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And when either my students or my children—and now my grandchildren—have these bumps, I whip out my hat of the comforter and give this other role a try.

I must hand the hat over to that wonderful personage, the Holy Ghost. As I discuss the three roles or functions of the Holy Ghost, may I share with you true accounts of the marvelous influence of the Holy Ghost. First is the function of the Holy Ghost as a teacher. As students and teachers at Brigham Young University, we are engaged in the immediate task of gaining knowledge.

We read, we listen, we experiment, we test, we write. But he is always there, waiting to help. James W. The problem I was considering was a hard one that I had been working on, off and on, for five years.

I felt that I was really near the end. I felt that just one little insight was all I needed—the ideal occasion for praying and receiving an answer.

And so I would hide in the library at the beginning of each day, think about what direction might be the right one to pry loose that additional bit of needed insight the one that would explain everything , pray for direction and enlightenment, and set out to work.

And, amazingly to me, each day I would feel instructed and directed. So went the months until at the end of the summer I was, actually, at the end of the problem. I understood it, and the little bit of needed insight was spread over the summer and was full of miraculous mathematical wonders, much deeper than I had dreamed—and I marveled. I marveled at the distance I had traveled and at the length of my instruction.

At some times in our studies, we come up against a wall. We have done all that we can, but answers simply elude us. Robert L. Millet, dean of Religious Education, has noted:. When disciplined minds and creative artists open themselves to the enlightening powers of the Holy Ghost and are imbued with the spirit and power of the restored gospel, learning and discovery and creativity reach beyond the paltry bounds of what has been done heretofore and open us to new vistas of understanding and expression.

Sometimes as we study and learn here at BYU, circumstances beyond our control deter us from putting adequate time and energy into a class or a particular assignment.

One such incident is recounted by Steven D. Bennion, now president of Ricks College. He had been serving as a bishop, completing classes for his PhD, and working full-time to support his family of seven. He needed to finish his doctoral dissertation and defend it, but it was taking much more time than he had expected.

He had to do a crash program to finish. With only two days left, he ran up against a wall. I quote:. The first day was an exercise in frustration. I struggled at length through that day and produced only 4 pages. I remember offering special prayers both that evening and the next morning.

I pleaded my need to the Lord, reminding him of my good wife and family and their faithful support while I worked on the dissertation and served as bishop.

I acknowledged gratitude for opportunities and then asked for special spiritual help to quicken my mind and spirit for the monumental challenge of completing the final chapter in a single day. I arose the next morning at and began to write. The words flowed as I had never before experienced. The next 42 pages came far more easily than the first 4 had the day before. As you struggle in studying, researching, writing, and test taking, be aware that the Holy Ghost will help you and teach you along the way.

I wish to testify that this principle is true and to give you a personal example to this effect. When I was completing my doctoral work at the University of Utah, I also struggled with time and responsibilities.

I had four small children and was the ward Relief Society president. I was finishing my degree part-time, but even then some days were incredibly hard. One particular term was coming to an end when I suddenly got a bad case of the flu.

I had studied very hard, but on the day of the final I was so sick with a high fever that I was dizzy and nauseated when I tried to get out of bed.

I pleaded with the Lord for his help, then got dressed and headed for Salt Lake. I sat at the back of the room to take the exam.

I remember how difficult it was to read the test questions. The next term I happened to meet that professor in the hall as I was going to another class. He stopped me and commented about my final. The Holy Ghost had blessed me more than I had ever supposed.

As our teacher, the Holy Ghost can do three things for us in our efforts to learn. First, he can reveal new knowledge. We may even receive new insights that the world could not give.

A second thing the Holy Ghost can do is to help us make connections. Like a chemist putting two different familiar elements together to create something new, we can be guided in our studies to make connections that will open up an entirely new possibility.

