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Enquiring punk 1 minds want to know! See detafs below for 1 format info. We'ie looking for people who already have some experience dolnginterviews perhaps you have your own zim and would like to share some of your best stuff with a wider audience , who can challenge bands 1 know, I know, most bands don't have squat to say, but a good interviewer can take them where they haven't been be- forei or give some long overdue support for those behind-the-scenes types who do an aw- M lot of the hard work in punk rock but get little of the ego or monetary rewards.

Mease I give us a caii if you are interested in covering new hardcore, punk or garage bands. See detailed information listed on the mastheads of the Record Review and Zine Review sections. Please list alternates in case we're out of a particular issue.

Price list is on previous page. Get it! All prices are postpaid to North America. Sizes available: M, L, XL. Orders are shipped promptly. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to grassroots Animal Liberation groups.

BOX Monte Sereno. Allow weeks for delivery. For a complete catalog, send a SASE. Thanks for your support!!! Recorded at Sonic Iguana stu- dios in Lafayette, Indiana, this pup gets up and goes. Excellent stuff!!! Zine Grab Bag selection is great! Muddle and Interbang Zine to name just a few so this is a good time to pick one up.

But remember it is a grab bag so you may not get all of these in your grab bag. Outside USA add more money and we'll send as many as we can. To date we have moved over of them. That's over pounds of zines. Got a zine? Send us a sample This month we are featuring a small sampling of the thousands of 7"s we carry in the mail-order cataloa.

I was hoping we could get these in stock because it's a laugh riot. Tons of funny phone messages from VGS's threatening Hickeys life for stealing their trumpet accompanied by lame toots from the stolen trumpet. Hickev sonas and booklet too! Raging vintage FYP. Break out the studded jackets Quality stuff. H ey , Boris rock. There are two different versions of the cover prt. I'm willing to bet they mftde more of one. Feminist, humanist political inspiration to be found here. Comes with page booklet!

Are we not men We are Devo. No we aren't. Great release on Outpunk featuring a new lineup with. Donna on guitar. Rerelease of classic EP. All new songs with this 2nd V. Live 7" for this band.

Live at Fireside Bowl Chicaoo This band is amazing, truly great with intelligent lyrics. Cover folds into big poster. KSlia Don't have a record player? Go buy one stupid. Make all checks US orders only or money orders out to Vital Music Mailorder or be a punk and send cash well concealed. The latest zinalog will be sent with all orders or call , write or e-mail for a copy.

For airmail to Canada add 1. Fast dependable service since ! E-mail catalog also available. Send request to grape panix. JFazy ff's. C Bananas. Send for a menu today! Zapata El Paso squat Cave d' Pilot dunno. Startloch HELP! Kids-got a little distro box for shows? Labels, Wanna do big trades?

You can listen to their , powerful, high energy sound on these 1 4 tracks that don't let up for a minute! Very highly recommended! If not, listen to the sounds that have made them one of the best known, highly sought after bands from Ja- pan today. They take the best of American '50's surf L and rockabilly and put their unique Tokyo touch to it.

Praised the world over after several great singles on Es- trus, Hillsdale, Norton and many others, now, you have a full CD for your full listening I enjoyment. These 1 1 tracks were from their double 10" I release of which were only released and went I out of print immediately.

As a bonus, you also get 2 early, I rare recording which have been remixed as new versions. I This is one of the best surf bands around today With songs that deal with ev- 1 erything but boredom, this is I punk rock in the best tradition of female vocal groups. Mexico and Can.

Cash, Checks orm. What is the album. First time on CD. Not a boot! We ve noticed some punk labels celebrating their 1 0th Anniversary with self congratulation. The rest of the year we'll be offering some special deals. We only have 1 OO. Make checks payable to Brett Matthews. PO Box 8 Volume 3 - Capitol Punishment, S. Volume 4 - The Undead, Parasites, P. The infamous IP,. Amazing double LP - Dutch history! Underground DRP duh.

The last will and testament of this great San Francisco hardcore band. Europe In Decline comp. We also distribute records from around the world-cheapest prices around! Write or email for a full list. CA U. You won't get any! Also distributed by Bottleneck, Choke, Revolver U. Everything they ever released and some stuff never-before-released on one record.

Some of it re-mixed. All of it re-mastered. Cover art features the Pups getting shit nibbed en his heed! Highly llterete! Jawbreaker- esnue. Think about that. In America. Send Incredibly well-concealed cash at your own rish, to. They signed a deal lover a year ago and I can't recall to which llabel.

As frag- Imented and cliquish as San Diego is, they I have absolutely no fans in the punk scene Idown here. Un- I fortunately, mistakes like this are bound to I happen as Ray and I figure out which I labels are majors in disguise.

So please keep writing in. Later, Tom lH. Thank you for your 1 support and appreciation. So much anger as we wallow in the misery in all that we do wrong. And this is only yet half that must be achieved.

And with that we have over-, come the fear that comes with facing thfe truth, for we are all conscious. And our anger thrives off the pain which society deals to us. We all bear the burden of being conscious. And it comes to mind whether or not man is capable of coexisting within the web of life?

Is man just a bastard? And society thrives off the fundamental ideas of Machiavelli; one of ourfounding fathers of war is natural and the poison of capitalism.

But man is only what he creates himself as. And in different cultures that are now being crushed under the fist of capitalism we are able to realize - hey, humankind can do it all right. These include that of the Aborigines from Australia who have been in existence for at least 40, years longer that any other known culture still in existence.

And as a species, being Homo Sapi- ens now known as homo industrias , we share the same interests as any specie; to live. Incorporated into this is the necessary connections which must be formulated for a sustainable culture. These connections are based on the earth, ourselves and others. The sense of being human is derived from how we view ourselves, which means our function of being here. This results it each culture having its own individualistic sense of belonging.

For the Aborigines, existence is based on being an integrated part of nature. While in our own capitalist culture, being human is to conquer. To carry this out a culture needs a world view in which to abide by. A world view is a decisive means in which a culture is conscious. As in the Aboriginal culture, there is an understanding of the pace of the organisms they are dependent upon.

Their consciousness of life is struc- tured into the shape of a circle in many degrees. First off, the existence of life has no set creation period, other than it has seem- ingly always existed and it will continue to exist.

Their deities are in the form of animals which once were on the earth and created all of the landscape during the period of dreamtime. Therefore all natural structures are sacred because they were created by the deities. Because these deities were in the shape of native animals, the animals themselves are sacred for being their re- minders.

The Ab- original purpose in life is to coexist and be a part of the circle of life which relies on all other life. Their culture relies on being es- sential and connected to all of life. The lack of respect for growing,! This is where we stand. And I live in a I culture where connections to the earth is I nonessential, connections to divinity nos- 1 talgic, and connections to each other to be I soft hearted.

For without all of these con-1 nections, there is no essential feature to I the earth, ourselves or anyone else. But no one will regret I it, for it is our so called fate.

We are merely a strand in it. I And! Because I know why I people are starving and why they will con- 1 tinue to starve under the capitalist mes- 1 siah, and I know why there are homeless I people and why they will continue to exist!

But I most importantly I know that humans are I capable of connecting with the earth and all 1 of its bounty which makes it a living organ- 1 ism. I know that the concept of humans I being inherently evil and bellicose are! But I ache in I despair to think that it should take an atroc- 1 ity for this to be conceptualized by ourl society as a whole. I I have always felt internalized on I this matter since I can recall my childhood where I grew up in the forests and swamps I of southern Jersey with only four neigh- 1 bors.

As a child, I had a pretense of why 1 1 and everyone else were meant to be here. I And in my minds eye I recall visualizing! I was in a forest! I saw a deer which let me stand close I enough to stroke it. If there was a god — 1 1 had thought that he put us here to watch his 1 precious blue planet filled with life.

I had felt I privileged to dream that we were here to I mutually care for this lucious planet. For every- 1 one relies on heaven as their savior — but 1 1 know neither heaven or hell personally, fori neither have made me any promises. Andl al! I believe I owe it to Mother Earth, to myl brothers and sisters and to myself to enjoy I and preserve all of life. What gives us the I willingness to wait for an unknown place! And I ache!

