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In the naxt year, we hope to turn the large live fan ba. BMG expects to launch an Internet music store linked to its online genre sites. BMG has been the most aggressive of all the msyor record companies in the use of the Internet to both promote and sell music. It was the first to roU out genre Web sites and advertise them heavily. A few vi-eeks later, barnesand- noble. Visitors to a genre site will be direct- ed to specific areas of GetMusic. Kelty, and "The Prince Ot Egypr soundtracks shore the spotlight.

Christ- ian, and country singers. The move comes in the wake of an announcement of the government's Department of Trade and Industry giv- ing the green liglit to the acquisition, which was achieved following a bidding war with media company Scottish Media Group. As yet, the roles of chief executive Stew Ayres and managing director Ivan Dunleavy within the company are still uncertain.

Green reveals that while nei- ther now has any executive control, they both remain on the Imard. However, Peter Stack, managing director of the MCI music division, will continue in his post, says Green, who adds that he does not foresee many management changes for the immediate future. He confirms that VCI is set to release a wide-ranging selection of product in the coming months, including videos from popular TV soaps "Corona- tion Street" and "Emmerdale," result- ing from its output deal with Granada Media Group.

MCI will concentrate on promotional activity for its budget music range, and Andre Deutsch is to release biographies of actor. John Thaw and U. Green also discounts rumors that dis- tribution operation Disc will be shut down. Indie Group Formed Assn. The indie sector is setting up its first viable representative body in a decade, the Assn.

Organizations representing both sides of the music industry say they are considering legal action over what they see as an incitement to infringe copyright At the core of the issue is electronics company Philips, which is in the process of leaving the music industry through the sale of its record arm, PolyGram. Music Magic, a limited partner- ship based in Los Angeles, is setting up a chain of branded online music stores linked to individual radio sta- tions nationwide BillboardAtOeftn, Nov.

Continved on page 86 Alison Wenham says that her orga- nization and the BPI will focus to- gether on issues of mutual concern, such as piracy and political lobbying. Leaders of the indie sector have been discussing the concept of hav- ing their own body for 18 months. The existence of those negotiations was first revealed by Billboard in the summer Billboard, July Now it has been announced that AIM will be operational by Jan. She is recruits ing the four staff members the orga- nization requires and is seeking offices in west London.

Wenham, as founder and longtime managing director of the classical label Conifer Records, is regarded as an ideal candidate for the position of chief executive. With her history in the classical sector, she is seen as politically neutral by the pop and rock labels, and her standing in the record business makes her accept- able to the corporations. It is hoped that this will pave the way for a prime-time slot in the U.

And it won't be a case of whether or not an affiliate will program it but at what time of the day. It's like a very private affair that we've all been invited to. The nominations for the awards, due in January, will also be officially announced in the U. Eagle Rock Entertainment which is selling the TV rights for the third year, says it has got the show back on German TV after a three-year gap, striking a deal with cable pay-TV station Premiere.

So far, the show has been sold to more than territories, says Eagle Rock, mostly to key terrestrial net- works or pay-TV channels.

Alex Fraser, television sales man- ager for Eagle Rock, says there is heightened demand for the show be- cause of renewed interest in British music and because of the production standards of the show.

ABC took the awards show, but it was not shown simultaneously across the whole country. Fbr , ABC has every intentkm of taking the program into prime time. Piay points out hou ever, that 'it is difficult to quantify" what effect the economy and the presidential elec- tion will have on the Argentine record industry. Smith has changed the end of its fiscal year from May 31 to Aug. This means that Nov. Both results cover a period that saw Smith dispose of the music and video chains the Wall in the U.

It also acquired the retail opera- tions in the U. Pro forma figures for the 12 months ending Aug. It also has outlets in the U. Its WH Smith brand in the U. In the month period. The song, which remains pop- ular to this day, reached No. The appeal of the Kingsmen case would have been on a narrow jurisdictional issue about whether the case should be dismissed because the lawsuit was heard in California.