A third way that the Holy Ghost can teach us is to bring to our mind forgotten things. As a young missionary, the apostle M. Russell Ballard once had to defend the Church in an English debating society meeting before more than twelve hundred people. After his presentation,. Elder Ballard understood each question before it was finished, and the answer came to him immediately. Sometimes he would actually quote scriptures by heart—verses he had read once or twice but certainly had never memorized.

He spoke with clarity and yet with warmth and good will, and the audience was moved. When the meeting finally ended, the crowd stood and gave him a standing ovation.

The gift of the Holy Ghost. All these teaching moments and blessings are contingent on our faithfulness and on our own preparation and effort. He will not do our work for us. We must pray with humility that we can remember those things we have studied and ask for his guidance in our research. However, at times we are not meant to have certain knowledge.

But I can write a sonnet—my creative corner is my crown. We may study for hours, prepare diligently, and pray fervently for help on an exam—and still end up with a C. That subject may be to you like my physics nonhat. A second function of the Holy Ghost is as a guardian. The Holy Ghost cannot guard us from all the pain in life, just as mothers and fathers cannot protect their children from every cut and scratch of life.

But as a testifier of truth and as a protector, the Holy Ghost can guide us in our daily decisions. Sell This Version. The Art Lukm Suite Album 4 versions. The Holy Ghost Inc. The Word 2 versions.

Walk On Air 3 versions. Mad Monks On Zinc 2 versions. Nice One Boy! Megawatt Messiah Maxi 3 versions. Blunted , Blunted , Blunted Vinyl. Wildlife On One 2 versions. Doctrine and Covenants —3. Doctrine and Covenants — Doctrine and Covenants Additional Messages.

Gospel Topics. Peace and Violence among 19th-Century Latter-day Saints. Show Hide. Heavy with the synth and other unique sounds in the song it is upbeat with almost an electronic feel to it. Its not one that would bode well in a mixed congregation, but for youth services, its great.

Finally the album ends with Shekinah by Jaye Thomas. This is My Second favourite song after Marriage Wine This is probably the most congregational friendly song on the album. Its slow to mid tempo through much of the song. Its a song of a people waiting on the Lord to manifest himself in our midst. Its a great song of Waiting on the Lord. The mix of songs is just wonderful and the variety on the CD makes for a solid hour of live music.

This album is a compilation of songs from the recent student Awakening gatherings. That being said, this album is not one continuous recording, but still an incredible CD nonetheless. Laura Hacket, Misty Edwards, and Cory Asbury are just a few worship leaders included on this album, among many other powerfully anointed worshipers. In classic IHOP fashion, there is plenty of free and spontaneous worship.

Even with this free flowing worship, there is still plenty of content that can be used in both contemporary services and traditional worship services alike. Joyful, Joyful : This a version of the classic Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You with a fantastic beat, synth rhythms, and killer harmonies. This is absolutely usable for any church! This song has great potential for a lot of congregation participation since most people will be familiar with this classic song.

It should be a great addition to any lineup. I particularly love the chorus. In fact, the worship team I am apart of at Covenant Connections Church will be singing this version of Joyful Joyful in our Christmas service this year!

Awakening Melody is a powerful song about victory over death in Christ Jesus and freedom. This is not a song like most traditional songs, with a set of versus and a chorus.

This is more of a chorus of victory. There is a beautiful violin featured in this song. I think this song would go over well in a free worship setting. In a more traditional style of worship, I believe this song could be coupled with another song of similar chord progressions, rhythms, and subjects victory and freedom!

Marriage Wine is an awesome song about the wedding feast with the Bridegroom. Incredibly powerful! Again, as many of the songs on this album will be, the song would work very well in a very contemporary worship setting. I am going to say that a more traditional worship service could still pull this song off very well. The words are very powerful. I can see this song slowed down just a bit in a traditional worship setting going over very well.

I would definitely considering adding this song to your arsenal of songs. This is definitely one to keep in mind for Easter, or Resurrection Sunday as I like to refer to it. Not every song sings of freedom in Jesus, but there are definitely several that do sing of our freedom in Christ Jesus.

