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While on the job, they learn that one of the abductors is a teen girl who went missing herself eight years earlier. They learn that the teen girl has developed a Stockholm syndrome towards her abductor and that she trusts him with her life, exchanging threats with the police and brandishing a shotgun.

Now, they have to convince her that he was lying the whole time and have to return both her and the young girl to their parents. Team One is assigned to protect a VIP and his wife at a business forum, when a bomb explodes, the team realizes that the bomb was a distraction engineered by a group of Chilean protesters so they can kidnap the VIP's wife.

The kidnapping turns to horror when the wife is found alive with a remote-controlled collar bomb around her neck, and with the Chileans demanding that the VIP confesses to the crimes they believe he committed at a mine in South America.

Sam and Jules share their first kiss. A distraught wife holds a woman hostage at knifepoint in her own home whom she suspects is having an affair with her husband.

The hostage swears she is not involved with the husband, but the wife refuses to believe her and demands she tells the truth about him. Tension mounts on the team when Parker takes Ed out of the field to run the command post from the truck, because he believes Ed's exhaustion is causing him to lose focus. The situation gets more difficult when the hostage admits she is pregnant with her captor's husband's child. Ed is called in to talk Danny down from being suicidal when it is discovered that he is Ed's former mentor.

Now retired from active duty, Danny still has huge guilt over the death of a young boy from a case nearly 20 years old, and they have to talk to him to let it go.

The city is held hostage by a young sharp sniper who takes control of city hall, and Team One is called in to handle the sniper. The team learns that the sniper is deliberately missing his targets and that he has a grudge against Ed Lane. Three men who recently lost their homes to bank foreclosures take the CEO of their mortgage society hostage. While Ed and Sam search for the shooter, Parker tries to talk down the third man, who has doused himself in gasoline and is threatening to immolate himself on live television if his demands are not met.

Meanwhile, Parker must find a replacement for Jules while she is recovering from her gunshot wound, finally settling on Donna Sabine. Two children, their Russian nanny, and a neighbor are taken hostage when they walk in on a group of armed burglars in the children's home.

The SRU comes in to negotiate, but the stand-off escalates when Mischa, the leader of the thieves, kills one of the hostages when he feels the SRU is not taking him seriously. Team One is tasked to protect a serial killer who has confessed to his crimes and is now returning to Canada from Germany.

The party is attacked and Sam is taken hostage by a victim's father looking to take the law into his own hands. In order to negotiate Sam's release, Parker makes a call to leave the killer in the hands of a transit agent who, unknown to him, is also looking for revenge of her own. Two teenagers find themselves with hostages when their attempted robbery of a supermarket goes awry.

Meanwhile with Jules still recovering from her sustained gunshot wound, Sam decides it is time to discuss their relationship. A young woman named Jessie Wyeth—who has given her son up for adoption—and her boyfriend, Terry Dornan, decide they want their infant child back.

They kidnap the baby from his adoptive family and demand a lawyer find a way to rescind the adoption. Recognizing Terry's pain at never having had a family of his own, Parker begins negotiations, but is put in a position where he has to choose to save either Terry or the baby.

He chooses to save the baby, but Terry jumps to his death. Charles Biname. A young man is persuaded by his half-brother to use his position at an electronic bank to end his half-brother's gambling debt.

Team One lets the stand-off play in an attempt to rescue the woman from her captors. Jules is officially back. A student brings a gun to school to carry out revenge attacks against some bullies who humiliated him in front of the whole school. The situation is complicated when a local police officer on-scene believes the boy has killed his son and goes looking for revenge of his own.

When Laura, a woman who finds out that she has a brain disease, decides she wants to end her own life. After skipping out on a restaurant bill and robbing a pawn shop, they take hostages at a wedding reception where they plan on killing themselves after one last dance. A young boy, Mattie, is shot after witnessing a local gang killing. His brother Derek takes him to a hospital, but the gang pursue them, intent on killing any witnesses to the crime.

The SRU arrive on-scene and must stop Derek and the gang from killing one another. Derek surrenders, but Mattie is convinced that there are more gang members looking for him and they will only back down if he kills them first. A series of bomb threats are made by an environmentalist extremist group.