The suit was based on exist- ing California and New York law that states that a party may uni- laterally rescind a contract if there have been "breaches of the contract so material and sub- stantial a nature that they affect the very essence of the contract and serve to defeat the object of the parties.

I want to make a statement to the people out there that you're going to be that close to me in making the upper-level decisions at the company. Is this a deal you believe in? The revamped unit, however, appears to be marching to the beat of a different drummer, as other studios are peel- ing off management layers or retain- ing the status quo. Adding manpower, he says, is a "way of differentiating ourselves.

The whole purpose of this is to ferret out every comer of distribution potential and give each the attention it needs. Mass consiumer campaigns, he says, will count for less. Many vendors aren't paying atten- tion, in his view. Studios, he says. Thus, the catalog branding programs that have been Hollywood's meat and potatoes for years no longer "get you the leverage they used to. So have several of Kornblau's latest hires, including Dick Longwell, the new senior VP of sales and distribu- tion, and Brad Reinke, VP of sales overseeing distributor relations.

Longwell, who had spent the last three years with MGM Home Enter- tainment is "the pre-eminent sales person in the video industry," Korn- blau maintains. He adds that, along with Ann Daly, who left Disney for DreamWorks, "we were the ones who started the whole business. Retailers want us to max- imize both businesses.

It's what they've been asking for. Their duties have been rea. Ardent has entered into a new agreement with FbreFront Records that shifts the marketing and pro- motion functions of select acts back to the Memphis-based indie label.

ForeFront will continue to pro- vide sales and distribution functions for Ardent through Chordant Dis- tribution.

ForeFront will continue to work upcoming releases from Smalltown Poets, Skillet and Satel- lite Soul under the original agreement with Ardent, which included marketing and promotion, as well as sales and distribution.

Ardent began handUng market- ing and promotion functions with Clear's self-titled debut, issued Nov. Big Tent had committed to do three records under that agree- ment, so they'll be moving to Ar- dent with the next album. Now Ardent will not only produce the music, they'll also market and pro- mote it.

Working with the Memphis-based company to take the music Ardent was producing to the marketplace worked well for both companies. Ardent president PSt Scholes says his label has been thrilled with its in- volvement with ForeFront and is glad to "still be tied to them. Now in its fifth volume, the series already ranks among the label's most notable direct-response sellers. This marks a shift for Time Life, which hasn't made significant retail outreach before, although some of its projects have been sold in stores.

For an avenue into the main- stream. Time Life turned to Mada- cy Entertainment Group for dis- tribution, hoping to couple its own brand-name recognition and repu- tation with Madacy's expertise and knowledge of the retail nwket "The strength and theme of 'Songs 4 Life' and the Time Life name have really been drawing people to this series," says Harris Sterling, Madacy's VP of strategic marketing. Records in Los Angeles. He was VP of alternative promotion.

John Bouloe is named senior VP of promotion. East Coast at Warner Bros. Records in New York. He was senior VP of promotion at Epic Records. He was manager of new media. She was senior director of contract adminis- tration. He was managing director. Eleserve your spat e low! Ad Close:. Zucchero's new album, "Blue. It's zuo his ninth album in a 1. Zucchero says "Blue- sugar" has a more international. However, in the U. A new recording of Zucchero's Continental hit, a version of Giuseppe Verdi's oper- atic aria "Va Pensiero," will be released in the U.

It's dif- ficult even for American artists," acknowledges Zuc- ERO chero, adding that he has experienced success there. George McManus, marketing executive at Polydor U. After the initial breakthrough of artists like Apache Indian and Bally Sagoo in the early '90s, the new breed of British-Asian acts such as Talvin Singh and Cornershop Ls still on the fringes of music in India, despite mainstiieam U.

Of course, there is great potential here, as our axperience with Aixiche's 'No Re. The Birmingham, England-based "bhan- gramuffin" artist capitalized on the album's Indian launch with a major tour at the time — guaranteeing heavy airplay and media e.