But disparity cannot I set me bitter against those who commit! I do and I will continue to propagate change by what- ever means I can perform on an in- dividual basis. I realize that [this may all sound a bit soft and all, but fuck — where is the vision, where are our J goals, what are we trying to obtain, and Iwhat makes it worth obtaining? If we are [striving for something— -there must be a [common focus.

Perhaps I do not hear enough of that. PS The, kiwi kids are choice! That one true person you can spend [the rest of your life with. First a friendship, [a budding relationship, and as I see it, everyone I know in a relationship now and in the past has gone through this phase all loss of individuality whatsoever!

The longer in relationships the quicker the brain slowly [slides out their ass and into a gelatin pile of what they used to be; everything, person- ality, beliefs, social interactions, friends or [the lack of, since most ditch their friends to spend more time with their significant oth- ers How bland!

But you know life is so much easier with the opposite sex around. Seclusion is another [must for this job, drop everything so that [you can find more time to spoon with each [other, cuddling, nothing gets better than [that. Hell ya there is. This hap- pens so much around me, and you can only tell people that what their doing is [ fucked up so many times.

Day [dreaming about your sig. That needs your full attention! But wait here comes that cute person headed this way. A lot of people that I know have had great relationships, awesome ones. The worst part of it all is that they come running back to you, arms open waiting to be friends again, even after all that pain and stress they threw upon you.

Have f uni Jeff M. But I think its more than just the letters. But they are ok. What do you think of the dirty crushes? I think it ridiculous. Some crusties sniff theirfriends and determine by their odor whether they are real crusties.

The funny thing about most of the crusties is that they are rich. Not filthy rich, but they have homes. Why would you want to smell? What about the kids who think they are cool cuz go to squats, but in fact have homes of there own.

Right Cagadas? That is despicable. Props really need to be sent out to this band called Operation: Cliff Clavin. Even more, a friend of mine was putting out a compilation, so[ they not only sent him early, out of print 7"s, [ but sent all the new stuff they had.

This was the first] Crack release in years, and some unin- formed drivel by the likes of Steve does! That is the point of reviews, no? Now I agree, their new material is crap. A year or so ago one of you r review- 1 ers went on about the Cockney Rejects] being Chelsea fans. That inaccuracy is] grounds for murder in some parts of the] world. If punk stands against media lies] and inaccuracies, maybe you should too.

PoorJ reviews as such only make MRR appear] ignorant. I More blood has been shed in the name of lgod and Christianity than all other corp. I started getting really into the music land then last April I went to my first show. I want to change it.

I want people to know what punk rock really is. But how? How do I make a bunch of suburban high school kids see what they are missing? Actually, they have two guitar players in the band, both named Ben, but only one of them is a cop. Ringwurm is a band on my record label.

So I started calling around, asking about 15 different people who were at that show if they saw Ben kicking anybody. I heard that from a lot of people. They should kick him out. Anyway, what hap- pened is that, luckily, there was a video of the show. Ben is in the video the entire time. The band, except forthe drummer and singer, had their back to the crowd because there was a wall of kids falling into them no stage and they were trying to play. At one point about four kids fell into Ben and it knocked him forward into his amp.

In a brief moment of frustration he kicked backwards. He was just trying to clear some space for him to stand in. Still, what if there was no video? The weirdest thing tol me was how gullible everybody was.

People thoroughly believed it. The whole! These were not I young little crusty punks making accusa-l tions, but grown, adult, mature punk rock-1 ers, much like Felix, who believed the lies!

That was all the proof they needed.! You can draw your own parallels to this! This whole Ben, the punk rock cop, I situation reminds me of when I was a l substitute high school teacher.

I made sure I my own ass was covered, but otherwise a student could get away with whatever they I wanted to in my class or even leave the! Some I of these kids attended punk shows at myl house where they would get drunk and do! I first met Mikee, of the band Yourl Mother, as his substitute science teacher. For the most part I had an excellent rela- tionship with most of the students. Regret- 1 tably , I only had sex with one of them. I was I one of the most requested subs among the I kids.

Unfortunately, some kids were con- 1 vinced that all teachers were disciplinar- 1 ians on a power trip. They never realized! They thought I actually gave al shit if they were going to turn in their home I work. Some tried to offend me by using! Some even thought their punkl rock attire was offensive to me. Anyway,] my point is that teaching was just a job. He has full! He plays in al punk band. He was a member of the San I Jose scene years before he ever became! His best friend is a heavy pot smoker.

He wants to pose I nude in The Probe. He quit his previous! Typical cop? Maybe, but I really fucking doubt it. I was a huge fan of Ringwurm be- 1 fore Ben became a cop. When Joe, the! I love the guy. He just wants to shoot guns I and drive fast. When the midnight hour struck and the function ended, there was great reluctance in leaving. The crowd was early in arriving, realizing that because of next day being Sunday, they would have to make the best of their opportunities for merriment.

The dance floor was packed throughout the. The dance numbers which received the greatest number of requests for encores were the compositions of two of the members of the orchestra, Phil Napoleon and Frank Signorelli. Daily Argus, Mount Vernon,. Daily Princetonian,.

The boys are playing thru N. Billboard, April 18, Dancing Academy, N. This orchestra, comprised of five experts original Memphis Five will make its first appearance at this who play only a trombone, trumpet, clarinet, piano and hall where they will be assisted by the Commodore orchestra drums, and they are so well-trained players that neither one in a program of latest dance music.

Coming direct from New requires a sheet of music to play from. The talk of the town. Not only playing some of the most popular them again. Reading, PA, Times, March 30, companies and the records are in great demand, while radio , p.

This is the Roane. Both Roseland and the Commodore ballroom will third engagement within the last three weeks of this popular feature the team for the current month.

Their music is dancing at the Roseland. Reading PA Memphis Five will again be heard at the park. The admission Eagle, March 30, , p. Reading, PA, Times, April 06, , p. With which attracted many dance lovers on their last three such an orchestra in charge, there is little doubt but that the engagements at Bach's Dancing Academy … These five evening will be a great success. Lowell, MA, Sun, May 01, musicians are a sensation and their music is winning them , p.

Lowell, MA, Sun, May 06, , p. These peppy musicians who play without reading any notes … at the Commodore ballroom on Thorndike street … always attract many dancers. Your will endeavor to please the fans with a program of lively money refunded if not satisfied Huntingdon Daily News, dance music. Harrisburg, PA, team has been delighting large crowds both here and in Telegraph, April 24, p.

The Original Memphis Five … has been playing to large gatherings at several of the leading resorts in the vicinity of Lowell and there is always a time on the card when this troupe furnishes the music.

Lowell, MA, Sun, May 19, , p. The team has pleased large gatherings both in Lowell and at this park and a large crowd will be on hand to hear the outfit in its final performance. Lowell, MA, Sun, May 26, , p. The reason is that each one is an artist, handling from five to eight instruments at different times.

It is a feature alone to see these men handle the different music makers. Mount Carmel, PA,. As the management of the pavilion books only the best orchestras it is deserving of splendid patronage.

Franklin, PA, News-. This orchestra broke all records for Grove Park, is to be congratulated on his next attraction — the attendance at Reading, Pa. The Shady Grove swimming pool is daily how music lovers and dancers turned out on Wednesday increasing in popularity with many hundreds seeking relief evening to hear the Memphis Five Victor record Orchestra from the heat in it. The water is clear and pure and a and nationally known radio entertainers, which were booked wonderful place to swim.

As promised by Mr. Thursday, June 18, p. Favorites wherever they go. The Memphis Five has been heard over the radio by several weeks ago and by popular request we again offer "The local citizens but last night they heard and saw these five Original Memphis Five" for your approval. Mount Carmel, musicians in action. However due to the Columbia, Okeh and Vocalion record makers and also intense heat, the dancers were not so crowded, during the delighted thousands with their radio broadcasting programs, first half hour or more, but gradually the floor filled up.

