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Suddenly, the wall of sound drops out, leaving only Daniel crooning softly over a somber guitar melody, soon backed by a prominent bass line His voice here is torn, pained, and absolutely forlorn. The last chorus of this song will likely bring tears to your eyes.

Very moving and quite beautiful, both musically and lyrically. This is a reflective, somber duet between Daniel's voice and an acoustic guitar, and does a wonderful job of bringing the album to a close.

With such a diverse musical soundscape, it's very easy to simply get lost in the music and forget all about the underlying groundwork. This is, of course, a very big mistake, because even when Pain of Salvation were throwing musical conventions out the window like a demented Danny Elfman, they still paid a great deal of attention to conceptual considerations.

Indeed, the lyricism here is strong, complex, and passionate and needs to be taken in along with everything else Entropia was actually my favorite Pain of Salvation album for quite a while. Though I've since had a change of heart, I will still say that this is an absolutely mammoth accomplishment for a debut album, and should be picked up post-haste by any progressive metal fan who is tired of the same old trite and boring Dream Theater worship and instead would like something that's actually progressive and compelling.

Pain of Salvation are peerless. There are those few albums in the world, where every song is a fucking piece of art. One such album is Entropia by Pain of Salvation. Released in , this was the band's debut, even though some of these songs were written in early 90's. Thus they had good 6 years to perfect them, compositionally and lyrically.

The album was initially released only in Japan, until , when the band found more popularity in the states and Europe after release of their second album. So how is the music on this album? It encompasses a wide range of styles, flirting with some funk, techno and even jazz, but at the core it always has that prog metal sound. A lot of prog metal bands are Dream Theater monkeys of course, giving the genre a bad rap. And rightfully so, because it is infested with cumshooting wankers at every corner.

This band however is its own branch of progressive metal, a branch where emotion plays as big a role as musicianship, and where musicianship does not equal playing fast, but rather interaction between musicians resulting in a good balance of improvisation and composition. There is no doubt that Daniel Gildenlow plays the lead role, with his genius vocals. Amazing range and power, though not quite as convincing and technical as they sound on later albums, yet more energetic and youthful.

His guitar playing is also stellar technically and he has his own style. The others are of course very good. Song-by-song reviews are usually tedious and longwinded, but heck let's do it, as each song deserves its own review:!

Forward - Opens the album with a blast. Great verses and an epic chorus. It alternates between heavy riffs and softer parts, with the middle section being very laid back. Does the job well. Mostly laidback grooves and amazing melodies, telling a story about father leaving his son for war. The song probably best shows the range of what Daniel can do with his voice. It has very soft high falsetto, to high pitched screams, to a more raspy baritone register.

It's separated into three parts. The first part is very funk, with some great slap bass and influenced by Faith No More. Also keyboardist Fredrik Hermansson has some nice organ patches, he never takes lead though. The bridge between first movement is very groovy, going into a fast polyrhythmic part reminiscent of 80s King Crimson. The third part is slow and gloomy, but very melodic, with some good solos.

The keyboard patch on the outro sounds a bit cheap, but the production is not great on the whole album. Never really goes very far from very far, but hey it's about being stuck in the middle of an ocean.

Bungle, the vocals are certainly very Mike Patton inspired. Entropia was first released by the Japanese company Marquee on their Avalon label in August see in music. While in Tokyo, Daniel featured in various TV and radio shows, did interviews for the Japanese metal press, and performed in selected record stores. Around this time, purchasing albums through online record stores was commonplace, and fans from around the world began to do so with Entropia.

It is about a family in a war situation, about a father that fails to protect his family, about a child who needs a father and not a soldier, about a society that kills and excludes and then takes its hand away from the remains in shock of what it has become. It is about a world I have chosen to call Entropia, which is a combination of the two words "Entropy" and "Utopia".

If I don't, how can I expect others to stand up for what they believe in? Metal Underground. Archived from the original on 24 December USA ProgMusic. It was the easiest thing to not make choices and put it all on a double album and be done with it but after that with the tour not happening and the distribution company going down.

It was a weird year, I could spend more time and let the album be out of my head for a while and once I got back to it I could see patterns and themes to make it easier to divide it into two.

And since it has a retro vibe going I didn't want the albums to be too long and dividing them up seemed more in character with the album. Archived from the original on December 1, Retrieved 30 November Archived from the original on 6 September Retrieved 15 May Archived from the original on 10 August Retrieved 24 December Archived from the original on 10 March Retrieved 5 January Inside out Music.

Retrieved 31 December June 24, Retrieved June 24, Hung Medien. Retrieved January 17, Bonus CD : 1. Used Live 2. Ashes Live 3. Falling Live 4. The Perfect Element Live 5. Her Voices and only that 6.