Sagoo parted ways with Columbia U. Since its Septem- ber launch, the bhangra album fea- turing some of India's leading Pun- jabi singers has sold , units, says Sony India. Sagoo says that beyond commercial coasiderations. It's sort of an Asian answer to the likes of LaFace Records. Next spring, the label will release "Sacred Steel Vol.

Ifi will see the relea. Jimenez; and a new compilation of liOs recoixlings by a longtime Strachwitz favorite, "Queen of Tejano music" Lyidia Mendoza. The locales explored by Arhoolie range from the Carib- b e a n to the campbelu Ukraine. Strachwitz says, "I just fall in love with these regional traditions, and I find them so vibrant and so powerful, and I really get into them — not schol- arly studies [of] them, but I guess what I really enjoy in hfe Ls to learn about them and to dig into their backgroimds.

Strachwitz, who attended the group's show because an Arhoolie act, sacred steel band the Campbell Brothers, was on the bill, says he was skeptical at first. I felt this energy and this totally unique sound. Pre lahvays] been looking for Balkan sounds, in a wa. I don't care if you're tired! It's got to come from the soul! S," Strach- witz explains.

Campbell says, "I saw [the E-bow in a store one time. It made a guitar sound like a violin. Our whole thing is to get that one note sounding just like a voice. Using distortion for me was to try to get more sustain so that I could make it. Using a wah-wah pedal for me was to change the tone, not for a wah-wah sound, becau. New Jersey-based steel player Brother Robert Randolph. Campbell says of the latter, "He's in his 20s, and there's some other younger guys that are lightning-fast.

Now it's composing the music for "Steel City," Dein Perry's new tap dance extravaganza that's kept him away from his own projects — though not for long. And I always had this romantic notion of the Holly- wood musical, where the director and the producer and composer would be sitting in the dark, smoking cigarettes, while every- body else in the production got ready to perform. So, Dein's show placed me in the humble role of composer, and I enjoyed for once being behind the scenes and let- ting him take the responsibility.

Many have already gone on to major-label deals, including Citizen King Warner Bros. But it's also tradition- al in that there's no tapes or sequencing: It's all done live and very raw, with a lot of rock'n'roll jamming by a real rock'n'roll band — the opposite of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Among the disc's key unsigned acts are Washington, D. Adams is trekking across the U. The venture will include a management company, record label, publish- ing arm, and Internet component. The pair is lining up financial backing for the new concern, with a number of labels, multimedia companies, and Wall Street in- vestors all looking to lend their. Viva Las Vegas! Among the arti. SWV's Coko. Jordan, who cut "Against All Odds" for the set, and also produced a sassy reworking of "Easy Lover" for Coko, says that Collins' music "represents a time when music cros.

Not because there weren't urban stations, but for me, I was colorblind. Duran Duran w"as one of my favurite gi'oups because I'd hear them on the radio beside Michael Jackson. I as-surefi him he'd he plea. Kof is coordinating many of the U. Howerer, he saj's, the move had been coming. Maybe IH be one. As of press time, the singer was unable to walk, although his recognition and comprehension skills were fine.

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett had an emergency appendectomy Nov. On Nov. Damn It! Modern High-Tech lakefront estate for sale with full recording studio sold separately. Laser lighting, spectacular lakefront pool and spa, extra buildable lakefront lot included.

Dazzling lakefront views night and day out on peninsula in Winter Park's 6-lake chain, all connected by canals. Suite WitilcT Park. A powerful tool. Lists U. Detailed information on thousands of independent and chainstore operations across the USA.

Lists over professional services and suppliers. Detailed information about every major radio station, record label, and radio syndicator. Includes Arbitron information of top markets. Business-to-business contacts in 1 9 countries. Orders payable in U. All sales are final. I'd never written guitar riffs except in Split Enz, and even they were buried. Dein and I both admired Australian bands like Midnight Oil, though Split Enz wasn't as rock, and he wondered if I could write a raw- enough score — even though there's still a lot of melody there.