Parker of Lakeside Hundreds of lovers of music sat on the large porch where Pavilion to play there on the evening of Monday, July On they enjoyed the concert in cool breezes which kept them the occasion the Original Memphis Five will engage in a until late at night.

Memphis Five, season at the popular Finger Lakes resort is promised for that biggest little band in the world, having made more records for night. The visiting aggregation, although composed of only Victor than all other bands combined. Five men, with the five musicians, have attained a reputation for their excellent musical volume of Pottsville, PA, Republican, June 05, playing in all parts of the country.

The Manhattan Ramblers, a , p. Among the dance numbers produced for record held at the Eddyside club. The club was remarkably cool and making concerns to be played by the Original Memphis Five the large numbers of dancers suffered very little discomfort on July 20 at the Pavilion will be: Meanest Kind of Blues, during the evening.

The combination is managed by Bernie Foyer. The orchestra is a popular Victor the road. Oil City, PA, want to hear the musicians themselves.

An evening of real Derrick, June 17, , p. Allentown, PA, Renowned makers of phonograph records. New York lovers of the dance. The Memphis Five are said to be the only that plays dance music as no other band can play it. This orchestra in the country which plays for every make of orchestra played for two years in New York City to capacity victrola record on the market.

They record for Victor, houses each night. Although the record makers will be at the park Monday evening, the regular Lakeside orchestra, the Manhattan Ramblers, will also officiate. But no holiday or picnic day so far this summer has brought more people there than last evening, when hordes of all parts from Central New York jammed the Pavillion to hear the Original Memphis Five put across its dance music wares in competition with the regular lake orchestra, the Manhattan Jamestown, NY, Evening Journal, August 14, , p.

The Memphis aggregation, known throughout the country as the only orchestra that plays for every make of victrola record in the United States, gave great satisfaction. The Southern aggregation of music makers would play six or seven numbers, and then the regular Lakeside band would mount the platform and render for a similar period. The Original Memphis Five Victor recording orchestra, direct from Broadway's most sensational Ball Room, the only orchestra of its kind that records for the Victor, Columbia, Vocalion and all other phonograph makers in America, record makers and breakers.

Dancing from 9 to 1. The treat of the season. Your only chance to hear them in this vicinity. Tell your friends and follow the crowds. Canandaigua, NY, Daily Messenger,.

Featuring the event was the special orchestra, the Memphis Five, said to be direct from Broadway, which furnished music from 9 to 1 o'clock. Get ready for the rush! The Memphis Five, greatest Jazz Band in the world. Ask any of the dancers who heard them here several weeks ago.

Only orchestra making records for all graphaphone companies. Many visitors are camping in tents at Chestnut Grove, the popular camping ground here. The tents are pitched along the bank of the lake behind the shelter of large willow trees.

Large crowds gather here for picnics, especially on Sundays. Original Memphis Five, makers of Victor and Columbia records, which will play for the dancing at Olcott Beach Hotel, Monday evening, August 17th, have a wonderful reputation throughout the country as an organization which is never satisfied with anything but the finest artistic results, as judged by the hardest standards of dance music playing.

Their recent releases on the Victor show them to be all they are supposed to be and Lockport people who attend this dance will be satisfied that they have danced to the best in. Several Brunswick Recording Orchestras have appeared at the popular hotel dancing pavilion, but it remained for the Memphis five to be the first Victor. Recording Orchestra to play there. People who buy the Victor records are well acquainted with the Memphis Five.

This famous orchestra has been touring America with notable success. They are writing a big name for themselves in fox trot music. Albion, NY,.

True, they cost more to book, as they must either be guaranteed a certain sum on a percentage basis or paid much more than the local orchestra receives, but their names draw patrons to the park who perhaps would not come ordinarily. Reports from these cities state that the Memphis Five drew larger crowds than the famous Herb Wiedoeft Orchestra..

Each member of this famous Memphis Five orchestra is Variety, September 02, , p. Phil Napoleon, trumpet, is rated by musicians as the outstanding trumpet player in the country. Leading phonograph outfits … such as the Memphis Five, famous exponents of jazzy blues … Billboard, September 19,. PARKS In these days of changing tastes and customs and of complete reversals of the accepted order of things park managers must keep abreast of the times if they would show a profit at the end of each season.

In these days of bands, orchestras, phonographs, organs, self-playing musical instruments and radios one cannot ignore the demand for popular music.

The country as a whole has been gradually educated to a new musical standard. Today music is the language of the universe, a language everyone understands and loves. We prefer to call it modern dance music. In its place has come a much superior grade of music. The musical gymnastics, the banging together of cocoa shells, the rapping of tin pans, the tinkling of cow bells, the crashing of cymbals and the many other tricks — all reminiscent of the blacksmith shop and the boiler factory — have been abandoned in favor of music that is more truly music, more truly harmonics, more truly instrumental than that old form which depended on novel effects for its results.

Music can be used to excellent advantage in the dance hall, the dining room, the band stand, the swimming pool, in the picnic grove … But it must be the kind of music your patrons like to listen to. Most dance halls pay a very nice dividend on the investment involved, besides being a very popular spot in the park.

Great has been the demand for such bands as those furnished by Paul Whiteman, Vincent. When the OM5 returned to NYC in late August , they expected to begin their planned engagement for the fall season at the Rosemont Ballroom in Brooklyn, on Friday, August 28, ; apparently the row between the band and the Rosemont over the February radio broadcast had been laid aside. But things went not as planned for the OM5. We went over so well the Memphis Five had to find other work, because we stayed there until February The Billboard issue of March 27, , p.

So, in the meantime, the OM5 had to look out for other job opportunities. Nathan Horowitz, formerly interested in the Silver Slipper, is the sponsor of the new cafe. They opened Sunday of this week for a fortnight [Sept.

He was a catcher for the Newark team of the International League. It was against the wishes of his family that he finally decided to exploit his musical ability. Baltimore Evening Sun, October 30, , p. Just into their stay at the Kit-Cat Club, on September 17, the group played a session at Victor, and for the first time the band was recorded by the new electrical process. Variety, Variety, September 09, , p.

Their entire routine consists of red hot numbers, all well handled and they grew in favor with the audience as their turn progressed. Without ostentation, they begin their work and keep seated throughout, sticking to their chores and leaving the bunk flashy stuff to those who need it for a success.

Their playing in this case was sufficient to send them away solid. For a setting, Jere De Rosa had a silk house drape brilliantly lighted with purple predominating. As a picture house proposition the size of their organization and the little space that they require fits them for almost any theatre.

Napoleon lives at 28 Harman St. Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 27, , p. Napoleon was co-founder of the original Memphis Five and still uses that record name on the disks. In time, the marriage was annulled. The marriage was a short-lived one, a divorce being granted on July 28, Its switching tempos from accelerated to retarded meters make for interesting nuance throughout the rendition.

The number is a Memphis Five standard, the composers being Phil Napoleon and Frank Signorelli, the heads of the jazz quintet. Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Miss. Apparently the new Kit-Cat Club was a short-lived venture, as it already closed after just three weeks. With no immediate prospect of a ballroom job in NYC, the band started, on October 08, ,, on a second tour of one-nighters, which ended sometime in mid-November, and included the following engagements: Oct. There is no better orchestra.

Gettysburg, PA, Times, October 20, , p. The Memphis Five orchestra at the New Colonnade hall tomorrow evening will doubtless attract a large crowd of dance lovers as this orchestra has a reputation for furnishing music of the best caliber. October 22, , p. They will remain in town long enough to make older than Phil. At that time, besides being a musician, Phil was also a professional baseball player and.

The Original Memphis Five, late — early Variety, December 16, , p. A direct wire has been installed in the Cinderella and they will broadcast on Tuesdays from 6. The weekly features at the Cinderella are James D. New York Morning. The flood of itinerant jazz aggregations has created a sad cut-price standard in formerly verdant territory like Telegraph, Tuesday, November 17, , p.