Absolute Kromata 7. Ashes [your language here] Idioglossia Anniversary Mix 2. Words can create an oblivion ocean: "Dad tell me, will I be dead very long? Oh god if you save them I swear I'll always hold them in my hand.

Oh god if you save them I'd take them west We'd start again then in the promised land. Rescue me! Save me! Set me free! Very strange - despite the sun I'm cold to the bone! If this is progress let me out! Up on the rooftops I feel alive - lovely detached from the human hive. Up on the rooftops I feel so free.

Far from the city that's suffocating me. I believe: beneath the surface we turn to stone. Can't you see? You meet your neighbors over the phone! I'm awake - watch me! I'll escape - watch me! If this is progress help me to regress! Alone by the ocean I feel alive - lovely detached from the human hive. Alone by the ocean I feel so free. You live too shallow act too deep!

Fail to sow but proudly reap! Indians show us where you're from Stress indicates what we'll all become! In time you'll awake! In time you'll escape!

You'll see what's at stake! Is this what we want? A tear for a tear. A lie for a lie. The weak dress in hatred to hide their fear. We cling to symbols for our mind - hour by hour we're losing us. Defenceless for the weak to bind - second by second abusing us! A wound for a wound. By silence we breed. Learn the hate that keeps us blind, from the hands that hit and feed! Children teach each other pain - hour by hour they're learning it.

Dreamers in the wheel of reign - second by second we're turning it around: Closing the books of the prophets.

Closing our eyes for the visions that die and then we weep Prophets seek me - for you will bleed! Cry little lonely world cry! I won't close my eyes. I'll be your tears when you're dry, pouring to the ground [Daniel Gildenlow] Scar by scar We're all becoming seeking prophets now. I won't bear the cross one step further!

The same can be said for Circles. The production is good but not as good as the ones on later albums. There ! (Foreword) - Pain Of Salvation - Entropia (CD many gems to be discovered here, from the memorable songs to the band's playing, which ! (Foreword) - Pain Of Salvation - Entropia (CD a cut above the rest in regards to skill and composition. For instance, the bluesy section of Plains of Dawn could have been left out as it doesn't work to well, it just seems to break up the song for little reason. Save me! The musicianship doesn't equal playing fast, but rather interacting between all musicians resulting in a great balance of composition and improvisation. Main CD : 1. I'll free you from your prison - now go!
4. Satz: Finale (Vivace), The Nutcracker, Just For Kicks - Savoy Brown - Make Me Sweat (Vinyl, LP, Album), Salvador Espriu - Poemes - Amb La Veu Del Poeta (Vinyl), I See You Watchin’ Me - Mask (30) - Illegal Product (Cassette)

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  1. As of , 's Entropia remains one of the group's most diverse albums, integrating and combining elements of jazz, funk, classical, pop, folk, and even faint hints of death metal, as seen in some of the heavy riffs, which make up a great portion of the album, and classifies it as one the groups heaviest releases as well/5(32).
  2. Label: Inside Out Music - IOMCD ,Inside Out Music - • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal Pain Of Salvation - Entropia (, CD) | Discogs/5(9).
  3. Sep 24,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Pain Of Salvation - Entropia at Discogs. Complete your Pain Of Salvation collection/5().
  4. 1.! (Foreword) [music & lyrics: daniel gildenlæw] WALK WITH ME! There are worlds to see! Listen to me now - You. Listen to me now - You. Do my words mean more to hear when I am standing here? On a stage like all your silly idols do! Open up your eyes - all. Let your walls and grins fall. Would you reach for something new, if the crowds were.
  5. Entropia is Pain of Salvation’s first studio album. It is a concept album concerning the story of a family in a fictional society that is torn apart by a war. The title is a portmanteau of Entropy.
  6. Pain Of Salvation - Entropia download free. Label: Avalon ‎– MICP Type: CD, Album, Reissue Country: Japan Date of released: Category: Rock Style: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal Download.
  7. This album is composed of the foreword (track one), chapter one (tracks two through five), chapter two (tracks six through ten), and chapter three (tracks eleven through fourteen) Recorded during spring at Roasting House Studios Produced by Anders Theo Theander and Pain of Salvation Mastered by Rockfile Mastering and Pain of Salvation.
  8. Entropia is Pain of Salvation's first studio album. It is a concept album concerning the story of a family in a fictional society that is torn apart by a war. The title is a portmanteau of Entropy (from thermodynamics, the measure of disorder present in a system), and Utopia (the ideal society). This is the only album to feature Daniel Magdic on guitar.

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