Today we have meetings that are focused intently on the glory, God's presence and the river. Freedom is a very high-energy instrumental using violin, bagpipes, flutes, and electric guitars. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I promise that if you will feast upon the scriptures daily, especially the Book of Mormon, you will invite the Spirit into your life and you will naturally pray daily, repent more often, and find it easier to attend church and partake of the sacrament weekly. Tour with Cut Copy". Submission Notes: optional. Brings about a Mighty Change of Heart. And there are those worldly men; how they have tempted me in times past and done me harm! And so I would hide in the library at the beginning of each day, think about what direction might be the right one to pry loose that additional bit of needed insight the one that would explain everythingpray for direction and enlightenment, and set out Holy Ghost Party - Various - Joy (Live From The IHOPU Student Awakening) (CD) work.
I Melt With You - Natalie Imbruglia - Male (CD, Album), Make Me Bad - Korn - Issues (CD, Album), Space Jam (MSP Battlestar Mix) - Various - Harlequin Club Trax 7 (CD), I See You Watchin’ Me - Mask (30) - Illegal Product (Cassette)

9 thoughts on “Holy Ghost Party - Various - Joy (Live From The IHOPU Student Awakening) (CD)

  1. Mar 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - IHOP Joy in the Holy Ghost YouTube Joyful Joyful (I Got The Joy) - Cory Asbury, Laura Hackett, Jaye Thomas, IHOP Awakening - .
  2. The main reason I am excited is because I spent a lot of time at the IHOP Student Awakening. I was in many of the services that were recorded for the Live album. As you can imagine this makes me feel a stronger connection with the CD because I can remember all the mighty works that God was doing in my life at the time of the Student Awakening.
  3. IHOP-KC's new album JOY expresses the passionate joy and energy of their most recent student awakening event. With songs of spontaneous, prophetic worship from worship leaders Laura Hackett, Jon and Justin Rizzo, Matt Gilman and Misty Edwards, JOY is a celebration infused with victorious declarations, worshipful adoration, and one that invites us to experience the beautiful revelation of .
  4. The Holy Ghost waits to bring and to manifest it in our lives. He wants to come so into our hearts that we shall live, as Holy Ghost men, the sanctified life, with the sanctifying power of Jesus running through our whole beings. My third thought is: the joy of the Holy Ghost is the joy of the love of the saints.
  5. Holy Ghost! - MERCHANDISE. MERCHANDISE EVENTS Menu Sign Up Holy Ghost! MERCHANDISE EVENTS HG! NYK LOGO 'LOOKING BACK' T-SHIRT. $ HG! Logo Black Tee. $ HG! Logo White Tee. $ Rainbow Flag T-Shirt. Sold Out. Work - Vinyl LP. $ Work - CD. $ ANXIOUS 12" SINGLE. $ Color Flag Hats. $ WEST END RECORDS T-SHIRT. $
  6. Student Life. No one walks alone. That’s life at the Holy Ghost Prep. It’s a brotherhood. Our students push each other to be better. Stand up for each other. Cheer each other on. Together, they explore more than 75 clubs—ranging from the Classics Club to the Ski/Snowboard Club to the Environmental Club.
  7. Faster BPMs, repetitious head-spinning bass lines and melodies, incessant booming kicks and some pretty mind-warping loops make Holy Ghost one on their own. With the exception of Cari Lekebusch circa - whom since has followed the tedious path of dull minimalism - I still cannot think of a techno artiste / band that has produced.
  8. Mar 29,  · The Holy Ghost fills my soul with joy as my testimony about them grows, and I hope you also have or have had that experience. Brings about a Mighty Change of Heart As our testimonies grow and we discover more about ourselves and our purpose in life, the Holy Ghost .
  9. The Holy Ghost works in perfect unity with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, fulfilling several roles to help us live righteously and receive the blessings of the gospel. He “witnesses of the Father and the Son” (2 Nephi ) and reveals and teaches “the truth of all things” (Moroni ).

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