This band is also a recording the Brooklyn Rosemont before early May, The only two combination. New York Morning Telegraph, November 23, jobs of the tour I could trace was a one-night stand on , p. Louis Rhythm Kings. New York Morning Telegraph, December 20, have been engaged for this popular event. They are dance favorites, their popularity at the Rosemont ball room, Brooklyn, N. Another record review Victor , recorded April 16, appeared in Variety, June 23, , p.

Despite the minimum. The following review, done two weeks before the OM5 would start their engagement there, affords us an intimate glimpse how dance ballrooms were operated during those times: Variety, January 27, , p. As already mentioned, Variety February 03, , p. These syncopators have been big favorites at the Rosemont at their previous engagement, and the return date was given them by popular demand.

The combination had been touring the larger picture houses and ballrooms with a marked degree of success. Its location atop the Woolworth stores at Fulton and Nevins streets makes it ideally accessible to all sections of the borough, either by trolley, elevated or subway.

Many nearby theatres provide additional drawing power. The ballroom is located one flight up. It has its own entrance and lobby. Its space is by , with 90 by devoted to dancing space and the remainder for aisle space and lounging purposes. It has a soft drink bar and usual checking concessions with a flat charge of 10 cents for the latter. It is operated by Nathan Faggen and Sons. John J. Faggen and Joseph Rickman are managers. The entrance is attractive and the ballroom more so with futuristic decorations prevailing, also the subdued lighting effects with the brighter lighting spotted on the dance floor proper.

Two bands alternate for dance music. The latter contributes for foxtrots and one-steps. Each plays three numbers and alternate. The dances last about four minutes. According to Mr. Rickman, this ballroom has a majority of waltz fans which has prompted the holding of waltz contests at the Sunday matinee sessions, when cups are awarded to the winning couples. From Tuesday to Friday a cent admission entitles bearer to three dances with additional. Wilton, Inc. Wilton ranks among the first two agents on the big time in numbers of acts handled, if not actually being the first.

Some competing agents say he is. Variety, December 31, , p. Alf T. Wilton has walked out on the Keith-Albee office! Wilton is the only one with nerve, enterprise or temerity sufficient to deliberately walk out, to open up his own independent agency, booking anything anywhere. They confess that Wilton pioneering himself into the open amusement mart at just this time is a smart maneuver, for the publicity he will gain from it.

Twelve hostesses dance with the unaccompanied males, when regular dance tickets are supplemented with hostess tickets, which costs 10 cents each additional. The girls are in charge of a supervising hostess, a matronly woman who introduces them to prospective partners.

This is much in contrast to policies obtaining elsewhere when competition among the girls direct becomes an annoyance. On Saturdays, Sundays and holiday nights, the scale is tilted up to 85 cents. A dozen or more paneled pillars are throughout the foyer. The ballroom proper and lounge have an abundance of varicolored hand-painted silk shades with the decorative scheme running mostly to silhouettes.

The bands are both ideal dance combinations and both exceptionally popular with this clientele. The symphonic combination plays regularly in subdued tempo while the jazz outfit cuts loose at all times with hot and noisesome jazz. Rosemont is now in its fifth season. Like any new enterprise, its first two years were tough, but it has been later put over and is now considered the best appointed ballroom in Kings County.

Engagements of this mid-late April road tour have eluded me, but in early May, , the band was back at the Cinderella Ballroom in NYC, if the information of the advertisement reproduced below is not false; the same ad places the OM5 in Albany, NY, on May Since that fateful evening on Febr.

The big groups won. It was J. The Original Georgia Five, Inc. Especially is it evident in New York. But there are limitations even in a great city like New York. And when outside orchestras, whose leaders see a prospect of vast fortunes to be gained in the big city, seek bookings here, and cut their prices below the level which has been considered a living price for orchestras in New York, merely for the purpose of getting a foothold, it is going too far for the good of the business.

It is estimated that there are no fewer than New York bands at present playing in Florida, Havana and other winter resorts. At the moment there is a considerably greater number of bands idle in New York than there has been for some time past, so it is expected that out-of-town engagements will be the only salvation of the white-flanneled musicians when they turn their sunburnt faces northward.

The loss of 25 feet of property on each side of Surf Avenue and a similar amount on the Bowery necessitated the tear down of businesses. The narrow walks leading to the beach near the Bowery were widened and thus chopped the Bowery into four short segments.

Much of the old Coney Island vanished that winter as venerable old institutions, many operating year round, such as Stubenbord's Restaurant, Stauch's, Henderson's Music Hall, Child's Restaurant and even Nathan's were closed for the first time in memory. Stauch's and Nathan's rebuilt on the same site, while others like Child's Restaurant relocated.

After the OM5 performed their last night at the Brooklyn Rosemont May 23, , the summer season was therefore spent, not in NYC or Coney Island, but again on tour this being their third extensive road tour , again organized by agent Alf T. Billboard, April 03, , p. The tour will stretch from New York to the West Coast and back again, according to announcement, and include a number of one-night stands. No bands larger than 11 pieces will be handled.

In addition to these ballroom engagements Horn is lining up summer dates at parks and beaches. He has already several bands booked. Summer booking activities of the Wilton office are beginning to increase. Billboard, May 22, , p. Dreamland Park, Newark, this week. The Five will tour through the parks of Pennsylvania and Ohio following.

The third report I found about this two-week engagement at Dreamland Park, which appeared in the May 23, issue of the New York Morning Telegraph section 03, p. Wilton office. Wilton office has arranged a tour for the Original Memphis Five to run through the month of June. Alas, I managed to find documentation for just a few of the one-night stands of this tour:.

This beautiful dance hall is situated on Covington Pike, occupying the ground formerly known as Forest Park. The park has been done away with and the dance pavilion is therefore surrounded by 12 acres of beautiful landscape.

There is an outdoor and indoor dance floor, both having a distinct orchestra. Dancing will be enjoyed under the most favorable conditions, only couples will be admitted and seating capacity has been arranged to accommodate people. This will do away with the disagreeable custom of standing around the dance floor. There will be dancing every night except Sunday from to Dayton, OH, Daily. The famous Memphis Five, Victor recording orchestra of New York, whose reputation has been firmly established by eight years of catering to the dancing public, were there.

The dance halls were finished in detail and beautifully decorated, and judging from the comments made, the Dayton public is more than pleased with this unique dancing pavilion.

Many floral tributes from business firms and friends expressing wishes for success graced the hall and roses were presented to all women upon entering. Two orchestras are already booked for the affair, besides several talented entertainers who are prominently known. The famous Memphis Five orchestra has been engaged for that week [July 05 — 10].

This orchestra is one of the very few that have the privilege of making records for more than two companies, including Victor and Brunswick.

Charlie Mobley and his orchestra will be used in addition to the Five, making dancing continuous on the two floors. Columbus, OH,. They make records for a number of companies, including Victor. Valley Dale patrons will hear the greatest novelty orchestra the Dale has ever offered tomorrow night with the original Memphis Five, famous Victor recording outfit from New York.

She is sailing August 21 on the Berengaria, accompanied by her mother, and has offers for additional engagements in leading European capitals, including Paris and Berlin.

Before sailing Miss Melrose is appearing in vaudeville with the Memphis Five, well-known orchestra. She opened with this organization today [August 02, ]. Miss Melrose arrived in the East recently and has taken the center of spirited bidding for her services by leading motion picture and vaudeville operators. She gained fame in the West as the outstanding dance sensation in Fanchon and Marco presentations and thru the new box-office records hung up at theaters in various cities where she appeared.

Her London engagement was negotiated thru the Alf T. Wilton office here. However, the Memphis Five, small as it is, ranks among the best in popularity throughout the country, and are as much in demand.

They make records for 28 companies, including the senior corporations. It seems inconceivable that five men command so much tone and their accent is most contagious. However, I was able to detect numerous reports on Mildred Melrose in the contemporary press. Due to space constraints, these cannot be presented here in the hardcopy version of VJM; however, the reader will find a detailed account on her career in Appendix 3 of the internet version of this article.