Everybody was scared of him! That tape caught the ear of several label executives, leading to several high-profile album placements — most notably "If You Love Me" with Brownstone and "I Apologize" with Anita Baker. Harper, was born eight months ago. Let's take a rest and reflect on what we do lovingly and cre- atively rather than looking for what's new.

That's what I say. Not stop — but have a rest. ZnUnfi htoshOM 1S7. The group's sound, however, is more closely associated with the style of such '80s-era acts as Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil. Projekt Ls dLstributed in the U. Only he and vocalist Oscar Herrcra have ap- peared on each album.

Rosenthal writes most of the songs himself, and the other musicians help flesh out his songs once they are in the studio. Seireenien Music BMI is his in-house publisher. The band's sound is almost new age but much darker and edgier. He issued the group's first album, "The Rope," in It was only later that he began to issue albums by other artists Love Spirals Down- ward, Lycia, and Steve Roach are some of the more successful.

All of the band's albums are now in print, although there are plans to reissue "The Rope" and the group's. Kt year. Over the years. Erie Musial of the Ex- clusive Co. He notes that Exclusive usually sells out its initial order in the first week. Although the label plans to reach the group's core following, it is also trying to reach a broader audience. The label does not have worldwide distribution, except for Poland, where Black Flame releases cassette rersions of FYojekt records.

In the past, Projekt has mainly gone through independent distribu- tors in Europe, where there is a healthy goth scene as well. The label is looking for distribution in the U. The band did not tour for its first 1 1 years, existing solely as a studio project. However, in Rosenthal organized the Projekt Festival in Chicago.

This two-day event fea- tured Black Tape and similar artists including many acts from the Pro- jekt label. The festival was a huge success, leading to another festival in and, in '98, a three-city festi- val in Chicago, New York, and Phila- delphia.

Since its first show in '96, Black Tape has played about 70 live dates. It plans to tour the West Coast in. January and the South in Febru- ary. Fans knew of Black Tape, but they had a hard time find- ing our releases, becau. I don't think it is just the goth community who are buying it these days. It was a great match with ForeFront. We got to use their expertise, and we knew we needed to walk before we could run. It was a matter of growing. This is a good time to take on those additional responsibilities.

King, Stevie Ray Vaugh- an, and numerous others have recorded at the famed facilities. Over the years, the company expanded to include music publishing, producer management, and interactive media production. Ardent Records started in According to Scholes, Ardent is looking for an in-house marketing person in Memphis.

There are also plans to open an office in Nashville in the coming year. Virgin Records' soundtrack, due Dec. She also pegged Stanley Clarke to do the score early on. The fir. Chaka Khan's "Don't Talk 2 Strangers," the second single, will not be released to radio until Januarj' but will have a video ready for BET by mid- November to help keep the album's profile high throughout the holiday sea-son, according to Brenda Walker, senior director of marketing and artist development at Virgin.

Although the album is packed with new material from head-turning acts, the big challenge facing Virgin is getting it! The label is setting up ticket giveaways at such nontraditional venues as upscale restaurants and beauty salons in African-American commu- nities across the country, and the marketing team will have a presence outside theaters showing such films as "Beloved," as well as family-ori- ented fare, in key markets.

Advertising will appear in such targeted magazines as Essence, EUe, Ebony, and Jet An "Oprah" special to feature Angelou and several of the soundtrack's artists is slated for late November, and a book about the movie featuring a foreword by Angelou will also keep the movie name in front of consumers' eyes.

The younger demo will more than likely be hooked by Hanson's cover of "Gimme Some Lovin'," which not so coincidentally is the first single from the group's new live album, "Live From Albertane. Mercury's attempt to draw two audiences is reflected in its TV adver- tising campaign, which begins in earnest Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas.

JAMES forefront fl0. Top 40 radio dar- ling Britney Spears is off and running with ", ,. Spears plays Thursday 19 at the Sun- dome in Tampa, Ra.