Team One have just 90 minutes to end the threat, and reach out to the surviving members of a dormant extremist group for help. While Spike disarms one bomb, Lou accidentally steps on a landmine while approaching the second. While the SRU locate the bomber — revealed to be the daughter of the original extremists — Spike attempts to save his friend.

A young woman is kidnapped from her apartment. At first her abusive ex-boyfriend is the suspect. After tracking down the ex-boyfriend, the team learns of a delusional man who insists she is his missing daughter. Convicted murdered Anton Burrows is up for parole. The victim's daughter and wife attend and make a statement to keep Burrows incarcerated.

As they leave the meeting, a prison riot breaks out, trapping the civilians. Burrows takes them as hostages to protect them from the other prisoners.

As Team 1 attempts to contain the prisoners and restore order, Spike discovers that the riot is not an attempted break-out, but an uprising by one prison gang against another. After winning custody of his children in court, a man takes his wife's lawyer hostage and leaves Team One searching for answers.

Jules discovers that the children have been kidnapped and their mother is unaware of their disappearance.

Ending the stand-off in the lawyer's office, the SRU realise that the mother conspired with her boyfriend and her lawyer's assistant to stage a parental abduction and escape to Ireland in case her ex-husband wins the custody. A radio talk show host is hunted down by the SRU when he takes a politician hostage and threatens to kill the man live on air if he does not confess to being a murderer.

The talk show host believes his hostage used his family's money to cover up a drunk driving accident that left a young man dead. The SRU responds to a woman holding hostages at a convenience store. They free the hostages and capture the woman, who informs them she ran away from a small community known as The Farm after hearing plans of an attempt to commit murder on its residents.

Ed and Jules enter The Farm and discover that it is a cult, but Ed is captured by their leader, Charles. The SRU must find a way in to rescue Ed and save the lives of the residents. Parker is lured into a trap after being called away on undisclosed personal business.

Ed leads Team One to track him down, finding a meth lab on the waterfront. Parker's captors demand that he reveal a secret from his time as a homicide detective, or else they will kill him.

Parker's secret concerns an 8-year-old girl named Hayley, whose mother died during a shootout when Parker and his colleagues served a warrant on her home. Parker's captors are convinced that he shot Hayley's mother and then covered up the truth and has been taking care of Hayley out of guilt. After driving off two thugs who trashed his local bar, Robert Cooper takes the law into his own hands.

It is revealed that he lost his brother to a drug overdose, and he is working his way up the chain of command of the drug dealers. Team One follows the trail of injured drug dealers to try and stop Cooper before he kills someone. They follow him to the Steele brothers, two rich men who started dealing drugs when they were cut off by their family.

Team One is called in to a hockey arena that is scheduled for demolition when shots are fired inside. The subject is Darren Kovacs, a former soldier suffering from survivor's guilt after his friends were killed in Afghanistan. Kovacs has returned to the arena because it is the only place he feels comfortable.

Sam uses his experiences at war to try and talk Kovacs down, but Kovacs takes Spike hostage, leaving Ed with no choice but to shoot him. Sam is torn between his belief that he could have talked Kovacs down and his shared experiences of Afghanistan, leading him to question his place on the team.

A planned raid on an escaped convict sees the man take a teenage boy and a baby hostage at a drive-in motel. Team One raids the room and ends the stand-off, but the teenager inexplicably vanishes. Discovering a hidden trapdoor leading to a sewer and a cache of information that suggests the teenager is a serial killer, Ed leads Sam and Wordy in an effort to stop the boy before he kills someone.

However, Parker and Jules discover more information about the boy that suggests he is not a psychopath, but has Asperger syndrome. Meanwhile, Ed clashes with his younger brother, Roy, who ignored Ed's order not to approach the situation, and got his partner killed.

Two children are abducted by a woman wielding a knife with no apparent motive. The SRU learns that she has recently been released from prison and is looking to reclaim her children, who were put into foster care when she was convicted. The girls were legally adopted while she was in prison, however, and she has no legal claim to being their mother. When one of the girls has an allergic reaction, the woman takes hostages in a drug store, demanding that they treat her daughter.

Team One is tipped off to a white supremacist group who is planning a spate of bombings against immigrants across the city. The team is able to apprehend most of the members, but three bombers escape and the SRU must find them before their bombs are detonated.