After finishing their vaudeville job with Melrose, the band resumed touring:. That one is the Original Memphis Five. These boys hold the record of being the only orchestra that plays for twenty-eight phonograph recording companies, including the celebrated Victor Records.

They will be heard on Monday, Aug. No doubt many of our local dance fans have heard them in other cities or have danced at home to the records. Friday in Normal.

Everything is magnified, several times over, at state. There are way more people, more runners and it is, in many ways, how a runner will define his or her season. Yet Pitner remembers blocking all of that out. I set myself a goal and thought about that.

Pitner earned All-State status with a 23rd-place finish and the dough from his brother by hitting on the nose. Races run each hour, starting with Class 1A girls at 9 a. The tension before state races is almost palpable. Competitors gather at their starting boxes, practice run-outs, and, if their team is running, huddle together for one final pep talk. Watling, then an assistant to coach Deb Rakers, witnessed the Hurricanes fall apart in the Class 3A Grayslake Supersectional in against Payton, blowing a one-game lead with an ugly performance to deny them a state appearance.

Watling and the Hurricanes have a chance to avenge that upset at 1 p. Saturday in the Class 3A Antioch Supersection-. Friday in the state semifinals in Normal.

With a win against Payton, Marian would advance to the state finals for the third time in four seasons. In , the Hurricanes beat Payton in the thirdplace game, Marian won in three games. Was offensive tackle Jonathan Martin the victim of bullying and intimidation by veteran offensive guard Richie Incognito? Was Martin a willing participant and possibly even responsible in his own right for a culture of machismo, crudeness to the point of vulgarity, sophomoric behavior and perhaps even racism that Incognito orchestrated and pursued in the name of fraternity and brotherhood?

Is Incognito the victim here, just a guy who thought he was doing what was best for his teammates and friends in a locker room culture. Maybe, but not likely.

Martin is a confused and troubled young man. Incognito may or may not be guilty of some or all that he is being accused of. But in the completely closed circle that this behavior occurred, it is quite possible Incognito and his teammates genuinely believed it was an appropriate way to show a teammate and friend they cared, and that Martin gave them every indication he agreed. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right, and every player is there by choice. In spite of what so many of us may think, we do not have the right to decide what is always best for others.

As wrong as bullying is, like everything else in life, it does not come with a one-size-fits-all definition. There is never an excuse for bully-. Write to him a harkush shawmedia. Fiedorowicz Johnsburg graduate looks to get the Hawkeyes to their sixth win of the season and help Iowa become bowl-eligible.

Fiedorowicz caught one pass last weekend against Wisconsin to extend his streak of consecutive games with a reception to Fiedorowicz has 77 catches for yards over the past 27 games, and has made all eight career touchdown catches during the streak.

Fiedorowicz has seven receptions for 48 yards in two career meetings against Pur-. McHenry graduate Jake Howe has started all eight games on the defensive line this season for the Illini. The Illini have lost 18 straight conference games.

Tim Clary, a Richmond-Burton graduate and sophomore fullback for the Illini, is also on the roster. Drew Nystrom, a Prairie Ridge graduate, is in his first season as a graduate assistant coach on offense for the Illini. College football: BYU at Wisconsin, p.

Sunday, BTN. Jacobs graduate Kylie Dennison is a freshman midfielder for the Hawkeyes. Huntley graduate Alyse Williams is a redshirt sophomore defender for Illinois State. The winner of this tournament gets an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

Are you Team Jay or Team Josh? Jay Cutler says he will be healthy and will play against Detroit. Sunday, ESPN2 You should be guaranteed some quality, high-level tennis as the top eight male tennis players are competing. Brazil, at Orlando, Fla. The first was , when the team went Is someone from the Northwest Herald coverage area going to be on TV? Let Kevin Murphy know at kmurphy shawmedia. Meeting with Martin will be Ted Wells, a senior partner in a New York law firm with experience in sports cases.

Record equals picks plus any extra points the website may award. VIP final picks may vary from what is published in this advertisement.

It was his first sectional title. Central will be running in the state meet Saturday at Detweiller Park. Beattie has lost only one race this season and likely will be one of the top finishers in Class 2A.

Pajak finished 11th to lead the Wolves, who will be competing as a team. I kept that goal in mind every time I ran. He makes up for it by mental toughness. He should have his eyes up there, this is a tough sectional. Jones is the daughter of former Hurricanes distance star Laura Witek Jones. Witek was a Class A All-State runner in , and , as well as a distance standout in track and field. Kayla Beattie followed through by finishing fifth in the 6-kilometer race in to lead Arizona — ranked No.

At the America East race at Binghamton N. University, Elise Beattie, a senior who also graduated from Woodstock, placed 11th in UNH had its top five runners finish between sixth and 12th place.

In her first season at Arizona after transferring from Iowa, Kayla Beattie finished in the top seven in every meet and won two individual titles this fall. I feel really good, for the first time in two years. I pack a lot of my own snacks and we call ahead to restaurants on the road. The coaches. Class 1A Girls, 9 a. Individuals Abby Jones Marian Central. Class 1A Boys, 10 a. Local qualifiers Individuals Jorge Pichardo Harvard. Class 2A Girls, 11 a. Clair, Kaylin Punotai, Sarah Shefcik.

Individuals Luke Beattie Woodstock. Class 3A Girls, 1 p. Class 3A Boys, 2 p. Arizona won the Pac championship. As a nursing major, she has had clinical rotations at a hospital off campus as part of her coursework since last winter. Bradshaw, a Prairie Ridge grad, was 27 for 39 passing and finished with yards of total offense. He threw TDs of 3, 13, 13 and 31 yards with no interceptions for the Spartans For the season, Bradshaw leads the conference in passing yards a game Lincicum made five saves Nov.

In victories last week against Wartburg and Central, Breen made a combined 10 saves. Against Central, he stopped two penalty shots. He has compiled five shutouts this season for the Norse and a 0. Ott had 50 combined digs in wins last week against Jacksonville State and Tennessee Tech. Ott ranks third in the OVC this season with 4. A Marian Central grad, Petty led the Stars with 11 goals, four assists and 26 points this season.

Her 38 career goals is the third-highest total in school history. The winner will face the winner of the Normal Supersectional between Normal and Benet in the state semifinals at p. Despite knowing what it wanted, South tried never to look past any opponent. Before games and even during timeouts, Fontana would ask the players what they were learning, what they could take from the match, how it was helping them reach the next step and what they could change so the experience had a greater impact.

The Bears are a formidable opponent with five seniors who are just as determined as South to extend their season. Lake Zu-. Reiser should be one of the top runners again Saturday and. This represents a 4. This represents a This represents a 7. Write to him at BarryOnCampus hotmail. The players regularly send daily text messages to each other, offering words of encouragement without prompting from their coaches.

Everyone has to be on and has to push. The Grizzlies, however, have won a sectional title in four of the past six seasons. She led the team with 13 kills in the sectional final win Thursday against Chicago Latin. A common opponent this season between the two teams is St. The Grizzlies lost to St. Ignatius, , while Marian won, South will counter with its own throng of weapons. Sunday Nov 24th. Sign up online or call to reserve your spot. Ages Space is Limited. Michigan State rolls in opener No.

Jay Simpson had 14 points and six rebounds and Errick Peck had 11 points and nine rebounds for the Boilermakers , who never found a way to pull away. Minnesota 81, Lehigh At Minneapolis, Minn. Andre Hollins added 18 for the Gophers. Care to guess how many times the senior has gone for at least this season?

Try just once, in the opener against Southern Illinois. He had total yards last. Indiana, though, is an opportunity for Scheelhaase to throw — and run — for a ton of yards.

Somehow, Indiana has an even worse rushing defense than Illinois, ranking th nationally in that category allowing And yet watch as the Hoo-. Now comes a massive test in the form of three Hoosiers wideouts — Shane Wynn, Cody Latimer and Kofi Hughes — who are legitimate home run hitters. Beckman believes his group of young cornerbacks is beginning to come around, but this matchup will set them back a ways.

