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Then they tried to get him assassinated, forcing him to flee. Why did he become a target? Edamaruku : In my father had managed to buy a small printing press, and was arrested in the midst of preparations for republishing his controversial book.

Then they burnt the manuscript of his book and took away the printing press. In my father was arrested for the second time. It was during the Emergency rule in India, and at first it seemed his arrest was connected with his work as the editor of a newspaper.

But he was the only journalist in Kerala who was arrested during that time. It actually had to do with his first arrest, after which my father wrote a book exposing the officers who had tortured him. He was released only after the chief minister of Kerala intervened.

Some of the police officers were later punished. Have you been successful in teaching critical thinking? One has to consider that there are many forces on the other side working actively and relentlessly against reason. Generally, though, once triggered, critical thinking multiplies. This is especially true for television viewers from all walks of life who simultaneously experience a flash of reason in their homes. TV tantric Pandit Surinder Sharma, who was my opponent in the discussion, used the opportunity to boast that with his alleged powers he could kill any person within three minutes just by chanting special mantras.

I spontaneously offered myself as a test subject, and Sharma agreed hesitantly. Nothing happened after three minutes. Not only did he chant mantras, he opened his bag of special tricks to make me lose my balance, which included brandishing a knife in front of my face. After hours the anchor officially declared Sharma a failure. He looked depressed, but still insisted that I was to die the next day or at least within a week.

I think he must have been used to people fainting in fear when he chanted his mantras and was really thrown by what was happening; to some degree, he must have believed he had special powers. This mixture seems to be the secret of the trade. What can we do with these people?

But we have to discourage young people from following in their footsteps. Take the famous case against E. Ramaswami Naicker, a rationalist leader and politician from Tamil Nadu.

After being acquitted by the lower courts, he was finally convicted by the Supreme Court because he broke a clay idol of Ganesh a Hindu god in Did the church dispute that this was the source of the water? On the controversial TV program, Catholic leaders even disputed the scientific validity of capillary action. In the face of our documentation, they later found it prudent to modify their position, ignoring the facts and customizing it as a political weapon.

Was this expected? He refused to give details about the case against me. Strangely, I had never received any written notice, so I had no chance to file an answer. According to the police officer, there was no need for any answer, as he had orders to arrest me under any circumstances. It seemed too absurd. Of course, in this case all the proof is public. It may become an interesting historic event. The police were criticized for their slow response and inadequate investigation, and there have been calls for reform.

Meanwhile, Delhi police have used government resources to investigate you, press charges, and have made multiple visits to your home. Given your own experience with the police and courts in India, do you think law enforcement needs to be reformed?

When there is pressure from politically or religiously powerful interests, police action is unusually hasty and senseless. In my case, the police collaborated with the fanatics and religious zealots to investigate and harass me for exposing a homemade miracle, for telling some well-known historical facts, and for using my faculties of critical inquiry. Unbridled power given to police to enforce the Indian blasphemy law is unsuitable for a country that respects human rights.

Proper monitoring of police functioning and control by a wiser body in cases like this are necessary. Religion is a private matter. In short, the blasphemy law encourages abuse. Any upcoming events or publications?

There is a new consciousness of strength and focus growing in the movement after the attack against me. Manifestar el descorazonamiento que pueda acontecer con modestia.

Pero conviene siempre hacerlo con modestia. Por modestia no entiendo la falta de valor en la denuncia de ciertos excesos. Lo que me conduce a un tercer punto. Le arrestaron violentamente, le golpearon, le abofetearon… Le escupieron a la cara. Todo eso ya se lo han hecho. Nadie, me temo. Muchos otros son profundamente venerados. Tales eran los envites en este debate ejemplar en la Universidad Libre de Bruselas.

Reveladora entrevista al Arzobispo de Alepo Siria.

It may become an interesting historic event. Ex facilis officia sapiente recusandae neque, asperiores labore numquam dolorum ut, illo provident voluptatibus. But the day my LP went into labor and my father happened to be out of the house, the family suddenly tried to force her to convert to Christianity. Meanwhile, Delhi police have used government resources to investigate you, press charges, Album) have made multiple visits to your home, Album). Por modestia no entiendo la falta de valor en la denuncia de ciertos excesos. What was your childhood like from there? Ramaswamy, as well as Robert G. Did the church dispute that this was the source of the water?
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8 thoughts on “Blasfemia - Various - Libertad De Expresión ¡Ya! El Concierto (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album)

  1. Este disco es de un concierto del año Yo pienso que uno de los conciertos de rock nacional que verdaderamene ha marcado la historia. En realidad la lista de canciones de este disco no fue todo lo que sucedio. Pero por lo menos nos da la idea de que el rock nacional siempre esta y estará vivo y que adémas siempre habemos personas que.
  2. Ya hemos analizado el concepto nihilista de «libertad de expresión» que postula nuestra época, fruto de la conversión de la democracia –loable forma de gobierno– en una religión demente.
  3. Feb 23,  · Libertad de Expresión y Derecho a la Blasfemia B2 Lydia Cacho y Rafael Barajas 'el Fisgon' en Periodismo y Libertad de Expresion Libertad de Expresión y Derecho a la Blasfemia .
  4. Su abogados sostienen que la ley atenta contra la libertad de expresión y están solicitando a los tribunales declarar la ley inconstitucional. Mientras tanto, se le negó la libertad bajo fianza y huyó a Europa. En esta entrevista habla de su trabajo, su familia, los cargos penales, y los peligros de la "ley sobre la blasfemia".
  5. Un concierto por la libertad de expresión en Españ un chiste malo o una noticia traspapelada de , pero es rigurosamente cierto. Este domingo el Parc del Gran Sol de Badalona acoge un.
  6. El Parlamento danés le concedió a Lars Vilks el Premio por la Libertad de Expresión, según dio a conocer la presidenta del Comité en el Parlamento, Helle Merete Brix. El premio será entregado en otoño. Independientemente de las caricaturas, Lars Vilks se convirtió en una referente para la libertad de expresión.
  7. Blasfemia, libertad de expresión y seguridad Autores: Fernando Simón Yarza Localización: Religión, libertad y seguridad / coord. por Francisca Pérez-Madrid, , ISBN , págs.

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