The label is discussing plans to launch a tour of high schools and Ls producing pro- motional items aimed at. In the meantime, Elektra and Yab Yum are hosting showcases the next Roundup. Decca recording artist Danni Leigh will perform Dec. Leigh's first single. Mean- while, she recently shot a video for her second single, "29 Nights. The Flm Holiilay Man 3. ClMpstrs Comin' AEclu! Batiy 5. FJw Fi'rt 9. Trapp You Ncwr Htuni 9. That's the one thing we real- ly wanted to do with this record, not be afraid to show our childhood influ- ences.

They even perform a cover of Ameri- ca's "Sandman" single. What has result- ed is "Sunbreak," the act's excellent third albtmi and My Own Planet debut. Though "Sunbreak" bows nationally on Tuesday 17 , an indie distributor, the Northwest Alliance of Inde- pendent Labels, has been seeding the market with early placement in select mom-and-pop stores.

Kinetic Records' Paul Oakenfold has remixed acts like the Rolling Stones and toured with U2, but the British artist is just beginning to make inroads in the U.

S, with his debut effort "Tranceport," released Nov 3. The album, which sold more than 1 , units its first week of release, according to SoundScan, was fueled Ijy major-market appear- ances In the U.

Back home, Oakenfokj was voted the No. Minneapolis and St. The Twin Cities music scene is also the tale of two scenes, the music- making and the music business. For nearly 40 years, the hits have kept on coming from tlic twin owns, from the Trashmcn's "Surfm" Bird" a No. We just draw on elements of all of them. Broadway star Linda F. Amos Heilicher started his own indie label.

Tlic Minneapolis dance scene was in its infancy, but McBride took a "leap of faith" and dropped out of art school, working with Kevin Cole in the early '90s. Pink Floyd synthesizers, and started making really ballistic techno music," McBricic says. Once I established myself, I started a record label. A lot [of "Turnstiles"] is modeled on the soimd of a natural voice," he says. Bellwether's spare studio effort differs from its stiige show, which has an ever-growing following of tans.

The band's infec- tious sound has landed "Turnstiles" on such Minneapolis radio-station playlisLs as Radio K, Cities 97, KFAl and Zone , and the group has Ixfen prominently featured in Iwal mainstream and alternative mags.

The yeiir-old Pittsburgh trans- plant was drawn to ilie Land Of L-akes because of its musical histoiy. Jennings hits made his way into the public's music consciousness, with notices in the local press and airplay on radio stations Radio K. I still don't know about you" , never sounding less than honest. The label has released more than records by McBride, Fnxldy Fresh.

McBride contin- ues to crisscross the world as an in- demand DJ. A lot of it is Just a matter of taste and raw skill. Louis and a following that turns out for shows at First. Avenue and IcKal coliee hous- es. The gioup's debut, "Overcast.

The record also made its way onto playli. AI; Atmosphere is routinely applauded in the lf cal press, includ- ing Thf Source. As a side project, the group recently released "Dyno- spectrum" and will record another Atmosphere release, due this spring.

Tlie busiest crew in town. Slug says that Atmosphere's ap- pmach is to keep it interesting. Mesin Jenninis There's something irresistible atjout Mason Jennings — juite sim- ply, it's bis songs.

But I have to keep writing songs — I guess it's a process for living. We like noise, things that are psychedelic, dance grooves and mehxitc pop music.

Lunar 9 h;is hatched something of a scene. Jon says. Nowadays, the Twin Cities are home to more than two-dozen diverse acts with major-label con- tracts, including blues wunderkind Jonny Lang, acoustic guitar god Leo Kottke, St.

Paul is the only metro area with two fulltime orchestras, the Minnesota Or- chestra under Fiji Oue and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra under Hugh Wolff. With more than 30 vocalists, the Sounds have turned to church choirs to stock their ever-changing roster. And then, of course, there's the Artist Formerly Known As Prince and his recent venture into inde- pendent distribution. Vmerican Gramo- phone.

Walker Art Outer, a presti- gious modern-art museum, regu- larly presents l x:al bands of all stripes, from the well-established, pop-leaning Americana of the Jayhawks lo the jazzy Motion Poets.

