufacturing in Greenville. The bride wore a strapless Allure couture ball gown of soft ivory organza featuring a sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice, softly draped skirt and a semi-cathedral train complemented by an ivory finger-tip veil adorned with a pearl embellished Alencon lace edge. Amanda Duncan served as. Natalee Henderson served as flower girl.

Kyle Cartee served as best man. Caleb Black served as ring bearer. Ushers were Gerald Gaylord and Noah Griffin, brother of the bride. Following a wedding trip to Rockland, Maine, the couple resides in Greenville. Allsbrook-Ardis Mr. James Ray Allsbrook Jr. James Henry Ardis Sr. The bride-elect is the granddaughter of Mrs.

Doris Allsbrook and the late Mr. Jimmy Allsbrook of Sumter, and Mr. She graduated from Sumter High School. The bridegroom-elect attends the University of South Carolina. The wedding is planned for. Staying active and moving your body is important winter, spring, summer and fall. Each week, at a minimum, do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, like brisk walking.

On two or more days of the week, do musclestrengthening activity that works all major muscle groups legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms. With the arrival of summertime heat and humidity, the thought of exercising 30 minutes a day might not seem very exciting.

Certainly, exercising in excessive heat can be dangerous and warrants safety considerations. Then decide how you want to make aerobic activity and muscle strengthening exercises part of your lifestyle on least five days per week. Park 10 or 15 minutes away from your job site and walk briskly to work. At lunch time, find an acceptable place at work and do 10 minutes or more of exercise.

Keep moving during the day by using the stairs instead of the elevator and hand deliver notes and memos. At the end of the work day, walk back to your vehicle. Ballroom dancing and.

For more dancing options, such as line dancing, contact the Sumter County Recreation and Parks Department at Water activities are surely good ways to beat the heat as well.

Staying at home is an exercise option, too. There, you can go outside when the temperatures suit you. Heavy gardening continuous digging and hoeing counts as vigorous intensity exercise. Bicycling around the block will keep you close to home and provide another means of outdoor exercise. Mannie Fresh Mr. Dre ft. Akon, Snoop Dogg and T. Day Dreaming Drama ft. Nelly, T. Lumidee and Natasja Enur's Bonfire 13 Enur ft.

Damian 'Jr. Cole ft. Lil' Wayne Uh Ohhh!! NUT 10 85 Ja Rule ft. NUT 12 72 Jim Jones ft. Akon Change Me Keri Hilson ft. NRT 6 Lenny Kravitz ft. Sleepy Brown Saturdays Oooh! Enya And P. Blige Mary J. Newton-John, 29 To 22 — K. Rogers, 26 To 17 — D. ADDS: 29 — G. Coley, 20 To 1 1 — R. Jones, Ex To 28 — R. Ex To 27 — Styx. Summer, 22 To 17 — N.

Olsson, 20 To 15 — England Dan 8 J. Coley, 17 To 1 1 — Styx, 13 To 10 — Orleans. Rea, Ex To 29 — K. Rogers, Ex To 28 — R. Smith, Ex To 27 — Supertramp. Jones, Beach Boys, G. Jones, Ex To 24 — R. Vanwarmer, Ex To 19 — G. Ferguson, B. Jackson, Poco, D. Naughton, Space, N. Olsson, B. Mandrell, K. Voudouris, 25 To21 — R. Smith,20To17 — R. ADDS: 30 — B. Joel, 29 — Bee Gees, 18 — Tycoon. Zappa, 25 To 20 — England Dan 8 J. Vanwarmer, 1 1 To 9 — G.

Harrison, 7 To 3 — Wings. ADDS: 30 — K. Rogers, 28 — R. Stewart, 24 — Orleans, 23 — Tycoon. Voudouris, 25 To 22 — O. Joel, 18 To 15 — McGuinn. Clark 8 Hillman, 12To9 — G. Mandrell, Ex To 28 — N. Rogers, Super- tramp.

Beach Boys, N. Zappa, 18 To 13 — Journey, 16 To 10 — Jacksons. Forguson, Ex To 28 — D. Summer, Ex To 27 — B. Joel, Ex To 25 — R. Newton-John, 21 To 9 — B. Joel, 1 1 To 6 — Wings. Stewart, 38 — Dr. Ferguson, Doobie Bros. F, Coley, 18 To 10 — R. Benson, 6 To 3 — Wings, 4 To 2 — G. Rogers, Ex To 27 — O. Mandrell, R. Houston, 20 To 17 — C. Lynn, 24 To 15 — Foxy, 19 To 14 — N.

Larson, 16 To 13 — D. Naughton, 15 To 12 — G. Benson, 29 To 1 1 — D. Hook, Ex To 35 — Doobie Bros. Jones, M. Jones, 28 To 24 — B. Joel, 27 To 22 — Doobie Bros. Rogers, Sister Sledge new , B. Hook, Ex To 29 — R. Smith, Beach Boys. Earth, Wind 8 Fire 8 Emotions. Larson, R. Vanwarmer, O. Newton-John, K. Jones, 29 To 26 — K. Rogers, 28 To 25 — R. Barry, 19 To 12 — R. Vanwarmer, 11To8 — Wings, 8 To 5 — C. Lynn,ExTo30 — F. Zappa, Ex To 29 — Dr.