One is caught before he can plant his bomb, but his capture alerts his friend, who announces his intention to detonate his bomb in a busy government building. The SRU responds to an abduction of a high school student, Carlton, but he flees once he has been rescued.

He is spotted on the roof of his school the next day, threatening to jump. Parker approaches him, and the SRU learns that his friend, Cory, has kidnapped him and beat him up. SRU investigation in the story reveals about the abusive gym basketball coach who beats his players up and keeps them in fear to motivate them. The team must save Carlton as well as talk down Cory, who has taken the coach prisoner. Erik Canuel. When Team One responds to a "shots fired" call, they discover Ed's brother, Roy, is deeply involved with an arms dealer.

Roy leads Ed and the SRU to the heart of dealer's operations, but is forced to break his cover to save Jules, leading to a three-way standoff. Alexis, a grade-school girl who has built a relationship with a operator over the course of a series of false alarms, appears to be threatened with a real kidnapping.

Team One learns that Alexis and her family are federally protected witnesses, after she witnessed the murder of her friend by three corrupt police officers, who are now in pursuit. Alexis ends up running on her own, believing she is alone in the world. Meanwhile, Greg's son, Dean, comes to the station. Team One becomes the subject of an investigation into its handling of a horrific killing spree at business party held in a city museum. Facing criticism for taking 37 minutes to bring the situation under control when similar situations had been contained within 15 minutes, the team members recount their actions.

During the interrogations, Ed discovers that the investigating agent is out to remove Parker from duty. After his wife's testimony on his behalf at his murder trial of their daughter doesn't go as planned, Frank McCormick finds himself in a prisoner transport van with a fellow prisoner who has an escape plan. Frank uses his escape to try and prove the evidence presented at his trial is faulty. Frank takes hostage the coroner who performed the autopsy on his daughter.

What looks like a man anxious to withdraw a large sum of money from his own account turns into a bank robbery. Jules goes to the hospital where she finds Ava, Chris's mother. She reveals who is Chris's biological father. On Jules' day off, a man with a handgun holds patrons hostage in a restaurant. The suspect is convinced that there is a terrorist bomb about to go off and demands the presence of the restaurant owner, who is of Middle Eastern descent, who is accused of being the lead terrorist.

The SRU interviews the owner, who admits donating to a charity that was later discovered to be a front for terrorism money laundering, however the federal investigation concluded that the owner was not connected to any terrorists. The SRU also finds that the suspect is schizophrenic , which, combined with recent terrorism news coverage, heightens his suspicious.

When a police car transporting prisoners crashes with a bus, the prisoners escape to the bus with the unconscious officer's gun. When the police officer responding to the crash is shot, the SRU is called to the scene. The driver of the car involved in the crash is identified as Sgt.

McCoy from 52 division, and Spike's mentor. During the hostage rescue, McCoy and the prisoners disappear, and it appears McCoy has taken the prisoners.

Spike has a hard time accepting that his former mentor is involved with corruption, drug dealers. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits.

Alternate Versions. Flashpoint — Rate This. Season 1 Episode 4. All Episodes The SRU pulls out all the stops to rescue a cop taken hostage on his boat, but soon learn that the captor is his battered wife's older sister.

Director: Clark Johnson. Added to Watchlist. High School Icons, Then and Now. Episodes watched in Obejrzane Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Chandra West Rebecca Kessfield Kenneth Mitchell Pete Fitzhaven Meredith Henderson Sadie Fitzhaven Trevor Hayes Matt McDondrick Hugh Dillon Ed Lane Amy Jo Johnson Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan David Paetkau Tourism has become the major industry on some islands and a major source of foreign exchange.

Often, however, it raises the local cost of living without producing much employment. It is also quick to decline during times of economic recession. Cuba has endeavoured to break the usual pattern of economic dependence on one or two main cash crops so common in the West Indies. Traditionally dependent on the sugar industry, it has attempted to diversify its economy by increasing its imports of capital goods to use as the basis for new industries.

The governmental forms of the independent states of the West Indies range from the socialist republic of Cuba to republics such as Dominica and the Dominican Republic and to constitutional monarchies such as Jamaica and Saint Lucia; the majority of these countries have gained their independence from colonial powers since the early s. In most of the region, political parties openly express opposition views. Notable exceptions include Cuba and Haiti.