Paul Chamber Orchestra, B. King and others. This year. City Pages, the area's leading alterna- tive weekly, lists 70 venues that feature live music. We've been a part of the Minneapolis skyline for 15 years. Iheii polenlial is limitless tecanse Oiey liate an appeal lhal tnofs no boundaries. New Hope. GOOl iv Ave-. Metrodome, Chimgo Ave. Rig-name acts , Stones plav this cavernous downtown dome.

Roy Wilkins Arena. Ith St.. TTieaters Ordway Music Theater. M'h Washington St.. Historic State and Orpheum Theatres.

State cap. Orpheum cap, 2. Cedar Cultural Centre. Culturally diverse bookings Clillian Welch. Fitzgerald Theater, lu E. E-Kcbange Si.. Hosts shows by Kmmylou Harris. Medina's large ballroom b K ks veieran arts, including Waylon Jennings. Johnny Winter and. Rascals opens its stage lo ItKal bands. Minneapolis club where "Purple Rain" was filmed. Attack and the Jaybawks. Shows by Elliot Smith. Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mark F. Turf Club, Univcrsitv. Paul, cap. Bunkers Music Bar ft Grill.

Bunkers was the breeding giounci loi juniiv l. Fine Une Music Cafe. Books a niini- Ix-'r ol. A and local acts. Twin alies" busiest jazz club.

Artist's Quarter. Ground Zero. The adjoining Front cap. The Whole. L niversiiy of Minne- sota, Fast Bank, Mpls.. An all- ages club that books local acts like. Arcwelder and natiomU indie-rock oul- fil-s like MtKlesi Mouse. Lake St.. The theater has great sound and holds sliows by a nimiber ot local and national bands.

The Quest Club. I ,fiOO. Created by Piince. Lee's Liquor Lounge. Lee's routinely books a variety of.

Americana and roots acts, including Kelly Willis. Taking its three slots on the dial Americana, rock and local nnisic, 1 he most free-form playlist on die I'M dial can he found at coni- munity-nin KFAI Hie college station dishes out a diverge playlist, with an emphasis on local music and independent artists. KDWB V Catering music lovers. Let II Be has a dance roitm for Djs seeking the latest vinyl leleases. Electric Fetus 4ih -Ave. Garage D'Or Lyndale Ave.

Roadrunner Records Nicollet. Bassment Records Lyndale Ave. Paul Star Trihunf is the largest daily circulation Portland Ave.. Paul, Thf Mmnesota Daily, also has its own weekly enieriainment section and distributes otf-campus to the metro area University Ave. Barking Dog Records, lOih St. I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Proudly created with Wix. You can do it yourself!

Muramasa takes place during the Edo period on Japan's main island of Honshu. The concept work for Muramasa began during the middle of development on Odin Sphere. Along with improving on the action gameplay over Odin Sphere , a great deal of effort was put into making the game's setting authentic to the period.

Kamitani created the story based on kabuki theatre, incorporating Japanese folklore and Buddhisttheology. When the game released in the West, it retained its Japanese voicetrack to preserve its atmosphere.

It released to moderate sales and positive reviews. The Vita port, released in the West as Muramasa Rebirth , released to strong sales and similar reception to its original version. Muramasa is a two-dimensional 2D side-scrollingaction role-playing game set on the main Japanese island of Honshu during the Edo period. Navigation takes place through hand-drawn 2D side-scrolling environments reminiscent of Japanese artwork of the period, and can enter towns to talk with non-playable characters NPCs and buy items such as health restoratives and accept quests.

Combat comes in the form of both avoidable random encounters and scripted fights where the camera is fixed within the fighting area: enemies and bosses are primarily drawn from Japanese folklore and mythology. Battles are triggered only when enemies are near, with the player character otherwise keeping their weapons sheathed. Continuously attacking triggers combos.