Ferguson, 28 To 25 — Supertramp, 29 To 23 — G. Coley, 14 To 1 1 — G. F Coley, 23 To 15 — R Vanwarmer. T Houston. Rogers, 27 To 24 — R. Jones, 26 To 23 — R. Norman, 9 To 6 — G. Harrison, 7 To 5 — Tycoon.

Ferguson, J. Taylor, Earth. Voudouris, 18 To 14 — England Dan 8 J. Coley, 17 To 13 — G Harrison. ExTo22 — B Joel. ADDS: Dr. Hook, Toto. Olsson, 30 To 21 — R. Jones, 23 To 19 — K.

Rogers 8 D West, 22 To 18 — C. Rea, 21 To 16 — Styx, 18 To 12 — N. Coley, 8To5 — Wings, 4 To 2 — G. Rogers, 28 — Supertramp, 26 — Sister Sledge new. Stewart, Ex To 29 — O. J Jackson. F Zappa, New England, D. Naughton, Van Halen, Doobie Bros.. Joel, 20 To 17 — McGuinn. Rogers, 17 To 12 — N. Murray "Shadows In The Night.

Smith, 28 To 22 — R. Jones, 24 To 20 — G. Coley, 19 To 15 — S. Voudouris, 14 To 1 1 — Wings. Money, Ex To 28 — Van Halen. Vanwarmer, Orleans, J. Collins, Roxy Music. Stewart, 24 To 21 — R. L Jones, 23 To 20 — D. Summer, 21 To 18 — Van Halen. Harrison, Ex To 26 — R. Smith, Ex To 24 — Beach Boys. Vanwarmer, Cheap Trick, Rockets. Vanwarmer, 18 To 14 — Supertramp 21 To 13 — D. Harrison, Ex To 25 — D. Rogers, 29 To 24 — Orleans, 27 To 22 — R. Stewart, 26 To 21 — England Dan 8 J.

Coley, 24 To 17 — R. Olsson, 21 To 15— Doobie Bros. Hook, Ex To 27 — J. Ferguson, Ex To 1 8 — Sister Sledge new. Jones, Styx. Mandrell, 28 To 24 — R. Summer, 1 8 To 14 — Doobie Bros.

Rogers, Ex To 28 — B. Ex To 27— England Dan 8 J. ADDS: Raydio. F Coley, 25 To 20 — R. Harrison, 17To 13 — Chic, 15To 12 — G. Diamond, Van Halen, R. Jones, Beach Boys.

The two-set date was preceded by a party hosted by the label at the club Pictured outside the Whisky are l-r : Roy Ericson. Officers The firm named Caviano president, Stephen Metz as vice president and Joseph Rapp as vice president of administration.

Currently, I. In he formed Astra! Management with record producer Cory Wade. Offices for the I. The telephone is - Several special outdoor festivals have also been planned this summer.

Thus far, the most spectacular announcement has been the scheduling of a three-day festival on a acre site in Sullivan County, New York see story page 8. There has also been an announcement of a second Wood- stock Festival, but no details have been re- leased to date.

Slow Summer Surveying the summer concert scene, Jim Rismiller, president of Wolf and Ris- miller Concert Promoters, commented, "This summer will be kind of slow com- pared to last summer.

Many artists don't want to tour until they have released their new albums, like the Eagles and Fleet- wood Mac. Steve Miller just cancelled his show because his album won't be ready in time. There won't be an abun- dance of superstars, but you will see a lot of creative packaging and more diversifica- tion of venues. The four Bud Shank, Laurindo Almeida.

Mike Moore and Jake Hanna. Jack Kleinsinger's highlights of Jazz series continues to come up with in- teresting programs. Major Holly and Jackie Williams. Helen Merrill and John Lewis are ready to head south. A two-week tour of Brazil and Argentina is scheduled to begin on June 4.

Oid favorite Symphony Sid will emcee. Charles Auditorium in Harlem. Magnussen, originally from Iceland, is a piano player recently signed to the label. And the Warner distributed ECM label has slated a two-part release for May, the first of which will include six albums available in this country for the first time and feature works by the Arild Anderson Quartet. Mike Mainieri did the arrangements. Mike Moore and Connie Kay. The air dates for these two appearances are June 1 1 and May 30 respectively.

Wade Benson Lan- dry, Jimmy C. Newman and Cajun Country and Joel Sonnier. The Coun- try Music Association has reported 11, pre-registrants, which is the highest num- ber of early registrants in the history of Fan Fair. Fan Fair is a unique smorgasbord of week-long events catering specifically to country music fans.