In countries with parliamentary governments, the two-party system is common. The independent states of the West Indies tend to be aligned with Western countries. The United Kingdom and France also generally maintain close relations with former dependencies, supplying military training, arms, and, in some cases, defense. Moreover, they maintain military bases on several of these strategically important islands. Standards of living, relative to other less-developed countries, are generally high, particularly in the dependent states that receive large subsidies from central governments.

Social welfare programs, particularly in the dependent states, are comprehensive and have contributed to an improvement in health conditions in the region. Health services, however, remain generally inadequate, and, partly because of the high rate of emigration, shortages of medical personnel are common. The main health problems are those associated with the supply and improvement of drinking water and with the disposal of sewage.

Diseases of the circulatory system and cancer are major causes of death, while gastroenteritis , influenza , pneumonia , malaria , tuberculosis , and childhood diseases are also major health problems. In the least-developed countries, children and women commonly suffer from nutritional-deficiency diseases. Housing is often substandard, and shortages are chronic throughout the region.

Educational systems are generally well developed, and the great majority of countries have literacy rates exceeding 80 percent. Higher education is available at a number of colleges and universities, including the University of the West Indies, which has campuses and distance-education centres in more than a dozen countries in the region. In spite of their diversity in ancestry and language, the countries of the West Indies share a largely common culture , the result of their somewhat parallel experiences as plantation colonies.

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Wally's also not a speedster but Pied Piper is still his friend and the Flashpoint Part 2 (Christian Wests Feel Mix 2) hero of the story. LA The Darkman Lewis 'Lou' Young Ruth Marshall At last, we have Kid Flash who is struck in the 31st Century where Brainiac has occupied the world. The team pulls a risky move to catch the culprit. Team One races to Fletcher Stadium, where a knife-wielding robber has taken a hostage. Sam is torn between his belief that he could have talked Kovacs down and his shared experiences of Afghanistan, leading him to question his place on the team. Raekwon
Papa Nazi - Andy And The Prostitutes - Andy And The Prostitutes (CDr), Love Without End, Amen - George Strait - The Very Best Of George Strait (CD), Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - Sandy Posey - Born A Woman (Vinyl, LP), Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition - Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (CD, Album), Mysterious Thunder - Donuts N Glory - When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth (CD, Album)

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  1. Flashpoint (Part 2) Original Mix Natious Northern Exposure. $ 7. Flashpoint (Part 1) Christian West's Feel Mix 1 Natious Northern Exposure. $ 8. Another World Original Mix Natious Northern Exposure. $ 9. Amber Alandanat Remix Alandanat, Natious Lost Language. $
  2. Flashpoint (Part 1) Christian West's Feel Mix 1. Natious. Northern Exposure. Trance. B♭ maj. $ Flashpoint (Part 1) Original Mix. Natious. Northern Exposure. Trance. B♭ min. $ Flashpoint (Part 2) Christian West's Feel Mix 2. Natious. Northern Exposure. Trance. B♭ min. $ Flashpoint (Part 2.
  3. Warner Bros. is reportedly considering adapting Flashpoint in The Flash 2, in order to bring Robert Pattinson's Batman over to the Christian Bone.
  4. Jul 31,  · Directed by Clark Johnson. With Chandra West, Kenneth Mitchell, Meredith Henderson, Trevor Hayes. The SRU pulls out all the stops to rescue a cop taken hostage on his boat, but soon learn that the captor is his battered wife's older sister/10().
  5. A bank robber who may not be who he says he is tests Sergeant Parker's negotiating skills, while the rest of the team scrambles to determine what he really wants before he kills his hostage.
  6. Flashpoint Soundtrack. S. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Season 4; Season 5; Follow. Browse Flashpoint Songs by Season. Season 1 Jul - Sep 9 episodes; 10 songs; Season 2 Jan - Nov 22 episodes; 35 songs; advertisement. Season 3 Sep - Feb 15 episodes; 31 songs; Season 4 Jul - Dec 18 episodes; 23 songs.
  7. He first barks, then kinda recognizes my bark, then slowly crawls to me still not sure. Ignore my barking and funny noises, it was for the dog =PMissing: Flashpoint.

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