In four games this sea-. The Hoosiers are allowing one sack per 29 pass attempts, a very respectable number. When the stadium roared, Martin relaxed. So did his teammates. Notre Dame recovered to win in the third overtime, preserving its perfect record on its way to a spot in the Bowl Championship Series title game.

Close games have been the norm over the last five meetings. All five have been decided by six points or less, including two in overtime. That would seem to favor the Irish, who have a way of finding a way under coach Brian Kelly. Notre Dame has won 10 straight games decided by a touchdown or less, including a escape against Navy last week. They were down in the fourth quarter. They had to come.

Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees has thrown seven touchdowns over his last two games, benefiting from newfound balance in the offense. The Irish ran for yards against Navy, including yards and the game-winning touchdown by freshman Tarean Folston. If Folston can find some consistency, Rees will have more freedom to go to work. Notre Dame tight end Troy Niklas crosses the goal line for a touchdown Aug. Holtz, Pitt sophomore tight end back in the fourth quarter and they had to hold the lead.

Those kids can take that with them because that takes a lot to do those things. The senior recorded 11 tackles, six tackles for loss, two forced fumbles and a sack. He is the heart of a de-. If Pitt is going to pull off the upset, he needs to be a difference maker.

Pitt has managed just 54 points combined in their last four games against FBS opponents. Quarterback Tom Savage has spent most of the season under heavy duress.

Pitt was held to minus-5 yards last week against the Yellow Jackets. Pitt sophomore tight end J. Holtz was recruited by the Irish and even made a visit to Notre Dame. Ultimately, however, he settled on Pitt. In a way, facing something a bit more familiar will be a relief. And with good reason. The last time Notre Dame played a traditional attack, it held USC scoreless in the second half of a win.

Rice is a Champaign native but spent two seasons at Drake before transferring to Illinois The hometown kid made the most of his chance Friday. Nnanna Egwu had a double-double for Illinois with 10 points and 10 rebounds. Joseph Bertrand scored 14 and had eight boards. Jamel Waters led Alabama State with 27 points. He was 5-of-6 from 3-point range. Rice was never seriously recruited by Illinois. So he went to Drake before head coach John Groce, in his first season, lured him back.

Rice had to sit out a season under NCAA transfer rules, a. On Friday, Rice looked like the experienced, floor-savvy guard the very young Illini will need. Not long after knocking down the last of those free throws, Rice headed to the bench for a breather and heard a deserved round of applause from his hometown crowd.

But he was quickly back on the court, earning a pair of free throws that he sank with to play to put the Illini up by 21, It was their biggest lead of the night to the point. Rice was 9-for from the free-throw line, and Illinois as a team went for, The Illini will be one of the smaller teams in the Big Ten, relying on a roster heavy on guards.

But Friday they. That size edge translated to 34 points in the paint for Illinois. The Hornets had 16 inside. And Illinois had a major edge on the boards, outrebounding Alabama State The Illini used strong defensive rebounding to overcome cold shooting early, turning in a pair of runs that led to a solid lead by halftime.

The Illini hit 15 of their 39 first-half shots — The first of those runs put Illinois up Bertrand capped it with a put-back off a missed Egwu free throw with left in the half. The Illini host Jacksonville State on Sunday. The Hornets will travel across Illinois to face Bradley.

Of course the center had heard the comments from Pacers forward Paul George. The entire Bulls locker room had. This is a new age, this is a new team. But getting Utah on Friday night was at least a good place for the Bulls to start. Thanks to Luol Deng falling just an assist short of a triple-double, the Bulls improved to with the win over the winless Jazz But looking ahead is the last thing this Bulls team can do. Deng had a chance to record.

The energy on defense had been low, the turnovers high, and the play of Rose erratic. Our starters made sure that the group functioned well together, and that was a big plus for us. First quarter H— Kramer 58 run Schneider kick , H— Kramer 19 run Schneider kick , H— Nolen 30 pass from Schneider Schneider kick , H— Mejia 2 run Schneider kick , H— Nolen 42 pass from Schneider Schneider kick , Second quarter H— Wheeler 1 run Platt kick , H— Nolen 48 interception return Platt kick , H— Rudd 1 run Platt kick , Third quarter K— P.

Powell 35 pass from N. Powell P. Powell pass from N. Powell , Fourth quarter K— Tucker 15 pass from N. Powell N. Powell run , Powell , Harris , Robinson Totals: Powell Harvard: Schneider Harvard: Nolen , Reilly , Miller Rita, Saturday, 2 p.

Sterling Brown County at No. Class 2A Second Round No. Coop] at No. Class 3A Second Round No. Joseph-Ogden at No. Carmel at No. Class 4A Second Round No. Class 5A Second Round No. Vernon H. Class 6A Second Round No. Louis , Saturday, 1 p. Class 7A Second Round No. Patrick at Chicago Hanson Stadium, Saturday, 1 p.

Carmel 20, No. Rita 15 No. Class 8A Second Round No. Chicago Payton, 1 p. Lake Zurich, p. Grayslake Central: Issac Longenecker, Jr. Grayslake North: Gavin Amburn, Jr. Hampshire: Paul Novacovici, Sr. Johnsburg: Joe Chamberlain, Sr. Woodstock North: Alejandro Mirande, Jr.

Dundee-Crown: Ben Stone, Sr. Huntley: Niko Mihalopolous, Sr. Jacobs: Tim Hubner, Sr. McHenry: Evan Hying, Sr. Simons Island, Ga. Yang Retief Goosen J. Denver at San Diego, p. Houston at Arizona, p. Dallas at New Orleans, p. Open: Cleveland, Kansas City, N. Jets, New England Thursday, Nov. Minnesota at Seattle, p. San Francisco at New Orleans, p.

Green Bay at N. Giants, p. Kansas City at Denver, p. Lang concussion , LB Nick Perry foot. Mississippi State, p. Featuring tracks from Goldenboy, Adult and the ubiquitous Miss Kitten.

DMC Presents Slam - The Mix Two and a half hours of the best house and techno money can buy, mixed and cut together by a duo at the peak of their career. Includes Slam's exclusive remix of their own Virtuoso. P and many more. Playlist and all other titles and prices subject to availability. Excludes R. Offer applies to stickered products only - see instore far details. It all went from here for me, really.

The early Headcharge albums are the most dirty, swampy- sounding records; you can fucking smell the damp in the room. The one thing everything on this tape has in common is experimentation, but not just for its own sake. It's still got to have the groove and the funk and that's what this record does. It's like a more precise, funkier Aphex Twin. It starts off with this really creepy lullaby in a slowed-down voice.

That was an influence on me - I love it when something appears to be pleasant but turns out to be dark. One drum loop, a solid bass and Hendrix getting more and more out there. Hendrix was obsessed, as much as any techno innovator - like Juan Atkins 20 years later - with experimenting to get an outer space sound.

Black music has always been obsessed with technology and space, which is what some people never get. Once again, you can smell the smoke in the room. And then a theremin comes in. This is just Martin Hannett. The whole spirit and sound of Factory was down to Hannett.

This is a prototype electro record produced by Bernard Sumner. Is this on Gigolo? They can sound like Jeff Mills at times. Jeff, get on Throbbing Gristle, man! To me, it all sounds like it was done live without digital edits. This is the sort of track I could play at the end of a house set or a techno set. Did I mention him? You can smell the filth and oppressive atmosphere, and again, everything sounds like it's been captured as they were doing it.

This has got these dark nursery rhyme lyrics underpinned by amazing guitar sounds and amazing production. I think in the depths of my subconscious this is a really influential record. I bought it in , and in the dark days of the sixth form common room, this was a breath of fresh air. First card out of the hat gets the prize. Makes and plays dead dirty house music. Time to do some judging All the winning sound flyers can be heard at www.