Different moves include sword slashes combined with directional buttons, which have different effects such as throwing an enemy into the air with an upward slash. Additional offensive items such as smoke bombs are acquired during the course of the game. Three blades can be equipped at any one time: each blade has its own stats, determining the amount of damage that can be inflicted. When sheathed, the Soul Power regenerates. Soul Power can be gathered in various locations to restore Soul Power and the character's health.

Muramasa takes place on Honshu, the main island of the Japanese archipelago, with its overall style and setting drawing heavily upon Japanese folklore and mythology. Tsunayoshi's thirst for power has created conflict around ownership of the Demon Blades, samurai swords forged by the legendary swordsmithMuramasa Sengo that crave blood when drawn and bring madness and death to those foolish enough to draw them.

Due to the chaos generated by this, the Demon Blades' powers begin summoning demons from Hell Yomi , along with causing ancient gods to stir from long slumber. Momohime and Kisuke are each accompanied and watched over by a kitsune in human form. Momohime's story begins after she wakes up in Kyo with memories of being killed by the dying Jinkuro when he was aiming for her betrothed, the samurai lord Yukinojo.

Upon encountering the spirit of Jinkuro, he forcefully possesses her, but before the process of soul transference is finished, they are attacked. In the confusion, Momohime's soul is kidnapped by the vengeful monk Rankai and Jinkuro is forced to follow Kongiku as Momohime's body will die if her soul is harmed.

With her soul safe, Jinkuro sets out to regain the Dark Resurrection Demon Blade so he can properly utilize his Soul Transference Technique and gain influence through a new host.

Encountering Yukinojo, who is searching for Momohime, the two battle. Jinkuro goes to Yukinojo's compound to retrieve the Dark Resurrection, but the storehouse where it is said to be is absorbed into Hell by demons. Descending into Hell, Jinkuro's soul is briefly captured by a demon, and it is only with Momohime's help that he escapes and learns that the Dark Resurrection was never in the storehouse.

With Momohime's body beginning to fail due to the strain Soul Transference put on it, Jinkuro attempts to ascent to Heaven so he can become an immortal demon, but is stopped by Raijin and Fujin. While willing to accept his death and allow Momohime her remaining time in her body, Kongiku shows them another way to Heaven.

There, Yukinojo appears and reveals that he had the Dark Resurrection all along. They are then attacked by Fudo-Myoou, who is there to deliver divine justice upon Jinkuro.

In the first ending, Jinkuro allows himself to be sent to Hell while Momohime lives; she decides to forgo her marriage to Yukinojo and become a Buddhist nun in the hope of saving Jinkuro's soul through prayer. In the second ending, Momohime and Jinkuro are intercepted by Kisuke and Yuzuruha, resulting in Kongiku being robbed of her human form as punishment for her defiance.

Though defeated, Kisuke delivers a fatal wound to Momohime, forcing Jinkuro to merge his soul with Momohime's to save her: this act leaves her an amnesiac but grants her Jinkuro's sword fighting abilities, which become legendary as she travels Japan in search of her missing memories.

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8 thoughts on “Anyone But Me - Liz Larin - Merry Wicked (CDr, Album)

  1. Jan 28,  · Check out Merry Wicked by Liz Larin on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this album plus tens of millions more songs. Exclusive Prime pricing. Anyone but Me. Anyone but Me. Listen Now $ In MP3 cart View MP3 Cart 2. How Does It Feel.
  2. Merry Wicked, an album by Liz Larin on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie kawaliracteder.guispurobalarinenepsatasbuejer.coed on:
  3. Larin, Liz - Merry Wicked - Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Sample this album Artist Anyone but Me. Listen Now $ 2. How Does It Feel. How Does It Feel. Listen Now $ 3. Love but Not in Love.
  4. May 06,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Anyone but Me · Liz Larin Merry Wicked ℗ Liz Larin Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
  5. Merry Wicked album lyrics by Liz Larin. Full discography of Liz Larin. [ Main ] [ Artists list ] [ Charts ] [ Genres ] [ Last added lyrics ] [ Artist/Group Album Song Song lyrics Advanced Search ].

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