Throughout the week, fans can view their favorite artists in the Slow Pitch Celebrity Softball Tournament and can browse through the lower level of Nashville's Municipal Auditorium where booths and exhibits relating to country music have been set up for fans.

In addi- tion, 13 shows featuring country artists will be held for the benefit of visiting fans. A square dance will be held the evening of June 5 at the Municipal Auditorium. The dance will be open to the general public as well as fan fair registrants.

The following morning at , the exhibits and shows will begin in the auditorium. RCA Records will present its show on Fri- day morning, June 8, but the label has not announced its lineup. And for the second straight week, the 1 spot has been nailed down by an MCA artist.

Frank Jones, vice president and general manager of Inergi Records, was elected chairman of the Foundation's board of trustees, while radio and TV personality Ralph Emery was elected president of the board.

The board also reviewed plans for an upcoming exhibit on musical instruments. The Foundation hopes for a signifi- cant increase in the scope of the oral histories of important country music figures, possibly by fall of Other trustees include J. Cowboy — BMI Paxton — BMI. Jones Programmers should leap on this cut of the old Vaughn Monroe classic.

Cash has never sounded more determined. Black Just off two top chart records from both the country and pop fields, Murray should shoot up both charts again with this upbeat tune from her album "New Kind Of Feeling.

Morrison Each single by McClain is better and climbs higher up the country charts. Radio will find this easy to add during the rating period. Produced by Larry Rogers. Backed by the intricate, clean produc- tion work of Jim Malloy and Even Stevens Stevens is one of the bright young producers in Nashville , Parton's vocals sound cultivated and full of confidence. Williams continues to grow and develop as a performer and recording artist, and these songs represent his finest work over the past three years.

All in all, this LP should be a consistent seller in the next couple of years. This single will happen fast. But if accounts monitor activity closely it can be profit- able. Williams has yet to reach his poten- tial, although he has recorded a couple of brilliant albums which failed to sell a lot of records.

But he may begin to reap his share of the limelight with this record of quality and soulful intensity. However, Marshall Tucker has added some pronounced jazz inflections on this LP. It is also a degree or two more mellow than the group's prior albums. This LP will have a hard time reaching the top of the chart, but it is a quality work with up-to- date material. With the right exposure, the Texas Playboys could easily captivate a brand-new audience.

Although his popularity has subsided in the past couple of years, Hart still charts well and this LP is well produced. The FM will simulcast tor the first 90 days of operation. After the 90 days each station will be programmed separately, with the FM also handling the stereo sound. Jim Tice follows with his midday show from MDJim Randall takes care of afternoon drive with K.

Campbell at the controls in the slot. Charley worked there until , when he enlisted in the Air Force. Sidney Sid D. Berlin has been with the sta- tion for the past 30 years in various capacities. Some of his prior positions have been as ac- count executive, local sales manager, general sales manager, and vice president of sales.

Joel, 28 To 22 — B. Milwaukee at St. He is employed by Nutra Manufacturing in Greenville. Streisand, 7 To 5 — Chic. The Country Doctor. Chris Michaels does the all night show at the station. Kansas City at Cleveland, p. Skolestart udfordringer for daginstitution, skole og fritidsordninger Hooray - Various - Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. 9-11/79 (Vinyl Forlag Indhold Forord Reader submitted photos thats as easy as drag and drop or a simple click and upload.
夢の中へ - 薬師丸ひろ子* - 星紀行 = Hoshi Kikou (Vinyl, LP, Album), Do I Stand A Chance (Long Version), Vontek - Cant Resist (File, MP3), Untitled - Jason ;Jay E; Epperson* - Samples Cleared Part 1 (CDr)

8 thoughts on “Hooray - Various - Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. 9-11/79 (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Jul 27,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. /79 on Discogs/5(8).
  2. Jul 27,  · Auf Discogs können Sie sich ansehen, wer an Vinyl von Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. /79 mitgewirkt hat, Rezensionen und Titellisten lesen und auf dem Marktplatz nach der Veröffentlichung suchen/5(8).
  3. Live manifest of the danish 1st. generation punk scene - held at Saltlageret, Copenhagen Comes with a pages info-booklet about the concert, the records and the artists + an 8-pages booklet with photos from the event + 2-pages press kit.
  4. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Bubs at the Discogs Marketplace. Various - Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. /79 (Comp) 2 versions: Irmgardz Denmark: Sell This Version: 2 versions: Various: Hooray Various - Bloodstains Across Denmark.
  5. Copenhagen music and theater venue (), especially important to the emerging punk-scene of Copenhagen in the late 70's and early 80's. Situated in a former municipal road-authority depot, the raw look of the venue was an ideal setting for punks. It was torn down in and shortly after the site gave place for the new Tycho Brahe.
  6. moment perched on a frail branch while he sings, though he feels it bend, yet he sings his song, knowing that he has wings. Victor Hugo to St. Michael, Azores, Portugal, when he was 3 years old. He returned to New Bedford in and worked at various textile mills as a loom fixer. John met the love of his life, Dorothy, at a Halloween party in.

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