Judges praised the arrangement and beats. The judges liked the feeling of depth and simplicity. Another well constructed tune with extra marks given for the rimshot. The Top 10 were voted by the public and our panel of celebrity judges sat down with Muzik to pick the winners. Some of your efforts were diabolical, many were hysterical, but some were really rather good. Top marks for the intro. Thank you sooo much! Sign up for our weekly newsletter for the best in news, charts and more, free! To sign up, all you have to do Is log on to our web site at www.

Type in your e-mail address, sit back and let us do the rest. Oh, and did we mention muzikweekly is completely free? Ontht street Ironic, huh 3. Roger Sanchez 2. Armand Van Helden 4. David Morales 5. Seamus Haji 1. Currently receiving massive support from Paul Oakenfold and Dave Pearce. Released 1st July buy now: www. Invent another one. Manchester United make me really angry - they just beat us in the league, the bastards. But what makes me furious is people who look great and wear beautiful clothes and then go and listen to pop.

What's that about? They should be listening to futuristic tech-house. Clothes should be a statement of your personality, and you need to display it. My most romantic gesture was proposing - we were in an airport in Croatia, surrounded by people, but I still went down on one knee, the lot!

They should be covering much more obscure acts and labels. We were being interviewed by Mark Goodierfor Radio 1. He asked me about all the drug references, which of course I denied fully. I read a lot of magazines, and usually fashion publications rather than music, like GQ and Arena Homme. London Rools OK! But everyone else? Classic is a favourite label of mine, and this record is very new. Old things bore me.

After that, I wanted to release some singles first, to build up an awareness of Mr C as a solo artist. His voice has inspired me since way back in the Eighties and I love working with him. I just saw Y Tu Mama Tambien which is really funny and quite shocking.

Death to the guitar. All that indie revival shite? Pants to the lot of it! Music should be futuristic, sexy, and challenging. My purpose is decreed by me. The rest of the lifeforms can watch how the only telepathic creatures in the universe will ascend together. Very special, we are. We must make great TV to the rest of the universe.

I definitely want to pursue a career on TV. My objective is to talk about issues no one is really addressing, such as greed. I want to tell the kids that to feel good about yourself is the most important thing. I was horrified," Matthew chuckles. Erstwhile members of art pranksters Minty alongside Leigh Bowery , they went on to promote the anti-acid house club Smashing, industrial hardcore night Harder Faster Louder and foreign language club Pig Lingo, meeting Minty fan Bishi along the way.

A classically trained vocalist, sitar player and pianist, the 19 year-old had never DJed before The Siren Suite began last March. So who is DJ Siren hoping to lure to a watery death? The courtyard of the Taj Mahal Favourite saying?

They all need banging up. Preferably in a new easy-on Durex condom, fls the name suggests, easy-on is just that.

These condoms have a unique natural shape. New easy-on Durex. UUell worth a trial. Fora hundred million reasons. I nted to make a really personal album, for this music to come straight from my guts. So how does he do it? People need to be stimulated and surprised all the time, but the first person you've got to surprise is yourself.

Rhode Island redneck Sage Francis is on the side of the angels. From Jerry Springer to nu-metal, everyone, as Horace Andy once said, has got problems. Sage, by contrast, confounds the listener at every turn. What do you say to that, Mr so-called Sage? Are you ready to rock? A fter the failure of the Newcastle Love Parade last year, a chastened Radio 1 are being a bit more cunning this year. Cheers Auntie Beeb! Their world renowned Outdoor Stage will showcase some of the most famed jocks in the world throughout Blighty for about 50, raving, up for it lunatics.

Tongy kicks off the proceedings in Newquay Barrowfield on June 21st with a little help from little-known pals Fatboy Slim and Erick Morillo. If you can't make any of them, turn up the radio as R1 will be broadcasting all three events live.

Or go along and listen to the events on the radio, for a sort of stereo surround sound effect. Broadcast on Radio 1: June 21st, 6pm-9pm; July 20th, 5pm-9pm; and August 18th, 7pmpm. VIBE: Free. The final weeks of their month's worth of celebrations culminate with a charity jumble sale of accumulated lost and found items June 14th.

A non-profit making festival that features dance music-related seminars, workshops and exhibitions during the days, with the nights spent, of course, in clubs. Some good, some bad, but most of them unique. Hardened veterans are bitterly suspicious of the deal Michael Eavis has been forced by Mendip Council to cut with Vince Power, fearing a Phoenix Festival-style strong-arm security nightmare. Glastonbury has always been about what deranged freeloaders bring to the party as much as the acts and paying punters.

Fancy dress is encouraged and with no theme, you can wear whatever tickles your fancy. Despite its undoubted cool, Brass Monkey is gimmick-free, with a simple decor of wood and leather, an additional top floor and a garden terrace for those hot summer nights.

Funk, jazz and mellow house spill out of the speakers, making this a hangout for the chic generation but without the pretentiousness often found in, dare we say it, London. Kicking off at Cargo on Friday with an unannounced live act, followed by an old school warehouse party in a secret location on Saturday, and culminating at their Sunday session in Notting Hill with other top ressies Craig Richards, Cosmo, Mark Wilkinson, Rupert and Colin Patterson.

There's also a pre- party upstairs at Anexo, where you can get Tall Paul cocktails! Even under the most Xtreme conditions. An unrivalled master of showmanship, for the best part of a decade Busta has been the one hip hop artist that Britain has wholeheartedly clasped to its collective bosom.

And the laydeez in the house at this west London gig, you sense, would like to do that in a more literal sense. Less forbidding and underground than Wu-Tang, but less of a twat than P Diddy, Busta Rhymes and his Flipmode Squad have consistently scored in the UK with their astute mix of rapid- fire flow, obvious samples and crackling studio productions. Tonight, with a stage set that consists of a slide projector and a pair of decks, Busta and sparring partner Spliff Star perform to a sold-out Apollo with more glee and gusto than any big-name hip hop visitor to London we can recall.

Ever the populist, he takes great delight in name-checking local haunts like, uh, China Whites, where he and his crew evidently had various mis adventures. Unsurprisingly, the 2, strong crowd, who are good-natured and in high spirits in spite of the excessive police presence outside the venue, love every minute of it. Despite some corny interludes that fall a little flat on occasion, the hits are all present and correct, bristling with raw, twitching energy.

That Busta can holler bars and display his dance moves at the same time only adds to the spectacle. Several UK clubs had been prevented from trading under their own names by a mystery Spanish company who copyrighted the names as their own and proceeded to either trade under them or sell them back to the respective brands for thousands of pounds. Right on. The villa, set in breathtaking woodland, has swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, dancefloors, sun terraces and all the aforementioned live acts, and all you have to do for the chance to win a pair of tickets to one of the events is this: Name three artists who will be performing at a Lynx EP event this summer.

Send your answers to the usual Muzik addressor call the Lynx EP Hotline on or text Ibiza and your name to More guests to be confirmed. Sat on the first floor of Hidden, in the Chinese quarter of the city, Air will play host to Waxed on Fridays, with an urban and hip hop feel. You can catch the erstwhile Son Of God on June 29th.

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In early May, the island is not quite the stuff of modern legend. It's a typical Lottie statement. And now, with a series to be broadcast throughout the Balearic summer, Radio 1 are about to shoot her to the top of the DJ pile. Like it means something right now.

Lottie speaks about music like a trainspotter: she knows catalogue numbers, reminisces about old house records from her youth like they were beloved cousins. When she talks about learning to mix, her eyes sparkle. From I had combat trousers with a broken zip held together with a safety pin.

There are problems because her room is on the third floor, there is no lift, and she has a heavy box of records.

However, when she gets up to her room it is damp and would be impossible to sleep in. She and friend Caroline Prothero co- founder of their London club Missdemeanours vow to ring another hotel and book in there. Quelle horreur! The star is not happy! Heads must roll! Sadly, haters, over lunch, Lottie reveals herself to be charming and friendly. She can even order food and drink in Spanish. And she then actually eats it, unlike some female stars.

She says she was always wary of being pushy, and wants to impress people by her performance behind the decks, not through belligerence or networking - ironic given that she goes out with Dan from FC Kahuna. Her DJing, similarly, has matured gradually. Her DJ sound of a couple of years ago was a bit samey, a bit one- paced, as if she was trying a little too hard. But recently her sound has relaxed.

Her sets now fizz with experimentation, humour, and fun. Everything seems to have come together at just the right time. Lottie, what do you accept and decline gig-wise? Her older brother loved music and saved up to buy a Linn hi-fi system. When she was put to bed she remembers getting up again and dancing to his music she could hear through the wall.

Lottie is doing the Muzik interview in her hotel at In my garden, the hall, the kitchen, the living room. I want to make a record! Chester, she reckons, was great for clubs. There was Blast at High Society, which played rare groove until, influenced by the Hagienda in Manchester, it dramatically changed music policy in favour of acid house.

Lottie went to Blast every week - her dad would drag her out of the club, furious, because she was 15 at the time. Her mates all male started mixing. She still waxes lyrical about their skills. She froths wildly when she talks of mixing using the EQs. She gets excited talking tech. At 17 she got decks and a mixer from Global Grooves in Chester, partly paid for by her mum and brother. She spent four hours a night practising and started DJing at Includes remixes by Josh Wink and Tiga.

Machine Says Yes. The Album Out Now. Whether through natural inclination or long experience, she is unwilling to say anything that might be construed as controversial in interviews. I think my boyfriend is really anal about music but sometimes he says I have a tendency to be a house snob. We got through bottles and bottles of wine. Lottie looks aghast. James Lavelle said that, but no, no. Does she ever feel any hostility from male DJs? She leans back in her wicker chair.

Lottie plays a good set to a packed dancefloor, but the place never quite kicks off. Lottie drinks red wine and punches the air, but only a bit. She is still slightly mortified by the question Muzik asked her earlier.

How many drugs do you need to stay up to do a late set? She fixes us with a steely glare. I start sober and drink steadily so as soon as I finish my set and get off I feel drunk. But what the hell. Lottie is polite, warm and up for it.

She thinks. This is painful. All the DJs that I know who are girls are pretty good looking. Lottie has her Radio 1 slot and is being primed for big- time broadcasting.

After appearing in the TV programme Faking It her profile is higher than ever. So is she happy to be making some money at last? Sort of. And all on her own terms. Is she still acid house? Not only that, but it would sound better, too.

It took the pressure off. Stints in half-formed and barely remembered bands followed, as did a life clubbing during the Mud Club era, slightly pre-rave. But mates can be unreliable.

So when lls spotted the sampler, he also saw a way out of the band lifestyle. It was a celebration of technology. He wanted something for driving along to, but something that would make him want to drive through walls. Shame it never officially came out. At that stage I became very demoralised. The songbirds stopped singing, you know? Good news for a scene with something of an image problem. Behind him is a poster of Shri Bagwan Ragneesh, the late Indian mystic who created a commune in Oregon notorious for its free love and ecstasy use.

I was operating within my own prison walls, when people like George Harrison had plugged into esoteric theories, Taoism, Buddhism, Tantra, health food shops. He became very ill five years ago with an asynchronous heart, arthritic joints, facial eczema, bad digestive problems and depression. The first things to go are the obvious ones - drink and drugs - but it slowly goes deeper and deeper. But what turned him on to that most reviled of musical forms, prog rock?

In the middle of the song they go into birds tweeting, backwards sound effects, and then talk about being on the back of a giant albatross. Well, do I hear any musicians being as evocative, playful and childish as that now? Many of us will, though. Let the others play catch-up like always. Now though, culture is ready for exploration - the boy bands are creating me again. But Wars as a kid. The world needs to become a giant commune.

I see beauty wherever thereTs flair. Many who witnessed Global Gathering deemed it the ultimate triumph of last year. With meticulous attention to detail and months of planning we have built on the successes of last year and created a unique clubbers paradise in Global Gathering.

With more lights, lasers, production and sound, Godskitchen have produced the basis for one of the most visually stunning events ever staged. The concept is simply to give you an even more extreme adventure adding DJs, acts, and attractions to make the most definitive dance festival experience ever. Imagine walking in to a lush grass field and being greeted by a breathtaking menagerie of light and sound. A virtual theme park focused around seven huge dance arenas of unparalleled quality.

The centrepiece is a 20m spray fountain with a colossal laser projector screening true 3D images on to the fountain below, creating the illusion of the image floating in mid air.

All around are scattered an array of 25ft high sunflowers standing next to 20ft high multi-coloured windmills, everywhere you look will be hundreds of smaller windmills casting multi-coloured shadows across this spectacular vision, helping create that ultimate summer feeling.

In each corner of the site are huge watt YAG lasers firing laser light straight into the sky, strong enough to be seen over 40 miles away. Each beam meets 2 miles above your head to create a virtual laser roof over the festival.

But where the real action takes place is inside the music arenas and as the sun goes down the temperature gets hotter at Global Gathering. Enter any of the seven lavish venues and the extravagance continues. Godskitchen National 24hr Credit Card Hotline godshtchen. Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire sound systems, encompassing speakers flown all around the arena walls to ensure a crystal clear thumping beat wherever you are on the dance floor.

Tuesday Where: Village Hall, Harvest. You might even find the drug laws a little easier in some places too. OK EE- Uncommon! Transportation Blues Parts 3 and 4. Come get inspired. Or catch a boat trip to Formentera to discover the secret beaches, perhaps buy some unusual gifts from the hippy markets in Es Cana or peer into the ancient caves of Cueva Can Marca, San Miguel. Don't figure, "Oh, I'll probably have the money by the time it LP here" or "That record label won't mind waiting a few weeks to get paid. Of course the center had heard the comments from Pacers forward Paul George. In the middle of the song they go into birds tweeting, backwards sound effects, and then talk LP being on the back of a giant albatross.
No. 7 In C Minor - Dvořák*, Dohnányi*, The Cleveland Orchestra - Slavonic Dances (CD, Album), Talking With Jimis Brother Leon Hendrix, Guelph Goddamn - Byron. - Sad Campfire Songs. (CD, Album), The Morning Stars - Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - Live At KCRW (Vinyl, LP), III. Allegro Assai - Johann Sebastian Bach - Concertos Brandebourgeois Nos. 1-4 (CD)

8 thoughts on “Blue Moon - Rocking Richard and Whistling Vic Templar - Present: Tea And Baccy (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. Label: Hangman Records (2) - HANG UP • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Blues • Style: Skiffle Rocking Richard And Whistling Vic Templar* - Present: Tea And Baccy (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(9).
  2. Label / country / year = hangman records 14 - england ()1-lp (hoes = vg+ / plaat = mint-)tracklista1 blue moon a2 choice to choose a3 come on now girl a4 lonesome town a5 the ghost of jesse. Rocking Richard and Whistling Vic Templar - Present: Tea.
  3. Bestel deze 1-LP van Rocking Richard and Whistling Vic Templar voor slechts 15 bij Label = Hangman Records Plaat is direct uit voorraad leverbaar, vandaag voor besteld is morgen in huis!Brand: Hangman Records.
  4. ROCKING RICHARD AND WHISTLING VIC TEMPLAR PRESENT: TEA AND BACCY☆福岡のアナログレコードショップ、TICRO MARKETが運営するOnline Shopping(通販)サイトです。We ship worldwide!中古アナログレコード、新譜アナログレコードを多数取り扱っています(試聴あり)。買い取りも強化中です!.
  5. 23 aanbiedingen in juni -Bekijk alles met black bastard! Tweedehands en nieuwe CD’s en DVD’s aangeboden en gezocht op Marktplaats. Van singles tot verzamelalbums, van klassiek tot rock, je vindt het op Marktplaats!
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  7. LP: BEAT PARTY; also VA-2LP LIVERPOOL AND BLUE BEAT: LP Eurorecord H ; VA-2LP Eurocord J y: You really got me: West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: US: LP: WEST COAST POP ART EXPRIMANTAL BAND (a.k.a. VOLUME ONE) Fifo Records M y: You really got me: Wig: live: US: LP: THE JADE ROOM: Texas .

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